Sunday, January 29, 2017

Exclusive: Tucker Carlson Is the Archie Bunker of FNC

With all the complacency of Archie talking about the "spades" Carlson falsely stated on FNC that NABJ is racially exclusive.  Even though they have white members.  But he refuses to issue correction.   Daily Caller News Foundation then publishes similar slur.

Carlson did not reply to inquiries.  Why so tongue-tied ?  Why wimping out?  Is he such a wuss like Dylan Byers that he also does not use the urinal?

Doubtful Christopher "the sissy" Bedford is going to issue a correction--unless CSM breakfast host Dave Cook, who seems willing to do to him what Monica did to Bill in the office to get invited to the events again--is he paid so poorly he needs a free meal every month--is going to issue a correction.

Carlson is also the Charles Coughlin  of FNC  since he colludes with Daily Caller publisher Neil Patel's anti-Semitic right-wing purge, incited by John Podhoretz prima facie tortuous interference with contract.

Just like Karl Rove, Tim Goeglein and Gary Bauer the last time around, John Podhoretz, who is more of a pinko Jew than Victor Navasky, took a great interest in the matter of Gahr's employment.

Navasky, even though I worked furiously for Eric to ridicule him and the Nation and once incited him into an exchange of letters and I kind of vanquished him,  does  not  blacklist me.  He tried to help me get my foot in the door with the Nation. And previously sent, with kind of his recommendation, a proposal to then CJR editor Liz Spayd about the WaPo race discrimination lawsuit.

Spayd was really cool about it. And sent back a detailed note explaining why it was not a story for her.   Very few similarly situated editors do that with writers they don't know. All the more impressive since she was a top editor for the Washington Post.

Patel's refusal to hire Gahr and blacklisting contravenes Carlson's express and repeated promises of a salaried job with health insurance and desk and phone as the Washington Gadfly columnist

Quietly blacklists press columnist for Eric Breindel, refuses to give him job for new show, contravening FNC/NewsCorp non-discrimination rules and usurping the authority of Rupert Murdoch, since, with his personal imprimatur, Howard Rubenstein previously personally wrote Roger Ailes and recommended him for a job, as as promising "talent."

Gahr introduced himself to Rupert at a private Chinese-American society event, shortly after Eric was called away. Although in my head and heart he is here almost every day--particularly when I am pounding out hit pieces.

Carlson is also urinating all over the grave of Eric Breindel, splattering it with Heritage Foundation co-founder's blood libel; Podhoretz conspired with Patel and others to fire and Bork the phone enthusiast because he had blown the whistle on neo-con cover-up of Christian Right anti-Semitism,

Paul Weyrich said the Jews killed Christ in 2001 but literally to this day Norman Podhoretz, John Podhoretz and closet gay basher Midge Decter, who calls gays "fags" behind closed doors, have never condemned him.  They are Jewish traitors just like Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

In some ways worse, since Rosenberg's treachery, many scholars say, did not ultimately harm United States national security very much.

Carlson, who seems to think he can treat the Washington Gadfly--to use the parlance of white  Southrrn racists-- as somebody  who "got out of line" and "didn't know his place" and now act like he never knew the  "boy," is simply dumping a big stinking pile of the stuff Wemple's wife allegedly threw at a neighborhood shopkeeper (although, in fairness to the big oaf, who does not hold grudges and has even quoted me favorably to New York Magazine for exposing Dylan Byers for lying to readers on behalf of MSNBC) the arrest was later voided. So, it seems, she did not actually throw a shit fit.


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