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Focus on the Famiy Tim Goeglein Got Jewish Journalist Fired

--At the behest of Karl Rove because he denounced Moral Majority co-founder and Heritage Foundation founder Paul Weyrich for saying the Jews killed Christ.
--Goeglein, also got Hudson Institute to oust Marshall Wittmann, now AIPAC spokesman
--Christian Right leader Gary Bauer, former Reagan White House advisor, colluded with illegal phone calls.  Hudson VP Curt Smith, who spoke with Goeglein, also fired.
--Despite his workplace efficiency--maybe five phone calls and presto three ex-Hudson employees, two of them Jewish, one a longstanding and well-regarded employee, are out the door--Goeglein was subsequently fired by the Bush White House for plagiarism
--Gary Bauer got him a job with Focus on the Family DC Office
In September 2016, the Family Research Council conference, which Bauer headlined, denied credentials to Tucker Carlson's star Washington Gadfly columnist in retaliation for him exposing a huge sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit against the Family Research Council.
FRC fired woman who complained her supervisor William Saunder, AKA, Bill Saunders was emailing her "hi cutie" and inviting her to parties and telling her that young women who use birth control pills are "whoring around."  (He is so ignorant he doesn't realize women use BC pills for other reasons besides unwanted pregnancies?)
--The FRC spokesman, who pretty much lied to Huffington Post about the lawsuit and Moria Gaul's DC OHR complaint, and FRC Vice-President Peter Sprigg sp? , who Gahr had publicly linked to the whole matter, with internal FRC documents Tony Perkins and his dim-witted lawyer were too obtuse and oblivious to try to get sealed--they might have been able to do it. 
--Shortly after this phone enthusiast complained to Bauer the flack, who had ignored emails asking if he could attend the next conference, said it was a big mix-up
--This reporter got real "uppity" from the perspective of Bauer, and started asking him to condemn Paul Weyrich for saying the Jews killed Christ. He repeatedly refused to do so.
--Bauer refused to condemn FRC, which he previously headed, for firing the woman who complained about her supervisor calling women whores--just like Rush Limbaugh did Sandra Fluke
--I started going after John Podhoretz on Twitter for not denouncing Weyrich for saying the Jews killed Christ.  And also mocking Norman and Midge for not condemning to this day Weyrich.
--Podhoretz  basically told Patel to "shut this nigger up." 
--Patel quasi-fired and blacklisted me and illegally refused to give me a salaried job Tucker Carlson expressly promised
--But he can't shut me up

Post 1970s America, nobody--no matter how powerful or well-connected in business or the media or the government--can act with such viciousness and condescension towards somebody because of his or her religion or gender or race or because he likes to use the ladies room despite still having a "schlong" with professional and legal impunity.

If anybody tries to harm you because of your speech again, I've got your back.
--civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel to Evan Gahr


Per Eric Breindel, Facts are Pesky Things

  1. New York Post press columnist Evan Gahr, protoge of Eric Breindel, with Media Bistro/FishbowlDC founder Laurel Touby. Very recent picture. Haha. 


    1. Roger Aronoff and by extension Don Irvine and Debbie Lambert of Accuracy in Media breached oral and written contract for my WaPo hit piece in 2014; promised 500 dollars  and I delivered piece just as promised; refused to publish would not even pay lousy 100 kill fee; rejected like 10 other submissions.  Herb London tied to AIM--writes for them, etc

  2. Family Research Council denied me credentials to their September  2016 conference, probably because I exposed a sexual harassment lawsuit against them that started with complaint to DC OHR. 

     Bauer and Bill Bennett headlined conference.  FRC ignored inquiries for several days and even would not say if they would let me go this year.  FRC vice-president Peter Sprigg who I implicated in the scandal ignored repeated inquiries.   I complained to GB--suddenly the press guy told me it was a big mix-up.  Tony Perkins has ignored repeated tweets asking if he or anybody at FRC complained to Neil Patel about me.  Never under-estimate just how dumb and vicious and oblivious most Washington conservatives really are.  He doesn't think being in the middle of this is not, at minimum, a PR problem,. Nobody is ever going to know about this stuff because Washington Post and POLITICO are not reporting it?  He thinks that Patel can just do the neo-con version of what  John Podhoretz requested , "Shut this nigger up." Because I got "out of line." And "didn't know my place?" Inspiring lesson for everybody, post 1970s, nobody in this country--no matter how powerful or no matter how much the media tries to help them--can treat anybody else "like a nigger" with legal impunity. And professional impunity.  Yikes.   It didn't occur to Tony Perkins that an ambitious Rachel Maddow show producer might start Googling him if and when his name shows up on White House visitor logs?  And this stuff showed up.
  3. I asked GB privately to tell AIM to pay me the lousy 500 dollars and stop blacklisting me--rough estimate minimum 10,000 lost income since then. And to DISAVOW everybody still blacklisting me because of this .
  4. He refused. Even though public reproach by him would have been helpful. Bauer REFUSED to disavow Paul Weyrich for saying the  Jews killed Chirst--or even acknowledge Weyrich uttered the words. He was allied with Weyrich since the Reagan Administration, shortly after Weyrich founded the Moral Majority, but refuses to condemn him for saying the Jews killed Christ? Even though Weyrich went to the Holocaust Museum with me in 2002, refusing my request that he put out a press release, to repent for his sins and blood libel. WTF?
    Bauer then proceeded to BLACLIST me and refused to talk with me for a follow-up on my exclusive story that a convicted pedophile had endorsed Hillary Clinton and also donated to Obama 2012 campaign. 
  5. I criticized him publicly for colluding with illegal phone calls by his aide Tim Goelglein, Special Assistant to the President at the behest of Karl Rove that coerced Herb London into firing me.  Goeglein got fired by Bush White House some time after that. Gary Bauer got him his job as Focus on the Family Washington representative.  Goeglein also got Marshall Wittmann, now AIPAC spokesman,illegally purged as well.   With illegal phone calls to Hudson VP Curt Smith and maybe somebody else there? Hudson then fired Smith. 

    When I got fired from Hudson, Norman Podhoretz, was senior fellow--paid 200,000 annually to do literally nothing--didn't even moderate panel discussions. Zippo. Norman told me not to apologize to Weyrich but after I got fired in part because I did not apologize and got more "out of line" and "uppity" to neo-cons, basically classic white racist behavior with a Jewish twist, Norman kept his mouth shut.   John Podhoretz lied about me and Eric to Hudson to help their  gay bashing lawyer Bob Brame (belonged to Christian Right group that favors executing gays caught in the act).  Eric really liked me. 

     I once ran up to him after meeting Richard Ravitch on the subway and said  with typical puppy dog love, Eric, I met Richard Ravitch on the subway and told him I worked for you!

    Looking up from his copy of the New York Times he was reading while smoking a cigarette, he said, verbatim, Evan, you should be meeting girls on the subway not Richard Ravitch.

  6. John Podhoretz convinced or coerced (Tortious Interference with Contract) Neil Patel into blacklisting me and firing me, contravening Tucker’s own promise of a salaried job with health insurance 

  7. Per complaints filed with EEOC and DC OHR for religious discrimination and illegal retaliation (failure to hire right after I had filed DC OHR complaints against some of his fellow travelers and notified DOJ about illegal Hudson dismissal  etc) Patel has  no legitimate business reason or non-discriminatory reasons for  not giving me a salaried job that Tucker Carlson expressly promised me and that he said I could have. Before SECRETLY--like any bully--contravening Tucker's express promise and saying he would give me a contract.  But that with contracts I could write as little or as much as I wanted--ie page views are irrelevant. 
  8. Patel is refusing to pay me for articles the Daily Caller already published in November that the Daily Caller made money from. WTF? Including Washington  Post hit pieces.  I am dealing with an amalgam of Jewish writers, who are morally equivalent to CPUSA and petty criminals. Is this breach of contract? Or is Patel doing the equivalent of skipping out on a restaurant check>?.  The articles were PUBLISHED.  This is basically thievery. BOC is usually complex dispute like this.   Louis E. Chimpstein says the National Zoo never paid him 400 dollars like promised to entertain kids from 2 to 4 pm on Saturday.  National Zoo replies they didn't promise 400 dollars. They promised two hundred. And besides he didn't entertain them for four hours. So they don't owe any money.
  9.  This all goes back to MH in 2001, doing what I only recently came to understand, was Michael Horowitz working in tandem with AEI to criminally my mother and father to shut me up. Per other Jan 20 items
  10. Patel also owes expenses to go to DC for WaPo hit piece and election night coverage
  11. Patel is refusing to publish an article with audio already in WordPress of a Washington Post reporter running away from "Bertram" after he busted him for covering up for Hillary calling he campaign manager a "fucking Jew  bastard."    Which Daily Caller standard and neutral practice justifies not publishing such an article?  It is illegal under federal law to deny contracts based on race or ethnicity. 
  12. Patel is a typical school yard bully and walks around the office with the macho preening and arrogance of your typical guy who tried without success all three or four FDA approved ED medcine. So now he is so desperate to finally be able to, you know, that he is even ordering, per my report for, that former Daily Caller political reporter Alex Pappas and Page Six and Reliable Source cited, Herman Cain's "snake oil for the one eyed snake.
  13. Etc.
  14. You're not writing for us, ever again, Patel told me. "Thanks." He said this on December 8 after turning down possible exclusive interview with a very prominent major public figure.
  15. No, it's not that simple. Do you have faith in the American people? Do you believe in the rule of law? How can support for "law and order" not be anything but a racist dog whistle by neo-cons if they are refusing to disavow Parel's prima facie violations of District of Columbia and federal law. And basic contract law.  What about you, Tucker. If you are a serious libertarian how could Patel have possibly frightened you so badly you did not even respond to my private letter last month.  Do you think Patel or any government agency or company can legally prohibit you from talking to me? 
  16.  Patel shortly after he Borked me clearly threatened to fire anybody at the Daily Caller who talked to me.  His edict was initially legal.  But firing anybody now,  given the pending EEOC and DC OHR complaints is arguably illegal.
  17.  Patel needs  to articulate a legitimate non-discriminatory reason in accordance with standard Daily Caller policies and practices for rejecting articles.  This is overwhelming. I am going to take a break from all this and concentrate on meeting girls on the Metro. Her is my current picture with MediaBistro/FishbowlDC founder Laurel Touby.  She is quite a demure girl. 

MPD SVU Notified Shortly After Innag About Hudson Insitute fellow Michael Horowitz Criminally Harassing Parents of Reporter Who Exposed Neo-Con Christian Right Anti-Semitism Cover-UP

with assistance from AEI magazine editor Karl Zinsmeister.  He had him literally sitting  by the phone. Call Karl. Call Karl, he told frightened father of press critic for Eric Breindel.

1. Phone call to journalist's parents who he hand never met or otherwise communicated with.

(Probably learned father is doctor in NYC from his cousin, OMB counsel Jay Lefkowitz, notorious for covering-up Christian Right antisemitism.  "A little anti-Semtism is good for the Jews," Lefkowitz famously told the New York Times.

Lefkowitz incited Karl Rove to get Gahr fired by Hudson Institute president Herb London, an apologist for Christian Right antisemitism, who wrote Weyrich a letter saying he remained highly regarded at "the Institute" despite me calling him a demented ant-Semite.

Tim Goeglein made the illegal phone calls (TIC) with Gary Bauer's acquiescence if not encouragement. 

Goeglein later fired by Bush WH for plagairizing sp? articles for hometown paper. Bauer got him a job with Focus on the Family DC office.  Goeglein also coerced Hudson Institute into purging Marshall Wittmann sp?, now AIPAC spokesman.  After Goeglein complained to Hudson VP Curt Smith about him,  Hudson fired Smith. Then  MW was out and his website for Hudson deleted.

Goeglein complained to Hudson because MW was mocking the Bush Admin on the website.

Goeglein also coerced Karl Zinsmeister into blacklisting me and dismissing me as columnist for The American Enterprise Magazine. (ILLEGAL denial of contracts due to religion.)

Back to Horowitz in 2001--although medically speaking I am still suffering from MDO because of  his criminal behavior.

 After yelling and lying to them and frightening them and saying Evan Gahr was not fired for criticizing PW and insisting he was fired for suddenly suffering from bi-polar mania, the "animals" hung up on Horowitz.

2. Despite  being put on notice to cease and desist further communications, MH followed up with a Fed Ex package  the next day full of the Washington Gadfly's communications to various conservatives around town, like Robert Bork and National Review, trying to bait them into good quotes. Kind of like he did recently with Dean Baquet. (Google "Evan Gahr" and "Dean Baquet" and "Fuck You."

But he DELIBERATELY left out this letter which indicates MALICE and forethought.

I am happy to assert under oath that you told Nat Hentoff OTR and a prominent liberal Jewish leader that you disagreed with me  about Weyrich but Hudson should not have fired me for calling him an anti-Semite.

2004 conversation

Evan Gahr: I know you're lying. You told my parents I got fired for having serious psychiatric problems and tried to  convince them I was a danger to myself and others.  But you told Nat Hentoff and Rabbi X that Hudson was wrong to criticize me for calling Weyrich an anti-Semite.

MH: I have no comment.

EG: I didn't ask you for comment. I know you're lying

Yesterday, this reporter asked MH to publicly admit he deliberately admitted the RELEVANT and EXCULPATORY material from the FedEx package.  And explain why. Because his parents to this day do not understand he PURPOSELY admitted the material.

No response. So this phone enthusiast shortly before 12PM mailed NIE against MH for ONGOING IED ie, SOL not applicable because of continuing harm.

This matter is now in federal court where it belongs, with the criminal conduct reporter to MPD. I should have called them on the day of the Sessions hearing when I was horrified to realize that I gave everybody the impression MH made ONE contact but he actually made TWO.  Not Marty Baron. What is he supposed to do with the information? He can't even report any of this without checking all this stuff online that dates back to 2001!!!!  This is legally speaking, a civil and criminal conspiracy to deprive me of my First Amendment rights and right to employment--ie not be denied jobs due to religion or in retaliation for lawsuit against Hudson or EEOC complaints or OHR complaints and complaint to DOJ. 

Michael Horowitz quietly sued shortly before 12PM NIE for IED. AEI also named, if memory serves. 

And all these neo-cons thought they could do this stuff with impunity. Get a stuffed chimp to take the fall for Karl Rove. Criminally harass my own parents  to shut me up. And nobody would ever notice? Not even when John Podhoretz, who like an HIV infected man in a bathhouse trying to avoid using a condom, can't control himself and gets Neil Patel to Borke me?  Ipso post facto: breach of contract and refusal to hire based on religion?

Donald Trump could not turn this country into a fascist state, even if he were so inclined. Just take it from somebody who was the victim of truly fascistic behavior--ie collusion between Bush White House and AEI and Hudson Institute's  Michael Horowitz, a government contractor, with criminal harassment of his own parents.   MH thought he could pull this stunt with impunity. 

But now he is in USDC DC for IED, with the fuzz dully informed. 

Speculation is not journalism but it is a safe bet that Trump is not going to want the Focus on the Family DC rep anywhere near the White House. His name is Tim Goeglein. 

Gary Bauer got him his job. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Evan Gahr v. Neil Patel

Of course, I wasn’t scared of McCarthy. McCarthy was a bully and I had faith in the American people

--Joe Rauh to Insight magazine reporter Evan Gahr

Washington, DC

January 19, 2017

District of Columbia Superior Court

Small Claims division (per notice of intent)

Evan Gahr

Washington Gadfly

Phone Enthusiast

Eric Breindel columnist

Siegel Teitelbaum & Evans, LLP
260 Madison Avenue, 22nd Floor
New York, NY 10016





Neil Patel

Former Dick Cheney Aide/Although acting lately like he worked for Ed Schultz

9th Floor

1050 17th St., NW

Washington, DC


Breach of Contract

--failure to pay for November articles already published

--failure to pay travel expenses for trips to DC, including for Washington Post hit piece and election night coverage

--failure to reimburse for renewal of the the surreptitious blog   that Tucker Carlson authorized payment of $150 max for registration

Christian Right Show Jew John Podhoretz convinced and or coerced Neil Patel into sodomizing Tucker Carlson journalistically by secretly behind his back—like your typical schoolyard bully—purging the Washington Gadfly and blacklisting him, for no legitimate,


non-discriminatory business related reasons.   Carlson had expressly promised Gahr a salaried job with health insurance as Washington Gadfly columnist. So did Patel; In what seems like his standard modus operandi when Carlson offers somebody a job and then says work out the details with “Neil,” Patel first offered Gahr a salaried job of $30,000 then said he would give him a contract and consider him for a job later---inter alia or whatever the Dec 8 blacklisting also constitutes failure to hire and due to multiple reasons is also illegal discrimination in employment based on

a)      religion (Jewish)

b)      illegal retaliation (prior lawsuit against Hudson filed under DC OHR, recent complaint against Patel’s fellow travelers to DC OHR and DOJ)

c)      MDD

d)     Possible First Amendment violations because Patel did  all this just hours after Gahr engaged in other protected activity by notifying the appropriate agencies about Ben Carson and his little-noticed paternity lawsuit (Vince had just spiked an exclusive article on this, contravening Tucker Carlson’s standards  and dictate that his writers can write about anything they want except FNC

Only somebody dumb, stupid and vicious and desperate like John Podhoretz, with utter contempt for the the American people and United States justice system and oblivious to contract law and employment law would have presumed they could try to Bork a nationally known investigative reporter, who has written for almost every major conservative publications, and just prompted a congressional investigation, without suffering professional or personal impunity

And whoever did that was clearly embarrassed—made to look like asses even among their own colleagues-by Washington Gadfly/Chimp reporting and writing that they could not refute and were too much of sniveling cowards to debate.   Washington Examiner media reporter (covering up WP lawsuit etc) Eddie Scarry, Christian Science Monitor Breakfast host Dave Cook,  Jay  “Shut the fuck up, you big bully. I would have fired you also” [per previous conflict] Norldlinger, Jonah Goldberg,  Karl Zinsmeister, Adam Meyerson, Tim Goeglein and Gary Bauer. Charlotte Hayes. Christina Hoff Sommers. Arthur Brooks. Jay Lefkowitz.  Etc. Everybody but Cook was involved with this whole fracas.  CHS got me banned from NR event 



1.      FRC denied me press credentials for the 2016 conference probably because I exposed this; Peter Sprigg and press office ignored repeated inquiries; Gary Bauer told them the blacklist was illegal—suddenly the press guy quoted in articles about what I exposed and who incidentally made misleading statements to the press says it was a big communications failure  


2.      I asked Gary Bauer to tell Roger Aronoff of Accuracy in Media to pay me the lousy $500 they owed me (per oral and written contracts) for WaPo hit piece they commissioned but spiked upon figuring out or being informed that I had called Paul Weyrich an anti-Semite


3.      I started attacking John Podhoretz on Twitter and FRC and AEI (letters to John Bolton and to DOJ)  Arthur Brooks and Karl Zinsmeister


4.      With no prior warning and after almost universal praise by everybody since  I started writing for the Daily Caller, Patel quasi fired me on Dec 7 and barred me from ever writing for Daily Caller again on Dec 8. 



--needed to determine precise page views so I know how much money he owes me

--all emails Patel sent and received personally to anybody between the week before the September 2016 Family Research Council conference and December 31, 2017 and to internal distribution between Dec 8 and Dec 31 TK.

--all voice mails Patel received on

--same for Commentary editor John Podhoretz

--Gary Bauer emails

Jury trial with multiple witnesses, including but not limited to those above, needed due to multiple exigencies here dating to 2001, starting with Scooter Libby, now a top official of Hudson Institute.  





Respectfully submitted for your consideration,


Neo-Con Un-American Activities


CAH by Michael Horowitz, with contemporaneous knowledge by Gary Bauer, of Jewish journo’s parents to frighten then (with malicious lies) so I would stop exercising my free speech rights to criticize Hudson Institute president Herb London and neo-cons for

  1. firing me under pressure from Karl Rove, incited by Horowitz’s cousin Jay Lefkowitz, who had Tim Goeglein (tortuous interference with contract) make illegal phone calls to London and coerce him into firing me (BOC, religious discrimination) and then lying to the press and editors by blaming the whole thing on me using a stuffed chimp to debate David Horowitz
  2. Defending Moral Majority and Heritage Foundation co-founder Paul Weyrich for saying the Jews killed Christ even AFTER he reached out to me privately to make clear he regretted the pain his remarks caused Jews and that  I was fired (without his knowledge

I believe that everything stated above and below

a) is entirely accurate and facts and context
b)congruent with multiple assertions by me online,  reported by major publications  since 2001 and (excluding comments to the Washington Jewish Week around June that year) not disputed anywhere publicly--ie, only in court documents
c)but Herb London’s defense of of my 2006 breach of contract against him, if my understanding is correct, omitted important facts
Karl Rove

Tim Goeglein (later fired by the Bush White House for plagiarism)
Herb London
Hudson Institute longtime honcho/Reagan DOJ Official Michael Horowitz/Christian Right Anti-Semitism Apologist/Helped found Federalist Society
Christian Right leader/former Reagan White House adviser Gary Bauer
AEI longtime mag editor Karl Zinsmeister, who shortly after the events described  below went to work for the Bush White House and said Mona Charen was “worried that you’re a fag” when he recommended me for a job with the Hudson Institute and made it sound like she only agreed to hire me after he assured her that I am not gay
National Review honcho Jonah Goldberg (who incidentally likes to make gay bashing jokes in private--per our conversation at AEI dinner he said if you drop your wallet at CATO (know to have lots of gay conservatives) don’t bend down to pick it up

In 2001,

a) I made clear to Michael Horowitz that I had determined, due to  recent conversation with the late Moral Majority and Heritage Foundation co-founder Paul Weyrich in June ( that Karl Rove incited by his cousin Jay Lefkowitz, OMB general counsel, later MH apparently arranged for him to be Special Envoy to North Korea, even though if memory serves, he was by statute not qualified--ie required somebody with foreign policy experience got me fired from the Hudson Institute

Weyrich at my request put this stuff in writing for my lawsuit in 2002.

But in June 2001,  after Weyrich alerted me to the WH role in this,  I started getting really loud about it with lots of prominent people around town--also wrote to Abe Foxman but he did not respond.   Desperate to stop me from exercising my free speech rights, Micahel Horowitz

b)Acting with malice and forethought and colluding with the following people

Jonah Goldberg
Robert Bork
Gary Bauer
Others that require discovery to determine

MH collected every single letter I had emailed to every conservatives around town trying to bait them into quotes about something they did not want to talk about but NOT saying anything that could in any way be conceived as threatening or harassment or manifestations of any serious psychiatric disorder--ie, it was just what everybody else would understand then and now is my typical modus operandi

MH made two unwanted and intimidating and harassing communications with my mother and father who previously he had never met or talked to.  I suspect but don’t know for sure that he didn’t even know my father is a doctor on UES until Jay Lefkowitz told him since I worked with his wife Eleana Lefkowitz at Insight Magazine,  offered job by John Podhoretz since Lefkowitz worked for Bill Kristol (who lied to WaPo to cover up for Weyrich saying the Jews killed Christ)

  1. Phone call to my father’s office during which he lied and frightened them and badgered them to convince them that I was fired due to suddenly being mentally unhinged and acting congruent with bi-polar mania  and that  I was a danger to myself and possibly other a)told my father that his wife is a doctor and  tried to convince him that they indicated the above was accurate. He did not explain to my father that his wife is PCP and has no way of making such a determination.  

Dr. Gahr: What kind of doctor is your wife
Michael Horowitz: Internist
Dr. Gahr: Yeah, well, then tell her to stick to her own specialty  

The “evidence” Horowitz offered on the phone to “prove” I was fired for having serious psychiatric problems was that I had used a stuffed chimp to mock David Horowitz on “Hannity and Colmes” when he defended Weyrich and said I wrongly called him an anti-Semite for saying the Jews killed Christ.  Something like, “David is acting like a baby. So I brought a stuffed chimp.”


a)in fact, Horowitz KNEW--per my public pronouncements that the only reason I got fired was because Tim Goeglein complained to Herb London about me
b)I stated the following in my own letter to Horowitz, something like, I am happy to assert under oath that you told Nat Hentoff OTR you disagreed with me about Weyrich but Hudson was wrong to fire me about him and you told [prominent liberal Jewish leader MH needed to have good relations with] that you disagreed with me about Weyrich but Hudson should not have fired me for criticizing him
c)In my own prior conversation with Horowitz  after I got fired he did not give any indication that he thought I was having any kind of psychiatric problems when I was baiting him
d)In fact, the following exchange, is when he probably figured that I got fired due to outside interference.
Evan Gahr: There was only two months left on my contract. What was the rush? Why did Herb London need to fire me suddenly?
Michael Horowitz: Only two months left. Oh, Evan. What the fuck is wrong with you? Grow the hell up.

During the phone conversation with my parents, he had AEI magazine editor  Karl Zinsmeister literally sitting by his own phone to help him convince the animals that  Zinsmeister and AEI purged me and blacklisted me and illegally denied me writing contracts (discrimination in contracts based on race or ethnicity is illegal) because I also was kind of unhinged. Horowtiz, kep saying, “Call Karl. Call Karl.”  In fact, although not apparent at the time to my lawyer but now widely known to Tucker Carlson, if my understanding is correct, Zinsmeister purged me under pressure from Goegelin

That was the phone call.

Second unwanted and intimidating and frightening communication and prima facie evidence of malice, deceit and withholding materially relevant information

Even though both my mother and father made very clear implicitly and probably explicitly that MH should never contact them again, he proceeded to send them next day FedEx a pacakge with a letter saying in lawyerly language that I was clearly a danger to myself and others. Per the phone call lies.  

MH mailed them all my correspondence to various conservatives baiting them.  I had personally mailed MH two letters

a)something like I am meeting Weyrich soon do you want to go with me. If you are embarrassed to be around me you can wear a KKK hood. Because that is not racist, right? Just like Weyrich saying the Jews killed Christ is not anti-Semitic

b)I am happy to assert under oath in any forum that you told Nat Hentoff and a prominent Jewish leader that you disagreed with me about Weyrich but Hudson was wrong to fire me about them

But he deliberately and purposely OMITTED that letter because including it would have established ipso post facto that his contention I was fired for serious psychiatric problems was a  malicious lie.

c)In fact, prior to 2001,  the only mental condition I ever had was low-grade depression (dysthymia).  As a DIRECT result, medical experts agree, of the MH  ACH concurrent with civil IED  I have been fighting MDD since then.  At Columbia Prep, I never even got into a fist fight. Or got suspended or anything. I never even got really drunk at college--in the classic way students do and go wild. But since 2001, both my parents have been frightened that I am going to “get into trouble” and get worried--direct locus to MH stunt--that I am acting in ways congruent with classic bi-polar mania. In fact, I am just acting in ways that they misconstrue as mania--like suddenly going to DC or staying out late or writing stuff late at night or calling people in other time zones late at night--that is necessary for me to do just be a really great investigative journalist and writer.

The problem is that  to literally to this day, my mother and father, do not understand that MH deliberately did not send them the letter saying I knew he told two people Hudson was wrong to fire me.  He refuses to do  so. FYI, Herb London and Ken Weinstein had no advance knowledge of the MH ACH.

 But, fyi, for context since lots of current civil claims are connected to this whole ne-con cabal.   I am just alerting you to the apparently criminal context especially considering  overlapping players with the following apparent prima facie civil violations of recent months.

I have said all this publicly nobody said one word in response.
Filed NIE via phone USC Alexandri against Gary Bauer NIED for recent events not directly related to MH CAH

  1. Roger Aronoff and by extension Don Irvine and Debbie Lambert Accuracy in Media breached oral and written contract for my WaPo hit piece in 2014; promised 500 dollars  and I delivered piece just as promised; refused to publish would not even pay lousy 100 kill fee; rejected like 10 other submissions.  Herb London tied to AIM--writes for them, etc.

  2. Family Research Council denied me credentials to their September conference, probably because I exposed a sexual harassment lawsuit against them that started with complaint to DC OHR.  Bauer and Bill Bennett headlined conference.  FRC ignored inquiries for several days and even would not say if they would let me go this year.  I complained to GB--suddenly the press guy told me it was a big mix-up
  3. I asked GB privately to tell AIM to pay me the lousy 500 dollars and stop blacklisting me--rough estimate minimum 10,000 lost income since then
  4. He refused. Even though public reproach by him would have been helpful
  5. I criticized him publicly for the whole Weyrich thing and John Podhoretz
  6. John Podhoretz convinced or coerced (Tortious Interference with Contract) Neil Patel into blacklisting me and firing me, contravening Tucker’s own promise of a salaried job with health insurance
  7. Patel had no legitimate business reason or non-discriminatory reasons for doing this; I had sparked a congressional investigation and DHS IG and published lots of cool exclusive stuff that everybody really liked.  Patel had previously told me page views were irrelevant to him under a contract since I could file as much or as little as I liked

NIE this month Breach of Contract against Neil Patel (for not paying me for articles published in November) and terminating my Washington Gadfly chimp column that Tucker Carlson offered me as a salaried job and blacking me--refuses to publish a) articles in WordPress and approved by editor Vince at newsroom meetings b)articles published in November including about WaPo and expenses for trips for WP hit piece and election night coverage
John Podhoretz clearly coerced Patel into quasi firing me and blacklisting me
EEOC and DC OHR complaints against Patel in his personal capacity for religious discrim and illegal retaliation (sued Hudson under DC HRA in 2001 moved to fed court)
Norman Podhoretz was paid by Herb London 200,000 annually to do nothing; Norman told me not to apologize for calling Weyrich an anti-Semite; he said nothing when I got fired. To this day, Norman and his wife Midge Decter have refused to disavow Paul Weyrich for saying the Jews killed Christ
Ditto for Gary Bauer. He refuses to even acknowledge Weyrich made the remark
Tweeted MPD press account asking if his refusal to return the computer I purchased on my desk at the Daily Caller is civil matter of constituted theft of property