Tuesday, January 31, 2017

NYU Spox John Beckham hit with anti-Jewish and anti-honkey discrimination complaint

Haughty NYU Spokesman John Beckham Reported to Ed Department Office of Civil Rights For anti-White and anti-Jewish Discrimination

NYU president also named.

Right leaning Jewish investigative reporter, press critic and hatchet man for Eric Breindel,  booted from library for merely asking if he could take one employee's picture and talking about how he just got illegally fired and blacklisted by Daily Caller publisher Neil Patel, under illegal pressure from John Podhoretz and some of his other fellow travelers, for exposing Christian Right anti-Semitism.

President's Office: You need to talk to the Library. This is not our department.
Phone enthusiast: Wait? You're telling me the president of NYU has no control over the library? How can he be president of NYU if he doesn't have authority over the library?
President's Office: I am trying to help you.
Phone enthusiast: No, you're not. You are stonewalling and being evasive.
Phone enthusiast: Does the president of NYU have authority over the library?
President's office: [more stonewalling]
Phone enthusiast: Yes or no?
President's office: Not in the way you are saying?
Phone enthusiast: Is NYU opposed to anti-Semitism?
President's Office: Sir.
Preisdent's Office after more stonewalling: [click]

Complaints also postal mailed to New York City Human Rights Commission.

Basis of complaint

NYU repeatedly failed to articulate a non-discriminatory reason consistent with its own policies and library code of conduct for this denial of access to its facility that is basically open to the public--ie, anybody who pays for guest membership can use the library, with services and privileges available depending on the "gift' they make.

Hey, are they subverting IRS regulations by making this a tax-deductible donation? 

Incidentally,  one of the Stalinoids at the front desk told me they don't have security cameras in the main entrance? Gee, that's real assuring. 

Monday, January 30, 2017

NYU Illegally Blacklists and Lies About Eric Breindel Protoge Just Like Neo-Cons

----Original Message-----
From: EvanGahr
To: John.Beckham
Subject: Is NYU illegal blacklisting me and discrininating me and lying about me like most conservatives due these days?

Two of your library officials today just denied me access and blacklisted me and lied about me
claiming I was bothering the staff by video recording them.

a)I did no such thing and they offered no evidence
b)I have the legal right to do so
c)right after I started talking about suffering from major depression unipolar because I was just illegally
fired by the  Daily Caller publisher Neil Patel, with the support of Tucker Carlson, for opposing anti-Semitism
they kicked me out
d)They offered no evidence that I violated any rules. And started making lies that I was "intimidating" the staff.

And they believed the staff even though there was no evidence offered. Is this how your student disciplinary hearings
are conducted, with equal fairness.

I needed to go into the library today. 
This is a huge hassle and medically injurious and b) some woman at the Saturday desk the other week
illegal denied me access and refused to .let me in even though I had paid for 10 visits and had like seven left.

Is that credit fraud or breach of contract or both?

If you have a legitimate non-discriminatory reason for denying me access, in accordance with NYC law and NYU policies
and procedures, call me at  and give it to me.  Otherwise, you should IMMEDIATELY arrange access.

I am not reading any emails from you.  And you didn't even extend me the courtesy of a reply when I asked you about Professor Deplorable the other week even though you knew me from when I worked for Eric Breindel. That was really low class.

In a true show of haughtiness and snottiness she reversed her initial permanent bar to just today or maybe longer when I said I am a reporter. 

CC: NYU President
NYC Human Rights Commission (preliminary notification given to 311)
Washington Square News
NY Daily News

UPDATE: After OCR U.S. Ed Department complaint was mailed to DC,  this reporter told Beckham underling that given the complaint any further ban would be prima facie evidence of illegal retaliation.  He promised to get it reversed. But did not. 

Kind of like,  Patel committed illegal retaliation-- the crystal meth version of employment discrimination--by rescinding job offer from Tucker and consideration for one form him, after John Podhoretz, who helped Hudson defend my DC HRA lawsuit against Hudson, where Norman worked, for religious discrimination, coerced Patel (through tortious interference with contract) into Borking me.  PLUS, Patel pulled this stunt right after I filed DC OHR complaints against Hudson for their continued ban on me from their events BECAUSE I sued them under DC HRA. 

Are even crack whores this reckless? 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Not Parody: Weekly Standard honcho Richard Starr and NR publisher Jack Fowler Reject Exclusive Article on Harper Lee Calling Bill Clinton White Trash

Because the guy who offered the story called Paul Weyrich "a demented anti-Semite" in 2001? 
So much for Christian forgiveness 

Hi, Richard. 

1.  Harper Lee, as I told Tucker Carlson, was my father's patient when she resided part-time on the Upper East Side.  Tucker has see the note she wrote him after he had a  bad fall.   Shortly after "Monicagate" started, Lee casually remarked to my father that Bill Clinton is white trash.  
"White trash" is referenced constantly in her recently-released book.
2. The United States Court of Appeals last month rejected a bid by Ed Schultz's former business partner for a new trial.  But the media cover-up for MSNBC president Phil Griffin committing perjury, per my exclusive Daily Caller reporting, to cover-up for Schultz not paying NBC News DC veteran for getting him the show continues.
Evan Gahr
Press critic for Eric Breindel 
Phone Enthusiast 

P.S. John Podhoretz recently took a great interest in the matter of my employment. So I am no longer at the Daily Caller, until EEOC and DC OHR resolve this matter, per my complaints against Neil Patel for religious discrimination. Thanks, Richard. So consider this a job application as well. 

Exclusive: Tucker Carlson Ignores Private Letter About Daily Caller Right-Wing Anti-Semtic Purge

Blacklists Eric Breindel protoge, refusing to hire him as the Jesse Waters for his show or blogger/investigative reporter because Daily Caller co-owner Neil Patel fired him for denoncing Christian Right anti-Semitsm.    Contravenes NewsCorp non-discrimination rules and New York City, NYS and federal law.    Rupert's spokesman Howard Rubenstein previously, with Rupert's backing because I worked for Eric, recommended me for a job with Roger Ailes as "a talent" to hire.

Tucker Carlson is now the Archie Bunker of Fox News Channel. 



December 19, 2016


Hi.  How do you like my new stationery?

Congressional investigations have been launched based on less hard evidence of wrongdoing then what Weyrich stated in this letter.  Why was the matter of somebody’s employment by a conservative think tank and government contractor of great interest to people in the White House? What did they do with the information they were seeking. Who exactly were these people?   

Why was I being targeted based on an article that did NOT even mention my criticism of Weyrich or his associations with the Bush Administration? It was a Week in Review story by the religion correspondent on the Deicide charge, nothing that Paul Weyrich and Charlie Ward had recently re-hashed it.  Jay Lefkowitz, a key apologist for Christian Right anti-Semitism, convinced Karl Rove that the controversy was a political liability and he needed to shut me up.

On a Tuesday night, London told the Forward he would not fire me. On Wednesday Tim Goeglein called  London and threatened him with the loss of government contracts.  He fired me the next day.  Within hours or less he called Weyrich, who didn’t even know his name, to tell him I was fired.  Weyrich said I hope this has nothing to do with me.  London told him, of course not. I was fired for using a stuffed chimp in a television debate to mock David Horowitz  when he was defending Weyrich.

The chimp took the fall for Karl Rove.  

Goeglein, per a little-noticed TNR story, also complained to Hudson about Marshall Wittmann when he criticized the Bush Administration on his consertativereform.org website for Hudson. He left Hudson and the website was deleted.  Goeglein also complained to Karl Zinsmeister about me and he purged me.  

Goeglein,  was an aide to Gary Bauer; I recently discovered mostly inadvertently that Bauer had contemporaneous knowledge of all the phone calls.  A few years later, Goeglein got fired by the Bush White House for plagiarism.  He went to work for Focus on the Family; I assume but don’t know for sure that Bauer got him his job.

Anyway, since “they” don’t let you choose your own hair style it occurred to me that “they” might not be letting your own mail and that if I sent this letter to FNC it would be intercepted as some kind of interview request.   So I am sending it to what I assume is your home address instead.

Now that I am no longer at the Daily Caller and barred by Neil Patel from ever writing for them again I am wondering if you are interested in having me on your show the next time I break news [for other publications you can have me on your show, particularly when it involves media stuff.]

Also, later this week I am joining the NABJ; paying the membership dues with money from my pieces for the Observer. So that might  be something to discuss.   I want to make the point that it is insidious to define people by their skin color.  In 2016, with a black man finishing his second term as president,  a black man as executive editor of the New York Times and another black man just recently leaving his post as managing editor of the Washington Post and a black woman named HuffPost editor, what exactly does it mean to be “a black journalist?”

It clearly means something else than when the organization was founded some 40 years ago.  Does it mean you write with particularly nuance and sophisticated on race? I do that.  Like with this piece on Ben Carson, which noted conservatives can be just as condescending and patronizing towards blacks for political purposes as liberals often are.

Does it mean you have been the victim of workplace discrimination? I was the victim of workplace discrimination; I got fired by Hudson for being Jewish.  I doubt WL was ever fired from any job for being black.

Does it mean you find race stories that non-blacks overlook? Well, I wrote about a race discrimination lawsuit against the Capitol Police. But WL and Kevin Merida missed that.

Does it mean you have extensive knowledge about race? Well, Betsy quoted me around 2013 saying thanks to all my father’s black patients--everybody from maids to accounts to a civil rights leader--I know a broader section of the black community than Wesley Lowery.  The first time we ever spoke on the phone he bitched me out about that comment.

As for the Daily Caller, whatever happened, happened.  As Lloyd Grove told in 2014 about something unrelated, you can’t undo the past.

But here are some facts you should know.  I am not inviting you to a pity party. \\ It’s just impossible to discuss things accurately without spelling out the things that I have avoided saying.

The same for Lloyd Grove. He found it odd that I called the other week on a Friday around 7PM worried that CNN was going to blacklist me for exposing Brian Stelter as a liar.   If he knew how vicious the whole Weyrich thing was and how to this day conservatives are still blacklisting me I doubt he would have found my concerns curious.

You said to me when we met you disappeared for a while what happened? I said well, I had some difficulties (an Eric word) and changed the subject.

Well, as a direct result of  being fired and Michael Horowitz lying to my parents and frightening them to cover up for Hudson, the White House and Weyrich--but particularly the White House since his cousin Jay Lefkowitz--incited Karl Rove to get me fired,  after I came back to NY in 2006 I started to suffer from major depressive order and wrote only a handful of articles until 2013.   

Fortunately this article is not on Google. People in this country are incredibly ignorant about mental disorders. They don’t understand that they are the result of chemical  balances just like many physical ailments. Clinton’s spokesman here reacted like I had done some kind of hit piece on him. All I did was note he was taking medicine for a conditions that many open heart surgery patients later suffer.  I asked Lloyd Grove to specifically say the psychiatrist who told me about Clinton was treating me for depression only; to pre-empt more CPUSA style lies about being mentally imbalanced or unhinged to justify Hudson firing me.  Herb London told the press I was fired for “bizarre behavior” by using the chimp to debate David Horowitz; the CPUSA, I later discovered,  used the exact same terminology about Whittaker Chambers after he broke ranks.

BLOGGER'S MEDICATION CLAIM Bill Clinton has been out of office for nearly five years, and still the conservatives won't get off the former President's case. Washington blogger Evan Gahr, who runs the chimpstein.
com Web site, yesterday wrote that "a psychiatrist colleague of Clinton's physician" revealed to him that Clinton is "taking antidepressants.
" The 59-year-old Clinton underwent open-heart surgery in September 2004, and Manhattan psychiatrist Peter Shapiro, who does not treat Clinton, told me that 20% to 30% of heart-surgery patients - compared with 5% to 15% of the general population - suffer post-operative depression. Yesterday Clinton's spokesman, Jay Carson, denied that his boss is taking antidepressants. From Tel Aviv, where the former President is on a well-publicized visit to Israel with his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton, Carson E-mailed: "This is totally untrue, but this kind of fabrication is probably to be expected from a guy who has made his living attacking President Clinton and was fired from his last job for, among other things, playing with stuffed animals during a serious TV interview.
" Carson is "lying about me, and he's probably lying about Clinton," Gahr retorted. "When you work for a known liar, you probably shouldn't question others' credibility.
" Gahr, who in 2001 was fired from his job as a senior fellow at the conservative Hudson Institute, conceded that he once brandished a stuffed chimp during a debate on Fox News' "Hannity & Colmes.
" But he said he was fired at the behest of the Bush White House for criticizing the Christian right. Gahr told Lowdown his source was Frank T. Miller, a Manhattan psychiatrist who treats Gahr for depression. Gahr said Miller - who confirmed his patient's account to me, but declined further comment - made the claim about Clinton's antidepressant use during Gahr's visit last Friday morning at Miller's Fifth Ave. office.

Anyway, right after this article things got really bad for me.  In 2006 and 2007, I wrote absolutely nothing for publication--incapacitated by classic depression, exacerbated by horrible  pain that Michael Horowitz had lied to my parents about me and frightened them.

Lied is the key word; not typical Washington spin or bullshit. But outright lying.

Our conversation in 2004 went something like this.

Evan Gahr: I know you’re lying. You told Nat Hentoff off the record that Hudson was wrong to fire me.  You told David Saperstein that you disagreed with me about Weyrich but Hudson was wrong to fire me for criticizing him. But you told my father that I was not  fired for criticizing
Weyrich; I was fired for going crazy and was now a danger to myself and others.
Michael Horowitz: I have no comment
Evan Gahr: I didn’t ask for comment. I know you are lying.

Anyway, between 2008 and 2008 I wrote sporadically. The stuff I wrote was great--like this item for Page Six that Richard Johnson put under his name.


By PageSix.com Staff
June 2, 2008 | 8:07am
PROFESSIONAL angry person Keith Olbermann favors tax-and-spend liberals, but he didn’t pay his own taxes. OlbermannWatch.com reports that New York state has issued a tax warrant or judgment against the MSNBC host for $2,269.50 in back taxes owed by his personal corporation, Olbermann Broadcasting Empire Inc. Asked about the delinquency the other night by journalist Evan Gahr, the otherwise loquacious Olbermann uttered nary a word as he scurried into Trump Palace, where he bought condo apartment 40B last year, according to public records. “This was a bookkeeping disagreement between Keith’s accountants and the state which was resolved months ago,” an MSNBC spokesman told Page Six. Gahr was surprised to see Olbermann on foot. “Is the belt-tightening so severe at NBC that the peacock network can’t afford a car to take Olbermann home?” he wondered. “If so, there’s a bright side for Olbermann: Nobody can call him a limousine liberal.”

But then despite pounding out a slam bam success (like a 2010 hit piece on Elena Kagan for Jolkovsky that ended up on Druge)  I would got crippled by depression and pain again and write nothing for months and months. I didn’t write a single campaign story in 2012; only wrote two articles for publication. One about Choose Life licence plates; another about the sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit against FRC.

Things started to slowly turn around for me in 2013. I broke the story of the WaPo lawsuit in an opinion piece for the Daily Caller; Betsy dubbed me the phone enthusiast because of the way I called people promoting the story. And one good thing led to another.  And you offered me a job and column.

I don’t think you realize how my Washington Gadfly column was a daily fart in the face of conservative orthodoxy that you abhor.   Particularly with the chimp emblem.

I get the impression you viewed it as simply “Evan Gahr” doing the same kind of stuff he did for Eric, the Weekly Standard, American Spectator and all the way back to my Hillary funding PLO front  groups story for Insight that connected me with Eric.

It was all that--but also a rebuke to lots of conservatives around town determined to make me a non-person.  And a reminder, per Marty’ fear, that even though I disappeared for a long time they did not destroy my life and career.

I didn’t tell you about all the ongoing blacklists. Or even write about them.  Jolkovsky wants me to write exclusive stories for him now. He is one of the few conservatives not blacklisting  me.
I sent Brent Bozell my Observer story on Gabe Sherman that you really liked. He told me to never send him anything again.   And then when I loudly objected he proceeded to tell Tim Graham to never use anything I write again.  That’s right. The head of the Media Research Center does not want to report that Phil Griffin committed perjury in 2014 because the guy who broke the story called Weyrich “a demented anti-Semite” in 2001.

Even though in 2002, Weyrich went to the Holocaust Museum with me, without any public pressure and refusing my request to get press coverage, to show he regretted the pain he caused Jews with his remarks and me getting fired.  


Jack Fowler has permanently barred me from their conferences.  But, hey, what would you expect from NR considering that Jay Nordlinger told me when I pressed him on Weyrich’s remarks and my dismissal, “Shut the fuck up, you big bully. I would have fired you also.”

Accuracy in Media in 2013 published two of my great hit pieces.  And commissioned a third about a class action lawsuit against the Washington Post--egregious stuff, they were cooking circulation figures.  Then the editor Roger Aronoff, either figured out himself or was told by somebody who complained about me, that  “Evan Gahr” was the thought criminal who denounced Weyrich and also got purged by AEI.  Aronoff worked on Ben Wattenberg’s show.

I gave the editor the piece exactly was we discussed. He refused to publish it or even pay me. And he turned down about 10 subsequent submissions.

So basically conservatives are still defending Weyrich for calling the Jews Christ Killers 14 years and counting after he  apologized for it.  This is reminiscent of CPUSA members defending Stalin even after Khrushchev condemned his crimes.

Anyway,  let me know what is up with my media stories--the amount of lying by reporters about Trump is astounding-- and about me joining NABJ.   I am also interested in discussing on your show any scoops I do for Jolkovsky.

With gratitude,    

Exclusive: Tucker Carlson Is the Archie Bunker of FNC

With all the complacency of Archie talking about the "spades" Carlson falsely stated on FNC that NABJ is racially exclusive.  Even though they have white members.  But he refuses to issue correction.   Daily Caller News Foundation then publishes similar slur.

Carlson did not reply to inquiries.  Why so tongue-tied ?  Why wimping out?  Is he such a wuss like Dylan Byers that he also does not use the urinal?

Doubtful Christopher "the sissy" Bedford is going to issue a correction--unless CSM breakfast host Dave Cook, who seems willing to do to him what Monica did to Bill in the office to get invited to the events again--is he paid so poorly he needs a free meal every month--is going to issue a correction.

Carlson is also the Charles Coughlin  of FNC  since he colludes with Daily Caller publisher Neil Patel's anti-Semitic right-wing purge, incited by John Podhoretz prima facie tortuous interference with contract.

Just like Karl Rove, Tim Goeglein and Gary Bauer the last time around, John Podhoretz, who is more of a pinko Jew than Victor Navasky, took a great interest in the matter of Gahr's employment.

Navasky, even though I worked furiously for Eric to ridicule him and the Nation and once incited him into an exchange of letters and I kind of vanquished him,  does  not  blacklist me.  He tried to help me get my foot in the door with the Nation. And previously sent, with kind of his recommendation, a proposal to then CJR editor Liz Spayd about the WaPo race discrimination lawsuit.

Spayd was really cool about it. And sent back a detailed note explaining why it was not a story for her.   Very few similarly situated editors do that with writers they don't know. All the more impressive since she was a top editor for the Washington Post.

Patel's refusal to hire Gahr and blacklisting contravenes Carlson's express and repeated promises of a salaried job with health insurance and desk and phone as the Washington Gadfly columnist

Quietly blacklists press columnist for Eric Breindel, refuses to give him job for new show, contravening FNC/NewsCorp non-discrimination rules and usurping the authority of Rupert Murdoch, since, with his personal imprimatur, Howard Rubenstein previously personally wrote Roger Ailes and recommended him for a job, as as promising "talent."

Gahr introduced himself to Rupert at a private Chinese-American society event, shortly after Eric was called away. Although in my head and heart he is here almost every day--particularly when I am pounding out hit pieces.

Carlson is also urinating all over the grave of Eric Breindel, splattering it with Heritage Foundation co-founder's blood libel; Podhoretz conspired with Patel and others to fire and Bork the phone enthusiast because he had blown the whistle on neo-con cover-up of Christian Right anti-Semitism,

Paul Weyrich said the Jews killed Christ in 2001 but literally to this day Norman Podhoretz, John Podhoretz and closet gay basher Midge Decter, who calls gays "fags" behind closed doors, have never condemned him.  They are Jewish traitors just like Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

In some ways worse, since Rosenberg's treachery, many scholars say, did not ultimately harm United States national security very much.

Carlson, who seems to think he can treat the Washington Gadfly as just a "nigger house boy" who "got out of line" and "didn't know his place" and now act like he never knew the  "boy," is simply dumping a big stinking pile of the stuff Wemple's wife allegedly threw at a neighborhood shopkeeper (although, in fairness to the big oaf, who does not hold grudges and has even quoted me favorably to New York Magazine for exposing Dylan Byers for lying to readers on behalf of MSNBC) the arrest was later voided. So, it seems, she did not actually throw a shit fit.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Exclusive: Wesley Lowery Stars In Daily Caller Remake of Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner


WaPo award-winning journo could soon be the only black reporter in Daily Caller newsroom since website inception--assuming he is really black
Hey, as my grandfather Louis Goldstock taught me, never take anything for granted

But Owens, about as well-informed as Archie Bunker, refused to answer pointed questions from the phone enthusiast when asked to substantiate his bizarre claim that the civil rights legend was a Communist
Phone enthusiast Evan Gahr this week mailed his Daily Caller card key to WP national reporter Wesley Lowery, since publisher Neil Patel is too cowardly to even ask for it back.

Now, Lowery, can just show up unannounced anytime he wants at the Daily Caller newsroom, which incidentally, on election night, reeked from beer way more than this reporter even remembers fraternity parties at Penn reeking from beer.  Of course, everybody at the Daily Caller is really cool and all the reporters are great reporters, some right-leaning or rabidly conservative (like me) others more moderate or of no discernible ideology.  So if WL did show up unannounced they would surely "chuckle" over it--to use a great word that I learned from my grandmother Ruth Goldstock (when  she talked about her father, David Braunstein, inspiration for BB, who recently busted Ben Terris for covering-up a certain nasty woman shrieking at an underling, "You fucking Jew bastard."
The only Daily Caller guy or girl who would find suddenly being in the presence of this not particularly dark-skinned black man scary is somebody almost none of you have probably heard of anyway. Education editor Eric Owens.
In condescending and deceitful emails to this reporter that he clearly assumed would never be public, Owens insisted that Rosa Parks was a Communist and that the NAACP worked with Communists.  Why would he say such a thing?
Go ask the little bitch, if you care.  But when challenged on it and asked for evidence he, of course, told me not to talk to him again. 
Owens also used a crappy little Daily Caller hit piece on the ACLU to insist the group was basically a CPUSA front under founder Roger Baldwin.  He offered this "damning" evidence: the ACLU leadership had contact with the leadership of the Soviet Union. 
Really?  Case closed, you dumb fuck?
I have occasional contact with the "leadership of the Washington Post."  Top editors even send my scoops to reporters, on occasion, urging them to use my stuff. Does this mean I am a Washington Post collaborator and shill?
As everybody but the likes of Archie Bunker and Eric Owens, knows full well, the NAACP, far from working with Communists, was, to its immense credit, very anti-Communist. Thurgood Marshall refused to work with any CPUSA front groups or even lefties directly connected.  The NAACP stayed clear of the Scottsboro Boys initially because the Party was championing them. (FYI, Owens, the "Party" means Communist Party, USA, not, as you might have thought the Northern wing of the Democratic Party.)
Mailing the card key was the latest effort to establish common ground with Lowery and build bridges, since, just as liberals shrewdly understand, there is no good and evil in this world, or good or bad actors, all disputes are fundamentally misunderstandings and can easily be solved with a beer summit.

Well, yeah, Obama was really prescient with that stunt—look how much “police-community relations” have improved since he and Harvard professor Henry Louis “Skip” Gates, Jr., had a brewskie with the cop who arrested the acclaimed black writer for breaking and entering into his own house.

Although Gahr and Lowery have never actually met he did offer to buy everybody at the Daily Caller drinks at the next NABJ convention. Relations between the two men have improved dramatically  since their first contentious phone call in 2015.

The former Boston Globe scribe, who for whatever else his faults still does original reporting, unlike Dana Milbank, Eugene Robinson and other over-rated hacks, complained that The Mirror doyenne Betsy Rothstein, the scariest little Jewish girl in journalism, recently quoted his caller saying that thanks to all my father’s black patients, which include a prominent civil rights leader, acclaimed black literature expert, an account and a really sweet woman from Louisiana, Estelle Lyons, who worked for years as an NYC hotel maid, I know a broader section of the black community than Wesley Lowery.

In a subsequent email, Lowery accused Gahr of going on a “tiresome” and “obnoxious” “witch hunt” for again trying to bait him into a substantial comment on something he has since promised not to ask him or media bloggger Erik Wemple or executive editor Marty Baron or Cameron Barr about anymore.


For whatever else his faults, Lowery fights back when challenged and called for obvious hit pieces--doesn’t hang up or run away.

Compare that to a coterie of little bitches all over town that ranges from WaPo  Style reporter Ben Terris to Washington Examiner media reporter Eddie Scarry, who refuses to cover anything involving this reporter lest that offend Christian Science Monitor Breakfast host Dave Cook, also unpaid press secretary to Rep. Sandy Levin (D-MI).

Plus,  a certain utterly pedestrian media writer and reporter who is such a sissy, per an exhaustive investigative report, here he won’t even use a urinal. And, of course, POLITICO media blogger Hadas Gold, who is refusing to confirm or deny speculation that she was a member of the very, uh, free-spirited GWU sorority Tri-Delt.  When this reporter dated one of the “sisters,” shortly before he got Borked by neo-cons for denouncing the late Heritage Foundation co-founder Paul Weyrich for saying the Jews killed Christ, it was known as “try a Delt, you’ll like her.”

And, whenever one of these little ladies got “schlonged” they put a flower on the sorority house staircase to celebrate.

Speaking of rolls in the hay, is WL straight? Queer? His sexuality is of no interest to me. Uh, that’s a typical Washington lie. Of course, it is a little bit of interest. People are curious about that stuff.
But only neo-cons are obsessed about gay.  Just ask longtime AEI magazine editor Karl Zinsmeister.  Mona Charen, an elementary school friend of the Eagle Patriot’s heart throb Ruth Marcus (Charen is also a real beauty), refused to hire me at the Hudson Institute until Zinsmeister assured her I don’t, no chimp pun intended, swing from the other side of the tree.

Or, as Zinsmeister put it, “she’s worried that you’re a fag.”

(AEI president Arthur “Mr. Happy” Brooks refuses to disavow that truly homophobic remark.)

Back to Lowery.

This is my last conversation with Zinsmeister, who dismissed me as a columnist under pressure from the Bush White House, where he later worked as top domestic advisor.   

Phone enthusiast: In the course of trying to pretend you purged me for reasons unrelated to Weyrich, you keep offering changing and conflicting stories. You really need to get your story straight before the depositions.

“Fuck you with your lawsuit, Evan [click].”

Such a pansie.

He gets embedded with United States troops during the Iraq War but can’t stay on the phone for more than two minutes with “Evan Gahr?”

That is why finding common ground with Lowery was such a pleasant surprise.  I called him after he emailed me and complained I had called him in a mostly unrelated article an “obscure affirmative action” before the fuzz slammed him against the wall while covering the controversy over a white cop shooting a hulking black convenience store robber, in yet another obvious example of police brutality and racism.  

Just ask the black former United States Attorney General, who basically cleared the white cop of wrongdoing.

Anyway, I wanted to listen to Lowery’s complaints. Since I am a good listener. But I figured he would hang up on me after I asked him just one or two rude questions about WaPo chicanery and deceit.

Instead, the conversation lasted almost three hours. He answered or stonewalled with aplomb in response to all my questions.  And I gave substantive responses to all his questions.

“I don’t think Betsy did anything wrong. And, even if I didn’t, I would never tell you that because I am very scared of her. She is a scary little Jewish girl.”

During the late night phone conversation, Lowery ranted and raved that his caller worked for a “racist rag,” singling out the scariest little Jewish girl in Washington journalism for everything from allegedly publishing his childhood home address to claiming he’s not really black to some tweet that he blathered on and on about how it misrepresented some obscure detail about him.

Lowery also complained that Tucker Carlson had called NABJ a “racially exclusive” organization, even though it actually has white members.

But he just seemed insulted anybody would trash talk such a cool group of brothers.

Wesley Lowery: NABJ gives thousands and thousands of dollars in scholarships

Phone Enthusiast: Yeah, well, the Black Panthers gave out lots of free breakfasts but most of them were still thugs and criminals

Wesley Lowery: Are you saying NABJ is full of thugs and criminals?
Phone Enthusiast: No, I just mean I’m not sure all this scholarship stuff proves anything

In an unusual irony, given that just about every other journo called for hit pieces since 2013, when Betsy professionally resurrected me has hung up on me, either within just seconds or no more than two minutes, I practically hung up on Lowery.

The conversation at close to 3:AM went something like this.

WL: Ranting and raving how Betsy said I’m not really black. Betsy.  Betsy. Betsy.

WL: Chuck Ross was mean to me and didn’t seek comment when he, get this, wrote about me based entirely on material already in the public domain. That was such an obvious  violation of standard news practices.  Doesn’t everybody call somebody for comment after Googling him?

EG: Uh, Wes. I’m getting kind of tired. I am usually not up this late.

WL: Tucker called NABJ racially exclusive.  The organization was founded like in the 1970s or something. It’s like a family re-union.


EG: I think I have a good grasp of your complaints and I am going to convey them to everybody.

WL: more ranting

EG: I am going to think more carefully, per your bitching me out for calling you “an obscure affirmative action” hire before the fuzz slammed you against the wall, but would you please just me go to sleep now?


EG: Thanks.

Note: Given my pending DC OHR/EEOC complaints against Neil Patel, in his personal capacity only, for discrimination based on religion and illegal retaliation, it is surely illegal retaliation if Patel either threatens or insinuates that he is going to fire anybody for talking to me.  

And doing so would be even more blatantly illegal.

If you have any concerns, civil rights lawyer Norman “I’ve got your back, Evan” Siegel would undoubtedly be very eager to explain this to you. 212-455-0300