Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Haughty NYU Spokesman John Beckham Reported to Ed Department Office of Civil Rights For anti-White and anti-Jewish Discrimination

NYU president also named.

Right leaning Jewish investigative reporter, press critic and hatchet man for Eric Breindel,  booted from library for merely asking if he could take one employee's picture and talking about how he just got illegally fired and blacklisted by Daily Caller publisher Neil Patel, under illegal pressure from John Podhoretz and some of his other fellow travelers, for exposing Christian Right anti-Semitism.

President's Office: You need to talk to the Library. This is not our department.
Phone enthusiast: Wait? You're telling me the president of NYU has no control over the library? How can he be president of NYU if he doesn't have authority over the library?
President's Office: I am trying to help you.
Phone enthusiast: No, you're not. You are stonewalling and being evasive.
Phone enthusiast: Does the president of NYU have authority over the library?
President's office: [more stonewalling]
Phone enthusiast: Yes or no?
President's office: Not in the way you are saying?
Phone enthusiast: Is NYU opposed to anti-Semitism?
President's Office: Sir.
Preisdent's Office after more stonewalling: [click]

Complaints also postal mailed to New York City Human Rights Commission.

Basis of complaint

NYU repeatedly failed to articulate a non-discriminatory reason consistent with its own policies and library code of conduct for this denial of access to its facility that is basically open to the public--ie, anybody who pays for guest membership can use the library, with services and privileges available depending on the "gift' they make.

Hey, are they subverting IRS regulations by making this a tax-deductible donation? 

Incidentally,  one of the Stalinoids at the front desk told me they don't have security cameras in the main entrance? Gee, that's real assuring. 


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