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AIPAC Spokesman Marshall Wittman Bars Christian Right Anti-Semitism Opponent From Conference

--At the Hudson Institute, Witmman told Evan Gahr that Weyrich was a demented anti-Semite for saying the Jews killed Christ but declined to comment to the press about the Moral Majority and Heritage Foundation's blood libel.
--Wittmann also kept quiet when Gahr was fired following illegal phone calls from the same Gary Bauer/Karl Rove aide who later got him ousted. His website for Hudson, on which he criticized the Administration, prompting the Goeglein complaint was deleted, according to one online report.  Hudson VP Curt Smith, who took the phone call, was himself later abruptly fired.
--Goeglein is now Focus on the Family DC rep.  Gary Bauer got him the job after he got fired from the Bush White House for plagairism.
How Bill Kristol ditched conservatism.
Great Escape
By Franklin Foer
Issue Date: 05.28.01
Post Date: 05.17.01

Nor did the recriminations end when the campaign did. Since the election, Kristol has been publicly badmouthed by everyone from Paul Weyrich to Dick Cheney. Tim Goeglein, one of Bush adviser Karl Rove's hirelings, has complained to Wittmann's new patrons at the Hudson Institute about his criticism of the administration. Ultra-activist Grover Norquist has been even blunter, telling one of his fellow conservatives that Wittmann was no longer welcome in the movement. And as far as Kristol is concerned, the feeling is mutual. "Why are conservatives so upset? It isn't that we supported McCain; it's that we haven't apologized for supporting him," he told me. "There's something sick about a movement like that."

Who Did Kill Christ?

Lenny Bruce used to tell, in his act, about a Jew who was weary not only of being called a Christ killer but of occasionally being punched in the mouth by disciples of the Prince of Peace. Finally, this beleaguered Jew put a note in his cellar, where it could easily be found. He wanted to absolve all other Jews. It said: "I did it. Morty."
This question of the Jews' responsibility for the crucifixion has considerable resonance for me because I grew up in Boston, then the most anti-Semitic city in the country, and lost some teeth after being punched in the mouth by young hooligans whose after-dark sport was invading our ghetto and bashing Jews to avenge that deicide.
My mother told me that in the Old Country, when she was a girl and word spread that the cossacks were coming, her mother popped her into the oven, which fortunately was not lit.
Therefore, I have become much interested in a story out of Washington about a Jewish conservative journalist, Evan Gahr, who has been dismissed from three leading conservative institutions after charging Paul Weyrich with anti-Semitism. Weyrich, a founder of the contemporary conservative movement, was at one point its most successful fundraiser.
Thomas Edsall broke the story in the April 21 Washington Post. He cited an April 13 Paul Weyrich commentary, "Indeed He Is Risen!" on Weyrich's Free Congress Foundation's Web site.
The Weyrich statement, e-mailed to supporters, said, "Christ was crucified by the Jews who had wanted a temporal ruler to rescue them from the oppressive Roman authorities. Instead God sent them a spiritual leader to rescue them from their sins and despite the fact that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, performed incredible miracles, even raised people from the dead, He was not what the Jews had expected so they considered him a threat. Thus He was put to death."
In his article, Edsall quoted Evan Gahr, who had criticized Weyrich on the American Spectator Web site. Gahr called Weyrich "a demented anti-Semite" for that resurrection of Jews as Christ killers.
In Edsall's Washington Post article, there was further reaction from Marc Stern, a constitutional lawyer at the American Jewish Congress, whom I consult on establishment-clause cases, and Eugene Fisher, director of Catholic-Jewish relations for the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.
Stern noted that, through the centuries, the "blood libel" that we Jews were the ones who killed Christ had ignited pogroms.
And Fisher declared that Weyrich's accusation "is exactly the type of collective guilt on the Jewish people that the Second Vatican Council specifically condemned in the declaration Nostra Aetate,October 28, 1965." He added that last year, while in Israel, Pope John Paul II made clear that the Catholic Church is "deeply saddened by the hatred, acts of persecution, and displays of anti-Semitism directed against the Jews."
In the May 15 Wall Street Journal, David Novak, who teaches Jewish studies at the University of Toronto, noted that Weyrich is a deacon in the Catholic Church, which "has officially repudiated the old charge that the Jews, even the Jews of today, are responsible for Christ's death."
Novak added that "the greatest modern Christian theologian, Karl Barth," emphasized that "Jesus' death on the cross is atonement for the sins of all humans, even the sins of his followers. Thus, for Christians to deny their complicity in the death of Jesus, by shifting sole blame to the Jews, is to deny their own need for atonement."
And the head of the Anti-Defamation League, my friend Abe Foxman, with whom I often debate—but not this time—said of Paul Weyrich's assertion that "such destructive myths stated as fact may well reinforce the bigotry of the ignorant and uninformed, potentially leading to hateful anti-Semitic acts."
Like the removal of my teeth. But I do not call that a hate crime. Thirty days for assault would have been fine. No extra prison time.
On his Free Congress Web site, Paul Weyrich wrote on April 24 that Evan Gahr's charge "is absolutely amazing to me and shows how far down the road to political correctness we have come in our society." (And this response shows that one conservative can accuse another of political correctness.)
About his indictment of the Jews, Weyrich said, "This is historical fact. Are we now to be forbidden to mention historical fact? . . . I was merely quoting Scripture. Scripture is truth. And the truth shall set you free."
Evan Gahr's accurate description of what Weyrich wrote in "Indeed He Is Risen!" has set him free of all his writing and research assignments at three conservative organizations. Gahr has been removed from the list of contributing writers at the American Enterprise Institute's magazine and barred from using its office facilities. The Hudson Institute, where Gahr had been a senior fellow, fired him.
Gahr, who had been writing for David Horowitz's FrontPage Web site, has also been fired by that very paladin of free speech, who so vigorously attacked those college newspaper editors who refused to run the Horowitz ad denouncing reparations for slavery.
I have read the explanations these conservative warriors have given for letting Gahr go, and I have talked with the Hudson Institute. They all claim that Gahr was fired for other reasons. He does not believe this, nor do I. My congratulations to Linda Chavez, head of the Center for Equal Opportunity, who is not afraid of free speech and has brought in Gahr as an adjunct scholar.
If any of the conservative magazines or high-profile conservative intellectuals have spoken up for him, I haven't seen it. Stanley Crouch wrote about Gahr and Weyrich in the May 4 Daily News. But Stanley is not a conservative. He's part of the world of jazz, where free expression is the lodestar.
As Stanley writes: "Dissension in the ranks is a crime among hard-core ideologues, from far right to the far left."

--Karl Rove/TimGoeglein/Gary Bauer in the loop got Witmann purged from Hudson Institute, a conservative think and government contractor (who knew conservatives like government contracts??)
Hudson VP Curt Smith, who took Goeglein's coercive and bullying call about Marshall Wittmann exercising his First Amendment rights to criticize Hudson on website they set up for him was also abruptly fired.

--According to unconfirmed online report, Hudson then deleted the website
--Goeglein was fired a little bit later for plagiarizing columns for his hometown newspaper; Plagairism unlike tortious intference with contract and violating the First Amendement rights of an employee of a government contractor, is not illegal.
 Despite his remarkable work efficiency and multi-tasking, maybe five calls or so and voila three ex-highly regarded Hudson employees;
a) Smith longtime; me promised indefinite employment;
b) Wittmannn incredibly lazy, never saw him work later than 5PM.  And spent most of the day watching television and talking to Ken Weinstein, who got his job because his wife worked at Hudson (neo-con affirmative action;or neo-con neo-racism; dictatorships and double stanards, indeed

Goeglein made threatening phone call to Hudson Institute president Herb London the day this WaPo item appeared, Tuesday.  Ken Weinstein's secretary kind of banged on Gahr's closed office door and said call Ken Weinstein at the Hudson headquarters (then in Indiana) right away.  London answered t he phone when operator was asked for Ken. "Oh, Evan Gahr. People are calling me about you." 

The following Tuesday night London expressly told the Forward he would not fired Gahr as rumored despite cursing to WaPo because at the Institute we don't tell people what to say.  Yeah, well at leat not until Tim Goeglein with Gary Bauer in the loop and with reason to encourage. 

Exclusive: AIPAC Spokesman Carried Water for White House Right-Wing Anti-Semitic Purge
--When the phone enthusiast got Wittmann on the phone in 2004 when he worked for John McCain, Wittmann REFUSED
--to condemn Weyrich
--or the Hudson purge of this reporter, who had spent the last ten years as a neo-con golden boy--basically the heterosexual David Brock-- heaping (well-deserved) ridicule and abuse on civil rights leaders,feminists and liberal gays

Wittmann,  known for his Encyclopedic (wow, what an archaic term) of Washington minutia feigned total memory loss about the events below.  Really?  Right before the Hudson purge he had quoted me verbatim a conversation he had with the late Rabbi Meir Kahane around 1972, laughing as he recounted what he said and what Kahane said, which was witty. Something along we have the muscle now we need your brains.  So he could
 --Preliminary complaint filed tonight with District of Columbia Human Rights Commission for religious discrimination (for being an uppity Jew) political views (Ultra-Republican/Trump supporter) and illegal retaliation for protected activities (suing Hudson for religious discrimination)
--John Podhoretz helped Hudson's gay bashing lawyer Bob Brame aka J. Robert Brame, who belonged to Christian Reconstructionist Facscistic (God and Man at Columbia Prep) group that favors capital punishment for "fags" as Midge Decter and Karl Zinsmeister calls them--when not explaining publicly opposition to gay marriage is not bigotry--caught en flagrante.
--But only with two witnesses. So they are right-leaning libertarians just like Tucker Carlson?
John Podhorertz, Fifth Columnist for Rome,  called Eric his friend after he passed but clearly cares about him as much as yesterday's piss.   He even said a little later that what Eric did for you--recommending for jobs to Heritage Foundation and with Steve Brill-is "of no moment"
--libeled the guy who called Eric "Er" playfully because he called me "Van" to Herb London, who ENRAGED Eric around 1994 by calling H. Carl McCall anti-Semite because of some sixth degree of separation to an obscure black low grade anti-Semite.   But London basically defended the WHITE co-founder of the Moral Majority when he said the Jews killed Christ.
--Weyrich later implicated his own White House allies in the Gahr purge and by extension Wittmann purge.
--Gary Bauer refused in a lengthy email exchange last Fall to even say "Weyrich" let alone ackowledge that the jews kileld Christ.

With apologies to Clarence Thomas, you are all witnessing a low tech attempted lying for an uppity Jew.  But the liberal out of control courts and wicked EEOC don't let anybody get lynched in this country anymore


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