Sunday, January 29, 2017

Not Parody: Weekly Standard honcho Richard Starr and NR publisher Jack Fowler Reject Exclusive Article on Harper Lee Calling Bill Clinton White Trash

Because the guy who offered the story called Paul Weyrich "a demented anti-Semite" in 2001? 
So much for Christian forgiveness 

Hi, Richard. 

1.  Harper Lee, as I told Tucker Carlson, was my father's patient when she resided part-time on the Upper East Side.  Tucker has see the note she wrote him after he had a  bad fall.   Shortly after "Monicagate" started, Lee casually remarked to my father that Bill Clinton is white trash.  
"White trash" is referenced constantly in her recently-released book.
2. The United States Court of Appeals last month rejected a bid by Ed Schultz's former business partner for a new trial.  But the media cover-up for MSNBC president Phil Griffin committing perjury, per my exclusive Daily Caller reporting, to cover-up for Schultz not paying NBC News DC veteran for getting him the show continues.
Evan Gahr
Press critic for Eric Breindel 
Phone Enthusiast 

P.S. John Podhoretz recently took a great interest in the matter of my employment. So I am no longer at the Daily Caller, until EEOC and DC OHR resolve this matter, per my complaints against Neil Patel for religious discrimination. Thanks, Richard. So consider this a job application as well. 


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