Monday, May 22, 2017

Phone Enthusiast Vs. Howard Fineman

Phone Enthusiast: Howard?
Howard Fineman: Yeah?
Phone Enthusiast: Hi. This is Evan
Evan Gahr: I sent you a serious job application. Did you think it was a joke?
Howard Fineman: What is your name?
Phone Enthusiast: You don't know my name? We first talked in 1992?
Evan Gahr: Here is a hint. How many black people does WaPo need to fire before you report it?.
Phone Enthusiast: I just got fired again for denouncing anti-Semitism.
Then Howard shrewdly pretends he is not Howard Fineman
Howard Fineman: Who is calling?
Phone Enthusiast: This is not a game for me
Phone Enthusiast: Do you have a reason for denying me employment??
Howard Fineman: I'll read the email you sent me
Phone Enthusiast: More pointed questions
Howard Fineman: Please don't call here (unlisted home number?) again
Evan Gahr: What are you going to do if I do?

Howard Fineman: I'll read the email you sent me.

Really Howard? How can I apply for a job if you don't want me calling you?

If I sue you I can get VIDEOTAPED depositions. You are a lawyer; you know this is prima facie because I am over 40 and have better qualification than literally everybody you are hiring.  Plus illegal retaliation. Plus discrimination ba sed on disability (for which I need reasonable accommodations; MDD unipolar no aggregation)

I have PICTURES of applications I sent you and Ryan Grim and Sam Stein

Here another application

I am open to writing about anything but budgets

I can offer unique perspective on the conservative world--like secret gay bashng

I can cover discrimination lawsuits that the press missexs

I can cover Phil Griffin lying under oath

I can cover DHS smearing a whistleblower to reporter (me) and the settlement

Uh, Howard? You have never heard of me? You missed the Weyrich story? You didn't read the  Washington Pot in 2001?




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