Monday, January 30, 2017

NYU Illegally Blacklists and Lies About Eric Breindel Protoge Just Like Neo-Cons

----Original Message-----
From: EvanGahr
To: John.Beckham
Subject: Is NYU illegal blacklisting me and discrininating me and lying about me like most conservatives due these days?

Two of your library officials today just denied me access and blacklisted me and lied about me
claiming I was bothering the staff by video recording them.

a)I did no such thing and they offered no evidence
b)I have the legal right to do so
c)right after I started talking about suffering from major depression unipolar because I was just illegally
fired by the  Daily Caller publisher Neil Patel, with the support of Tucker Carlson, for opposing anti-Semitism
they kicked me out
d)They offered no evidence that I violated any rules. And started making lies that I was "intimidating" the staff.

And they believed the staff even though there was no evidence offered. Is this how your student disciplinary hearings
are conducted, with equal fairness.

I needed to go into the library today. 
This is a huge hassle and medically injurious and b) some woman at the Saturday desk the other week
illegal denied me access and refused to .let me in even though I had paid for 10 visits and had like seven left.

Is that credit fraud or breach of contract or both?

If you have a legitimate non-discriminatory reason for denying me access, in accordance with NYC law and NYU policies
and procedures, call me at  and give it to me.  Otherwise, you should IMMEDIATELY arrange access.

I am not reading any emails from you.  And you didn't even extend me the courtesy of a reply when I asked you about Professor Deplorable the other week even though you knew me from when I worked for Eric Breindel. That was really low class.

In a true show of haughtiness and snottiness she reversed her initial permanent bar to just today or maybe longer when I said I am a reporter. 

CC: NYU President
NYC Human Rights Commission (preliminary notification given to 311)
Washington Square News
NY Daily News

UPDATE: After OCR U.S. Ed Department complaint was mailed to DC,  this reporter told Beckham underling that given the complaint any further ban would be prima facie evidence of illegal retaliation.  He promised to get it reversed. But did not. 

Kind of like,  Patel committed illegal retaliation-- the crystal meth version of employment discrimination--by rescinding job offer from Tucker and consideration for one form him, after John Podhoretz, who helped Hudson defend my DC HRA lawsuit against Hudson, where Norman worked, for religious discrimination, coerced Patel (through tortious interference with contract) into Borking me.  PLUS, Patel pulled this stunt right after I filed DC OHR complaints against Hudson for their continued ban on me from their events BECAUSE I sued them under DC HRA. 

Are even crack whores this reckless? 


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