Thursday, January 19, 2017

Evan Gahr v. Neil Patel

Of course, I wasn’t scared of McCarthy. McCarthy was a bully and I had faith in the American people

--Joe Rauh to Insight magazine reporter Evan Gahr

Washington, DC

January 19, 2017

District of Columbia Superior Court

Small Claims division (per notice of intent)

Evan Gahr

Washington Gadfly

Phone Enthusiast

Eric Breindel columnist

Siegel Teitelbaum & Evans, LLP
260 Madison Avenue, 22nd Floor
New York, NY 10016





Neil Patel

Former Dick Cheney Aide/Although acting lately like he worked for Ed Schultz

9th Floor

1050 17th St., NW

Washington, DC


Breach of Contract

--failure to pay for November articles already published

--failure to pay travel expenses for trips to DC, including for Washington Post hit piece and election night coverage

--failure to reimburse for renewal of the the surreptitious blog   that Tucker Carlson authorized payment of $150 max for registration

Christian Right Show Jew John Podhoretz convinced and or coerced Neil Patel into sodomizing Tucker Carlson journalistically by secretly behind his back—like your typical schoolyard bully—purging the Washington Gadfly and blacklisting him, for no legitimate,


non-discriminatory business related reasons.   Carlson had expressly promised Gahr a salaried job with health insurance as Washington Gadfly columnist. So did Patel; In what seems like his standard modus operandi when Carlson offers somebody a job and then says work out the details with “Neil,” Patel first offered Gahr a salaried job of $30,000 then said he would give him a contract and consider him for a job later---inter alia or whatever the Dec 8 blacklisting also constitutes failure to hire and due to multiple reasons is also illegal discrimination in employment based on

a)      religion (Jewish)

b)      illegal retaliation (prior lawsuit against Hudson filed under DC OHR, recent complaint against Patel’s fellow travelers to DC OHR and DOJ)

c)      MDD

d)     Possible First Amendment violations because Patel did  all this just hours after Gahr engaged in other protected activity by notifying the appropriate agencies about Ben Carson and his little-noticed paternity lawsuit (Vince had just spiked an exclusive article on this, contravening Tucker Carlson’s standards  and dictate that his writers can write about anything they want except FNC

Only somebody dumb, stupid and vicious and desperate like John Podhoretz, with utter contempt for the the American people and United States justice system and oblivious to contract law and employment law would have presumed they could try to Bork a nationally known investigative reporter, who has written for almost every major conservative publications, and just prompted a congressional investigation, without suffering professional or personal impunity

And whoever did that was clearly embarrassed—made to look like asses even among their own colleagues-by Washington Gadfly/Chimp reporting and writing that they could not refute and were too much of sniveling cowards to debate.   Washington Examiner media reporter (covering up WP lawsuit etc) Eddie Scarry, Christian Science Monitor Breakfast host Dave Cook,  Jay  “Shut the fuck up, you big bully. I would have fired you also” [per previous conflict] Norldlinger, Jonah Goldberg,  Karl Zinsmeister, Adam Meyerson, Tim Goeglein and Gary Bauer. Charlotte Hayes. Christina Hoff Sommers. Arthur Brooks. Jay Lefkowitz.  Etc. Everybody but Cook was involved with this whole fracas.  CHS got me banned from NR event 



1.      FRC denied me press credentials for the 2016 conference probably because I exposed this; Peter Sprigg and press office ignored repeated inquiries; Gary Bauer told them the blacklist was illegal—suddenly the press guy quoted in articles about what I exposed and who incidentally made misleading statements to the press says it was a big communications failure  


2.      I asked Gary Bauer to tell Roger Aronoff of Accuracy in Media to pay me the lousy $500 they owed me (per oral and written contracts) for WaPo hit piece they commissioned but spiked upon figuring out or being informed that I had called Paul Weyrich an anti-Semite


3.      I started attacking John Podhoretz on Twitter and FRC and AEI (letters to John Bolton and to DOJ)  Arthur Brooks and Karl Zinsmeister


4.      With no prior warning and after almost universal praise by everybody since  I started writing for the Daily Caller, Patel quasi fired me on Dec 7 and barred me from ever writing for Daily Caller again on Dec 8. 



--needed to determine precise page views so I know how much money he owes me

--all emails Patel sent and received personally to anybody between the week before the September 2016 Family Research Council conference and December 31, 2017 and to internal distribution between Dec 8 and Dec 31 TK.

--all voice mails Patel received on

--same for Commentary editor John Podhoretz

--Gary Bauer emails

Jury trial with multiple witnesses, including but not limited to those above, needed due to multiple exigencies here dating to 2001, starting with Scooter Libby, now a top official of Hudson Institute.  





Respectfully submitted for your consideration,



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