Friday, May 29, 2009

Keeping Up with Larry King

Larry King encourages guests on his CNN talk show to blather about everything and anything.

Is that why King seems oblivious to the concept of TMI? (Too Much Information.)

At a Manhattan Barnes and Noble May 21 to promote his latest memoir, King, 75, boasted that he sired his two young boys with his decades-younger wife "without Viagra."

The comment drew guffaws from the crowd, some of whom had waited hours to hear the legendary talkmeister talk about his new book, My Remarkable Journey.

Interviewed at the store by CNN morning anchor John Roberts,  King also dished on his sexual stamina.

King recalled that early in his broadcast when he hotfooted it over to the house of a female caller who propositioned him on the air he only needed about 30 minutes to do his business. And that, King said proudly, is all he needs today.

--EVAN GAHR has written about the media for the New York Post, Wall Street Journal, American Spectator and National Review.