Friday, May 12, 2017

David Saperstein Uses Woman To Subvert Court Order

Saperstein, for like one week has, apparently, ILLEGALLY, instructed Barbara Weinstein not to accept District of Columbia Superior Court subpeona for incriminating emails, phone records related to his barrning Evan Gahr from RAC just weeks after Lloyd Grove quoted him saying Jay Lekfowitz, who, at the request of Michael Horowitz, Saperstein  had just helped get named Special Envoy for North Korea DESPITE lacking the REQUIRED foreign policy experience

My subpeona server for my attorney misconduct "fraudulent representation" case against Saperstein was twice turned away by Weinstein. She refused to accept service.

WHY did she refuse???

Because Sapersten TOLD her not to accept the subpeona.

Weinstein has a legal obligation to accept the subpeona, unless Saperstein has given her a legitimate reason not to. Absent such reason this sounds like classic OBSTRUCTION of Justice.

WHY, David, did you tell her NOT to accept the subpeona???  Is the lawsuit frivolous and specious??? If that is the case why have you not asserted that under YOUR name in court papers?

Instead, you send out a WOMAN to (unwittingly) to do your filthy work?

Who is the REAL crypto-fascist misogynist bully, David?

You or "Trump."  Has Trump EVER hid behind a woman to deflect inquiries, let alone a COURT order?

The subpeoana server, also a private detective and retired cop, just the person I need to deal with the Saperstein-MH Ivy League style criminality, is expected to return to RAC today.

If Saperstein refuses service the presiding judge, whose people have already been notified of ths creeping fascism, can, if my understanding is corrrect, issue a bench warrant for his ARREST.


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