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David Saperstein Shills For Jay "a little anti-Semitism is good for the Jews" Lefkowitz

From: EvanGahr
To: dsaperstein
Cc: john.roth ; mikey ; jpesner ; daniel.lathrop ; cameron.barr ; jfowler
Subject: Exclusive: Saperstein allied with Jay "a little anti-Semitism is good for the Jews" Lefkowitz, who incited Karl Rove to get Weyrich crtiic fired
Date: Fri, Feb 24, 2017 5:39 pm

Helped get him Lefkowitz as Special Envoy to North Korea even though, by statute, he was unqualified--required foreign policy experience
He got the job because his cousin Michael Horowitz, who helped write the legislation, arranged it
Neo-con affirmative action
Banned Evan Gahr from RAC in 2006 when he pushed him on MH ties

Mr. Roth, please forward to DOJ. I am putting together a detailed letter for regular mail that I am going to mail myself and ask Schumer to get involved.

Legally speaking, I am the victim of a left-right civil and criminal conspiracy dating to 2001 to deprive me of my civil rights and First Amendment rights that dates back almost 16 years, most recently the NYU library ban.  And continues with ongoing denial of employment by various conservative outlets and the bar on attending NR events, etc.


David, your disappearing act, ignoring multiple urgent emails, [asking you to tell MH to release the letter about you] and makes me believe you had advance or contemporaneous or independent knowledge of [the MH FedEx ACH stunt to shut me up over Weyrich and the White House.] Why wouldn't you? I know both of you talked all the time. I know everything and everything went down. My kind of girlfriend was friends with your press secretary Alexis. At some party or something she was telling everybody how loud and aggressive MH is when he called RAC all the time looking for you.

Did you ever discuss his communications with him? I asked you REPEATEDLY to tell him to release the letter about you. Did you talk to him?

Incidentally, you banned me from RAC in 2006. Is that still in effect?  That is illegal retaliation because of my DCHRA Hudson lawsuit. Lack of response means yes. I won't read anything unless it is reply all.

Why did you praise Jay "a little anti-Semitism is good for the Jews" Lefkowitz as a friend of the Jewish community to the New York Sun when his cousin MH was pushing him for Special Envoy to North Korea? Because Michael Horowitz asked you to?

"The director of the religious action center, Rabbi David Saperstein, who has also worked to bring attention to the human rights crisis in North Korea, said Mr. Lefkowitz was qualified for the envoy position. "Jay has proved himself to be very wise politically, a great coalition builder, and he clearly has the trust of the president in the White House, and that is the most important characteristic of the envoy," he said."

1. He was unqualified--position required foreign policy experience; he had none
2. Is this your idea of Jay Lefkowitz building coalitions?  The coalition that took "a great interest" in the matter of "my employment."


C. BLOGGER'S MEDICATION CLAIM Bill Clinton has been out of office for nearly five years, and still the conservatives won't get off the former President's case. Washington blogger Evan Gahr, who runs the chimpstein.
com Web site, yesterday wrote that "a psychiatrist colleague of Clinton's physician" revealed to him that Clinton is "taking antidepressants.
" The 59-year-old Clinton underwent open-heart surgery in September 2004, and Manhattan psychiatrist Peter Shapiro, who does not treat Clinton, told me that 20% to 30% of heart-surgery patients - compared with 5% to 15% of the general population - suffer post-operative depression. Yesterday Clinton's spokesman, Jay Carson, denied that his boss is taking antidepressants. From Tel Aviv, where the former President is on a well-publicized visit to Israel with his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton, Carson E-mailed: "This is totally untrue, but this kind of fabrication is probably to be expected from a guy who has made his living attacking President Clinton and was fired from his last job for, among other things, playing with stuffed animals during a serious TV interview.
" Carson is "lying about me, and he's probably lying about Clinton," Gahr retorted. "When you work for a known liar, you probably shouldn't question others' credibility.
" Gahr, who in 2001 was fired from conceded that he once brandished a stuffed chimp during a debate on Fox News' "Hannity & Colmes.

But he said he was fired at the behest of the Bush White House for criticizing the Christian right. Gahr told Lowdown his source was Frank T. Miller, a Manhattan psychiatrist who treats Gahr for depression. Gahr said Miller - who confirmed his patient's account to me, but declined further comment -

Tucker Carlson's Right-Wing Quasi-Anti-Semitic Purge

Supports Daily Caller co-owner Neil Patel, the Dick Cheney affirmative action hire,  purging Washington Gadfly columnist Evan Gahr* because he was an uppity Jew in recent months and started blasting AEI and John Podhoretz for covering-up Christian Right anti-Semitism. 

And for  Borking him when he denounced Moral Majority and Heritage Foundation co-founder Paul Weyrich for saying the Jews killed Christ. 


Oddly, little has been reported about the squabble among conservatives over right-wing icon Paul Weyrich's talking the same talk that put Charlie Ward of the Knicks on the hot plate. As you surely must know by now, Ward is a New Testament man who went back into the old charge that the Jews killed Christ. After that got on the front pages, there were some behind-the-scenes movements to make sure we didn't find ourselves in the middle of another moment of hysteria in which Jews were accused of attacking another black man. The point was to get Ward to back up to at least Vatican II and renounce language that has been a staple of anti-Semitic types for centuries. As for Weyrich, this gentle Christian recently published that very same "Jews killed Christ" charge on his Web site. This was exposed by conservative columnist and investigative reporter Evan Gahr. Gahr was promptly attacked and painted as "a publicity hound" by conservative gadfly David Horowitz, whose own most recent claim to publicity has been his buying ads in college newspapers to argue against the idea of reparations for American slavery. In another twist of the knife, Gahr was informed yesterday that he would soon be relieved of his position at the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank. That this story has not made much of a showing in the ongoing press discussion of identity as determined by public - or private - statements is more than a bit interesting, particularly in light of the coverage Ward got for much the same thing. It surely proves there's no liberal press bias against the conservatives. After all, the so-called liberal press let off Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.) despite plenty of proof showing his connection to the Council of Conservative Citizens, more than a few of whose members consider black people innately inferior to whites. No black politician connected to a group with the opposite view would have gotten away with it. Imagine, for example, if Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice had ever praised the ideas of the Nation of Islam. But if the mainstream press isn't paying attention to Gahr, the right wing certainly is. In fact, he is being treated much the same way that Washington Post reporter Milton Coleman was when he reported the Hymietown comment that boiled Jesse Jackson in charges of anti-Semitism for a few years. No one has promised to "deliver death" to Gahr as Louis Farrakhan did to Coleman. But Gahr has definitely been stripped of his conservative stripes. The irony is that if he had looked the other way and ignored Weyrich's anti-Semitic remarks, Gahr would be quite safe now. But dissension in the ranks is a crime among hard-core ideologues, from the far right to the far left. 

Norman Podhoretz was a senior fellow of Hudson Institute, a government contractor, when the neo-con think tank fired Evan Gahr** under pressure from Karl Rove/Gary Bauer aide Tim Goeglein. Then Hudson blamed his dismissal on improper use of a stuffed chimp in a television debate with a neo-con who defended Paul Weyrich for saying the Jews killed Christ.


Goeglein also got Marshall Wittmann, now AIPAC spokesman, purged** for also running afoul of Karl Rove. Hudson even deleted his website he was running as co-director of the Hudson conservative reform project with Bill Kristol, according to one published report. 

AEI magazine editor Karl Zinsmeister, who along with Midge Decter privately calls gays "fags" also dismissed Gahr*** under pressure from Goeglein. Social critic Stanley Crouch called the Hudson and AEI ouster of the then-neo-con golden boy a right-wing purge. Nat Hentoff also excoriated Hudson and AEI.  Crouch likened the way Gahr was treated to how Farrakhan tried to convince his followers to off Milton Coleman when he exposed Jesse Jackson for privately calling New York Hymietown. 

Goeglein later bragged at a Hudson event that he talks to the good folks at Hudson all the time and owes them a debt of gratitude. 

Debt of gratitude indeed.

Goeglein was later fired by the White House for plagairism. Gary Bauer, who colluded with the illegal phone calls and the  AEI/Karl Zinsmeister/Michael Horowitz CAH*** of this journalist's own father when he exposed the White House role,

This phone enthusiast, as Betsy dubbed him when he exposed the still ongoing WaPo racial purge lawsuit, was and in may ways still is a hatchetman/press critic for Eric Breindel

He also got--to use the parlance of the white Southern racists of yesteryear, moral equivalent of the people Borking Gahr--out of line and objected when Family Research Council barred him**** from their September conference in retaliation for exposing a huge sexual harassment lawsuit against them (which Ben Smith refused to  cover) and, it seems, for suing Hudson Institute under DC HRA.

Carlson has ignored repeated job applications****** from Gahr, a former press critic for Eric Breindel, for a similar job with his show that he had at the Daily Caller.  

Tucker also has falsely and maliciously stated that NABJ is racially exclusive. 

What is his evidence for that? The term which he probably used directly is redolent with the historical whites-only clauses for house purchases, etc. 

All this makes Tucker the Archie Bunker of Fox News.  

Tucker Carlson, a Stalinist at heart, is determined to make me a non-person because I offended the neo-con regime, an unholy alliance of pre-Vatican 2 Catholics, schoolyard bullies, perfidious Jews and sissies. 

To use another great Eric Breindel expression, little steps for little  feet, Tucker. This is not the Soviet Union. It is the United States of America.

There are no purges here. And no non-persons. We have laws against that kind of thing 

And you, Tucker,  are currently committing prima facie violations of many of them--including breach of contract and illegal employment discrimination due to religion and illegal retaliation (because I previously sued Hudson Institute when they fired me under White House pressure for denouncing Paul Weyrich for saying the Jews killed Christ.

Meanwhile, Gahr was just illegally banned******** by the entire NYU library system for also "getting out of line." 

Ben Smith is illegally refusing to hire him or even consider him for a job.********

Also blacklisted by Huffington Post, National Review and the Weekly Standard.

And barred by Neil Patel form every writing for the Daily Caller again.********

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tucker Carlson with Sammy Davis, Jr., circa 1973

Backing Daily Caller co-owner and Dick Cheney affirmative action hire Neil Patel's right-wing purge of the Eric Breindel protoge who blew the whistle on the neo-con cover-up for Christian anti-Semitism, Tucker Carlson is now the Archie Bunker of Fox News.

Carlson is refusing to pay Gahr for articles the Daily Caller PUBLISHED in November, plus reporting trips to DC that he expressly promised to reimburse.

The dismissal was ipso post facto prma facie breach of contract since the agreement required 30 days notice for termination.  Patel barred Gahr from writing for the Daily Caller ever again, expressly violated the 1866 Civil Rights Act, as amended by Congress, which prohibits discrimination in contracts due to race and ethnicity.

The neo-con Pearl Habor took place on December 7, 2016.    Carlson, who previously treated Gahr to a steak lunch and showered him with praise for his amalgam of investigative reporting and Hitchensesque prose has literally not said one word to him since the Hirohito incident.

He ignored a private letter from Gahr in December, simply asking if he could be on his show  when he brook stories, particularly about media putrescence.

NYU Law Dean Bans Evan Gahr From His Library

The dean is constitutional law professor?  He has never heard of laws against discrimination in public accommodations?  Issues ban AFTER I filed complaints about NYU to OCR and sued them in New York State Supreme Court?

Exclusive: David Saperstein Helped Christian Right Show Jew Michael Horowitz Get His Cousin Jay Lefkowitz Job as North Korea Special Envoy

Evan Gahr

urgent--Saperstein call MH and tell him to publicly release this letter that he DELIBERATELY
3 messages

Evan Gahr Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at 8:40 AM


Cc:, Mikey Weinstein ,,,,, Daniel Lathrop ,,, "Wemple, Erik"

with held from his  FedEx ACH pack: I know you told Saperstein and Hentoff off the record you disagreed with me about Weyrich but Hudson was wrong to fire me.  He then LIED to my father and said I was fired for going crazy--sent him like six letters I wrote to Bork and National Review trying to bait them into quotes to CONVINCE him I was danger to myself and others  but OMITTED that one.

At MH request Saperstein later praised Lefkowitz, a notorious apologist for Christian Right anti-Semitism,  as a friend of the Jewish community to help MH get him job as Special Envoy to North  Korea for which, by statute, he was NOT qualified. Required somebody with FOREIGN policy experience. 

Neo-con affirmative action!

Praised him to Eli Lake for New York Sun. Lake then OMITTED and REFUSED to report that Jay Lefkowitz got me fired. 

Jay LIED to Karl Rove and said Weyrich controversy was political liability.  This New York Times article did NOT even mention me or say anybody denounced Weyrich.  Later examined all 30 or so articles on fracas.

Just THREE or so mentioned Weyrich ties to administration--Marc Stern press release denouncing Weyrich and the others, if memory served, were not in high profile publications. Edsall did NOT say Weyrich tied to Karl Rove when he quoted me and Marc Stern in original story April 2001.


In 2006, Saperstein BANNED me from entering RAC when I pressed him on this kind of stuff.

David, hit reply ALL. Is the ban still in effect. LACK of response legally means yes.



Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Evan Gahr

Tucker Carlson Job Applicaton #4
1 message

Evan Gahr Wed, Feb 22, 2017 at 10:22 PM
To: Tucker Carlson
Cc:, "Wemple, Erik" , "" ,
February 22, 2017

Hi, Tucker. I assume you didn’t get my Application # 3 that I sent via regular mail or you would have replied. Since you are not a Stalinist and wouldn’t want to try to make me a non-person or anything just because I offended the neo-con regime. You would never do any such thing. You are a serious right-leaning libertarian. Not a poseur. 

But here is another cool story.

Hey, want to take me out to dinner on my birthday sometime?  just like Betsy's former boss did. 

But no playing tongue hockey with my ear lobe is required. In fact, keep a safe distance. Mona is already worried per Karl Zinsmeister verbatim quote that I am "a fag." 

Wouldn't want her to worry about you also, right?

This is what I can do as the Jesse Waters of your show. Washington Gadfly blogger and investigative reporter--like Steve Bennen blogs for Rachel.  Then send me out with a camera crew to ambush all the little bitches, left and right, I expose.

Imagine the prospects at NYU library.

Exclusive: NYU President Bans Conservative Journo and Blocks His Number System Wide  

Last week, one of more little bitches in his office shrewdly concluded that the best way to stop Evan Gahr from further embarrassing them with basically unorthodox investigative reporting techniques that melded the classic provocateur tactics of the late great Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the Jewish Defense League and first victim of the Islamic terrorism conspiracy on American soil, was to block his iPhone number from the entire NYU system.

They acted after discovering that Gahr had hoodwinked them into believing that “Jane Cooke from the Washington Post” was looking into his illegal ban on using the Bobst Library.

It is a place of public accommodations, just like a movie theater. Anybody, including non-alums, can pay for access.

Where did they get the idea of the system-wide block? Who else has been blocked system-wide? Probably registered sex offenders and Columbian drug kingpins?

This was the most deft tactical move since Ed Schultz’s lawyers John Hayes and Jeffrey Landa, from the powerhouse DC firm of Dumb, Dumber and Thicke, told Ed Schultz to take Michael Queen’s breach of partnership lawsuit to tria