Friday, January 20, 2017

Per Eric Breindel, Facts are Pesky Things

  1. New York Post press columnist Evan Gahr, protoge of Eric Breindel, with Media Bistro/FishbowlDC founder Laurel Touby. Very recent picture. Haha. 


    1. Roger Aronoff and by extension Don Irvine and Debbie Lambert of Accuracy in Media breached oral and written contract for my WaPo hit piece in 2014; promised 500 dollars  and I delivered piece just as promised; refused to publish would not even pay lousy 100 kill fee; rejected like 10 other submissions.  Herb London tied to AIM--writes for them, etc

  2. Family Research Council denied me credentials to their September  2016 conference, probably because I exposed a sexual harassment lawsuit against them that started with complaint to DC OHR. 

     Bauer and Bill Bennett headlined conference.  FRC ignored inquiries for several days and even would not say if they would let me go this year.  FRC vice-president Peter Sprigg who I implicated in the scandal ignored repeated inquiries.   I complained to GB--suddenly the press guy told me it was a big mix-up.  Tony Perkins has ignored repeated tweets asking if he or anybody at FRC complained to Neil Patel about me.  Never under-estimate just how dumb and vicious and oblivious most Washington conservatives really are.  He doesn't think being in the middle of this is not, at minimum, a PR problem,. Nobody is ever going to know about this stuff because Washington Post and POLITICO are not reporting it?  He thinks that Patel can just do the neo-con version of what  John Podhoretz requested , "Shut this nigger up." Because I got "out of line." And "didn't know my place?" Inspiring lesson for everybody, post 1970s, nobody in this country--no matter how powerful or no matter how much the media tries to help them--can treat anybody else "like a nigger" with legal impunity. And professional impunity.  Yikes.   It didn't occur to Tony Perkins that an ambitious Rachel Maddow show producer might start Googling him if and when his name shows up on White House visitor logs?  And this stuff showed up.
  3. I asked GB privately to tell AIM to pay me the lousy 500 dollars and stop blacklisting me--rough estimate minimum 10,000 lost income since then. And to DISAVOW everybody still blacklisting me because of this .
  4. He refused. Even though public reproach by him would have been helpful. Bauer REFUSED to disavow Paul Weyrich for saying the  Jews killed Chirst--or even acknowledge Weyrich uttered the words. He was allied with Weyrich since the Reagan Administration, shortly after Weyrich founded the Moral Majority, but refuses to condemn him for saying the Jews killed Christ? Even though Weyrich went to the Holocaust Museum with me in 2002, refusing my request that he put out a press release, to repent for his sins and blood libel. WTF?
    Bauer then proceeded to BLACLIST me and refused to talk with me for a follow-up on my exclusive story that a convicted pedophile had endorsed Hillary Clinton and also donated to Obama 2012 campaign. 
  5. I criticized him publicly for colluding with illegal phone calls by his aide Tim Goelglein, Special Assistant to the President at the behest of Karl Rove that coerced Herb London into firing me.  Goeglein got fired by Bush White House some time after that. Gary Bauer got him his job as Focus on the Family Washington representative.  Goeglein also got Marshall Wittmann, now AIPAC spokesman,illegally purged as well.   With illegal phone calls to Hudson VP Curt Smith and maybe somebody else there? Hudson then fired Smith. 

    When I got fired from Hudson, Norman Podhoretz, was senior fellow--paid 200,000 annually to do literally nothing--didn't even moderate panel discussions. Zippo. Norman told me not to apologize to Weyrich but after I got fired in part because I did not apologize and got more "out of line" and "uppity" to neo-cons, basically classic white racist behavior with a Jewish twist, Norman kept his mouth shut.   John Podhoretz lied about me and Eric to Hudson to help their  gay bashing lawyer Bob Brame (belonged to Christian Right group that favors executing gays caught in the act).  Eric really liked me. 

     I once ran up to him after meeting Richard Ravitch on the subway and said  with typical puppy dog love, Eric, I met Richard Ravitch on the subway and told him I worked for you!

    Looking up from his copy of the New York Times he was reading while smoking a cigarette, he said, verbatim, Evan, you should be meeting girls on the subway not Richard Ravitch.

  6. John Podhoretz convinced or coerced (Tortious Interference with Contract) Neil Patel into blacklisting me and firing me, contravening Tucker’s own promise of a salaried job with health insurance 

  7. Per complaints filed with EEOC and DC OHR for religious discrimination and illegal retaliation (failure to hire right after I had filed DC OHR complaints against some of his fellow travelers and notified DOJ about illegal Hudson dismissal  etc) Patel has  no legitimate business reason or non-discriminatory reasons for  not giving me a salaried job that Tucker Carlson expressly promised me and that he said I could have. Before SECRETLY--like any bully--contravening Tucker's express promise and saying he would give me a contract.  But that with contracts I could write as little or as much as I wanted--ie page views are irrelevant. 
  8. Patel is refusing to pay me for articles the Daily Caller already published in November that the Daily Caller made money from. WTF? Including Washington  Post hit pieces.  I am dealing with an amalgam of Jewish writers, who are morally equivalent to CPUSA and petty criminals. Is this breach of contract? Or is Patel doing the equivalent of skipping out on a restaurant check>?.  The articles were PUBLISHED.  This is basically thievery. BOC is usually complex dispute like this.   Louis E. Chimpstein says the National Zoo never paid him 400 dollars like promised to entertain kids from 2 to 4 pm on Saturday.  National Zoo replies they didn't promise 400 dollars. They promised two hundred. And besides he didn't entertain them for four hours. So they don't owe any money.
  9.  This all goes back to MH in 2001, doing what I only recently came to understand, was Michael Horowitz working in tandem with AEI to criminally my mother and father to shut me up. Per other Jan 20 items
  10. Patel also owes expenses to go to DC for WaPo hit piece and election night coverage
  11. Patel is refusing to publish an article with audio already in WordPress of a Washington Post reporter running away from "Bertram" after he busted him for covering up for Hillary calling he campaign manager a "fucking Jew  bastard."    Which Daily Caller standard and neutral practice justifies not publishing such an article?  It is illegal under federal law to deny contracts based on race or ethnicity. 
  12. Patel is a typical school yard bully and walks around the office with the macho preening and arrogance of your typical guy who tried without success all three or four FDA approved ED medcine. So now he is so desperate to finally be able to, you know, that he is even ordering, per my report for, that former Daily Caller political reporter Alex Pappas and Page Six and Reliable Source cited, Herman Cain's "snake oil for the one eyed snake.
  13. Etc.
  14. You're not writing for us, ever again, Patel told me. "Thanks." He said this on December 8 after turning down possible exclusive interview with a very prominent major public figure.
  15. No, it's not that simple. Do you have faith in the American people? Do you believe in the rule of law? How can support for "law and order" not be anything but a racist dog whistle by neo-cons if they are refusing to disavow Parel's prima facie violations of District of Columbia and federal law. And basic contract law.  What about you, Tucker. If you are a serious libertarian how could Patel have possibly frightened you so badly you did not even respond to my private letter last month.  Do you think Patel or any government agency or company can legally prohibit you from talking to me? 
  16.  Patel shortly after he Borked me clearly threatened to fire anybody at the Daily Caller who talked to me.  His edict was initially legal.  But firing anybody now,  given the pending EEOC and DC OHR complaints is arguably illegal.
  17.  Patel needs  to articulate a legitimate non-discriminatory reason in accordance with standard Daily Caller policies and practices for rejecting articles.  This is overwhelming. I am going to take a break from all this and concentrate on meeting girls on the Metro. Her is my current picture with MediaBistro/FishbowlDC founder Laurel Touby.  She is quite a demure girl. 


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