Sunday, January 22, 2017

Eric Breindel Called John Podhoretz "Pompous," Shocked That Medium-Height Repulsive Creature Even Had Girlfriend

John Podhoretz, fellow Columbia Prep grad who gave me my big break in journalism under his affirmative action program for upper middle class white Jews, here is an advance draft for a chapter about you for my book length essay.  "God and Man at Columbia Prep: why  comes around goes around is not a dopey cliche"
If you have any changes let me know and I will make them because I am a fucking hack--just like somebody who looks suspiciously like your long lost brother.
FYI, everybody I have cool audio of tough guy Ken Vogel  hanging up on me in like one minute and ten seconds when I asked if he ever gave drafts of his articles to Republicans like he did the DNC.
New York Times political reporter Glenn Thrush, an utterly pedestrian writer and reporter,  would probably do it instantly.
 Verbatim quote when we were talking about the David Corn New York Observer piece about you starting the Weekly Standard. In front of McManus and Scott.  "Everytime I read about John Podhoretz having a girlfriend I can't believe it."
 I heard almost all of Eric's conversations with everybody for two years--since he never closed the door except when talking to Marty Singerman or Mr. Murdoch or a few others--listening with a mix of puppy dog love and reverence and fascination--and I think you were one of two people I ever heard him personally insult like that.

You are a pathetic little sniveling coward, medium height repulsive creature and crypto-fascist school yard bully. Ugler than Thrush and even more pompous.

(Context for anybody interested  read my Nat Hentoff piece closely; Ken Kurson personally added the Pearl Harbor reference to Neil Patel)

Eric really liked me just like "everybody" has at  Columbia Prep, Penn, Washington.

  Once out of the blue Eric offered to call one of his friends--Howard Rubenstein's son or somebody and arrange for me to buy a fancy UES co-op at reduced rate if I wanted to get marriedWhen I said I was moving to 82nd St he said, "why aren't your moving in with a girl."

You and Midge and Norman--the three of you, perfidious Jews just like Julius and Ethel--have been pissing all over Eric's grave every single day since Edsall quoted me calling Heritage Foundation and Moral Majority co-founder Paul Weyrich "a demented ant-Semite" because he said the Jews killed Christ. Although in my head and heart and particularly when I am at a computer he is still here almost every day.

With apologies to Gore Vidal, the three of you are  Fifth Columnists for Rome.

And with apologies to Mary McCarthy every word you've ever written and ditto for Norman and Midge (Did McGovern really  call he a dog) about black anti-Semitism since Weyrich started the Moral Majority is lie. Including "a" and "the."  But if you want to sue me for libel also send the papers to Norman Siegel.

 You yelp about the ADL not denouncing quickly and strongly enough a c-list black congressman calling Israeli West Bank settlers termites--which is actually not entirely incongruous with facts or logic or the history, meaning it is within the bounds of legitimate debate--but you keep quiet for more than 15 years about the co-founder of the Heritage Foundaion uttering the classic anti-Semitic lie, the locus of modern anti-Semitism that set in motion a 2000 year chain of hatred that culminated in the Holocaust.

Wow, John. Talk about dictatorships and double standards.  

Although that is kind of unfair to the Church since it long ago renounced the very Deicide charge from Weyrich that you and your entire neo-con cabal to this day won't renounce. Even after Weyrich went with me to the Holocaust Museum, absent any public pressure and rejecting my request to put out a press release, because  he was so anguished about the pain he caused so many Jews and setting off a series of events that he and Marty Peretz and lots of wonderful people all across the political spectrum in Washington, all absent any media coverage, including Greg Craig who offered to help,  were worried, per Marty,  were going to destroy my life and career.

But they didn't. Despite MH and AEI criminally harassing my own parents to shut me up.

And I wouldn't be surprised if you are forced to resign as Commentary editor when your little neo-con Pearl Harbor stunt becomes better known.   Or maybe you won't. I don't care. But, per Marty, all the "relevant worlds" are surely going to know  about this.

Your dirty little secrets are no longer secret.

FYI, Daily Caller pals, given my complaint to EEOC and DC OHR it probably illegal retaliation for Patel to fire you like he clearly threatened to do if you even talked to me. Anybody concerned should just call Norman Siegel. Or check out the lawyer helping Armstrong's latest involuntary boy toy sue him.

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Evan Gahr: Eric, I met Richard Ravitch on the subway and told him I work for you!!
Eric Breindel [cold hard stare] Evan, you should be meeting girls on the subway not Richard Ravitch.

Not that anybody asked me  but I am going to take a vacation now and just take heed of Eric's words and try to meet some girls on the Metro. 


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