Friday, January 20, 2017

MPD SVU Notified Shortly After Innag About Hudson Insitute fellow Michael Horowitz Criminally Harassing Parents of Reporter Who Exposed Neo-Con Christian Right Anti-Semitism Cover-UP

with assistance from AEI magazine editor Karl Zinsmeister.  He had him literally sitting  by the phone. Call Karl. Call Karl, he told frightened father of press critic for Eric Breindel.

1. Phone call to journalist's parents who he hand never met or otherwise communicated with.

(Probably learned father is doctor in NYC from his cousin, OMB counsel Jay Lefkowitz, notorious for covering-up Christian Right antisemitism.  "A little anti-Semtism is good for the Jews," Lefkowitz famously told the New York Times.

Lefkowitz incited Karl Rove to get Gahr fired by Hudson Institute president Herb London, an apologist for Christian Right antisemitism, who wrote Weyrich a letter saying he remained highly regarded at "the Institute" despite me calling him a demented ant-Semite.

Tim Goeglein made the illegal phone calls (TIC) with Gary Bauer's acquiescence if not encouragement.

Goeglein later fired by Bush WH for plagairizing sp? articles for hometown paper. Bauer got him a job with Focus on the Family DC office.  Goeglein also coerced Hudson Institute into purging Marshall Wittmann sp?, now AIPAC spokesman.  After Goeglein complained to Hudson VP Curt Smith about him,  Hudson fired Smith. Then  MW was out and his website for Hudson deleted.

Goeglein complained to Hudson because MW was mocking the Bush Admin on the website.

Goeglein also coerced Karl Zinsmeister into blacklisting me and dismissing me as columnist for The American Enterprise Magazine. (ILLEGAL denial of contracts due to religion.)

Back to Horowitz in 2001--although medically speaking I am still suffering from MDO because of  his criminal behavior.

 After yelling and lying to them and frightening them and saying Evan Gahr was not fired for criticizing PW and insisting he was fired for suddenly suffering from bi-polar mania, the "animals" hung up on Horowitz.

2. Despite  being put on notice to cease and desist further communications, MH followed up with a Fed Ex package  the next day full of the Washington Gadfly's communications to various conservatives around town, like Robert Bork and National Review, trying to bait them into good quotes. Kind of like he did recently with Dean Baquet. (Google "Evan Gahr" and "Dean Baquet" and "Fuck You."

But he DELIBERATELY left out this letter which indicates MALICE and forethought.

I am happy to assert under oath that you told Nat Hentoff OTR and a prominent liberal Jewish leader that you disagreed with me  about Weyrich but Hudson should not have fired me for calling him an anti-Semite.

2004 conversation

Evan Gahr: I know you're lying. You told my parents I got fired for having serious psychiatric problems and tried to  convince them I was a danger to myself and others.  But you told Nat Hentoff and Rabbi X that Hudson was wrong to criticize me for calling Weyrich an anti-Semite.

MH: I have no comment.

EG: I didn't ask you for comment. I know you're lying

Yesterday, this reporter asked MH to publicly admit he deliberately admitted the RELEVANT and EXCULPATORY material from the FedEx package.  And explain why. Because his parents to this day do not understand he PURPOSELY admitted the material.

No response. So this phone enthusiast shortly before 12PM mailed NIE against MH for ONGOING IED ie, SOL not applicable because of continuing harm.

This matter is now in federal court where it belongs, with the criminal conduct reported to MPDSVU. I should have called them on the day of the Sessions hearing when I was horrified and badly tramautized to realize that I gave everybody the impression MH made ONE contact but he actually made TWO.  Not Marty Baron. What is he supposed to do with the information? He can't even report any of this without checking all this stuff online that dates back to 2001!!!!  This is legally speaking, a civil and criminal conspiracy to deprive me of my First Amendment rights and right to employment--ie not be denied jobs due to religion or in retaliation for lawsuit against Hudson or EEOC complaints or OHR complaints and complaint to DOJ. 

Michael Horowitz quietly sued shortly before 12PM NIE for IED. AEI also named, if memory serves. 

And all these neo-cons thought they could do this stuff with impunity. Get a stuffed chimp to take the fall for Karl Rove. Criminally harass my own parents  to shut me up. And nobody would ever notice? Not even when John Podhoretz, who like an HIV infected man in a bathhouse trying to avoid using a condom, can't control himself and gets Neil Patel to Borke me?  Ipso post facto: breach of contract and refusal to hire based on religion?

Donald Trump could not turn this country into a fascist state, even if he were so inclined. Just take it from somebody who was the victim of truly fascistic behavior--ie collusion between Bush White House and AEI and Hudson Institute's  Michael Horowitz, a government contractor, with criminal harassment of his own parents.   MH thought he could pull this stunt with impunity. 

But now he is in USDC DC for IED, with the fuzz dully informed. 

Speculation is not journalism but it is a safe bet that Trump is not going to want the Focus on the Family DC rep anywhere near the White House. His name is Tim Goeglein. 

Gary Bauer got him his job. 


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