Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Herman Cain Pushes Bogus ED cure-Hard News Exclusive

Herman Cain made his name as a businessman.

But now he has devolved into a snake oil salesman for the one-eyed snake.

Cain just sent his email subscribers an advertisement for a bogus cure for erectile dysfunction. Is he that hard up for cash?

The email distributed earlier today links to a website that promises a natural solution for men who have a persistent failure to launch. It pushes a testosterone booster made from something called tongkat ali. Manhattan Urologist David Kaufman, an ED expert, tells that the Cain solution is “BS.”

“How the mighty have fallen," he added. "Is that what Herman Cain [has been] reduced to?”  
For the record, the only oral medication scientifically proven to cure ED are the four different pills approved by the FDA. The federal agency  has warned tongkat ali is not safe and effective for ED.

Does Herman Cain vet his advertisers? Does he need this stuff? There is at least one other woman
besides his wife who could definitively answer that question about the family values stalwart.

In any event,  Cain was always relatively centrist--especially compared to the many freaks
who troll Republican circles. But now he has clearly joined the hard right. 

Evan Gahr has written for every major conservative publication plus the Washington Post. AEI and the conservative Hudson Institute both purged him for denouncing a Christian Right leader who said the Jews killed Christ. Follow him on Twitter. @evangahr