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The Real David Saperstein

Adapted from Tucker Carlson,  Heritage Foundation co-founder Paul Weyrich (who also coined the term pro-life), Louis E. Chimpstein &
  Me: the shockingly putrescent yet patriotic story of how "everybody" in FishbowlDC acts when they think "nobody" is watching.  

But nobody in Washington is "a nobody" unless he lets others treat him like one; Saperstein, a poseur and haughty Jew, thinks he can blatantly violate this reporter's rights because "nobody"--meaning not POLITICO and not Washington Post--is covering his crypto-racist school yard bully stunts, which make a mockery of Jewish teaching and law.

 But I am covering it.  

And that, in reality, counts for quite a bit; all my journo pals are following his violation of my civil rights closely.  Basically, the Washington Post is covering the story just not publishing anything. (I haven't even made a concerted effort to convince them to cover it; hard to make a compelling argument since there is no real way for them to advance the story)

Plus, judges, the District of Columbia Human Rights Commission and court personnel--the latest lawsuit filed today against him and URJ Head Jew In Charge Rick Jacobs--really don't care about press coverage.    Below is picture of Louis E. Chimpstein's little known sister; she is press shy. Unlike, LEC, who has been reported by the Washington Jewish Week (seriously, article above) the Forward and UPI. 

Saperstein Greenlighted MH FedEx ACH Stunt

Update: Neo-Con Fifth Columnist Sued Twice This Week for running inteferference for secret ally MH and by extension the Bush White House while purporting to provide legal and religious counsel to Evan Gahr
--MPD expected to launch rigorous investigation shortly; Detective Robin Sunn told in great detail about FedEx stunt
--Saperstein also presumably under investigation by DC Court of Appeals Attorney Misconduct Division
Under withering questioning and pummeled by a new District of Columbia Human Rights Commission prima facie complaint and renewed federal lawsuit before the Hillary Clinton email judge for his virtually unknown 2006 ban on former New York Post columnist Evan Gahr  even stepping foot inside  RAC,   David Saperstein, who just served as Barack Obama’ Special Envoy for Religious Freedom Abroad,   on Monday conceded that that he  gave Michael Horowitz, acting on behalf of the Bush White House, specifically OMB general counsel Jay “a little anti-Semitism is good for the Jews” Lefkowitz, the green light  to criminally harass this reporter’s father. 

In fact, Saperstein outright encouraged MH to commit what law enforcement authorities consider a CURRENT felony; meaning the SOL does not apply here.

The menacing phone call, during which he repeatedly yelled at and berated the longtime Upper East Side PCP  and then disregarding instructions to cease and desist all communications a FedEx package full of lies to convince his Dad that he was fired for being crazy and was a danger to himself and others are considered by law enforcement authorities to be ipso post facto aggravated criminal harassment because they involved an employment dispute.

All that alone makes Saperstein a pivotal figure in what is by virtue of civil and criminal law, a conspiracy dating back nearly 16 years to deprive a journalist of his First Amendment rights and civil rights under the law.   

Saperstein has since been reported to the FBI, MPD and the District of Columbia Court of Appeals Professional Misconduct division.  MPD says once Gahr files a formal complaint they will get moving and question the former State Department envoy and son of a prominent Reform rabbi.  

Sapertein likes to tell everybody how he arrived in DC the summer of the Watergate hearing and how, to suggest he started here with little like thousands and thousand of ambitious folks who arrive in DC every year, he was listening to the hearings while driving towards This Town in a sketch car. In fact, the Religious Action Center, courtesy of his father Harold, was all there waiting for him.

The United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District and MPD continues the FedEx package an active felony, with the SOL not applicable, due to continuing harm and what Gahr calls “Ivy League style criminal coercion” by MH because he won’t publicly admit to lying.

Since January,  Gahr has repeatedly and frantically implored Saperstein to tell MH to admit that he lied to them. 

He did not reply to a single email. 

In his June 2001 FedEx package and letter, Horowitz, using his Yale Law School degree to impressive use,   Horowitz mailed every letter he could find from the younger Gahr to prominent Washington conservatives trying to bait them into good quotes.  

Except two--one to him and another to National Review affirmative action hire

And that’s really the least of it.

In 2003, Gahr sought legal and pastoral counseling from Saperstein, who, it turns out, was running interference for Father Horowitz the entire time and divulging their conversations to the former Reagan White House general counsel and Fifth Columnist for Rome.  

Saperstein Pacified Gahr To Run Out the Clock on Ally Lefkowitz’s TIWC

Now facing bar disciplinary measures it turns out Saperstein was outright lying to Gahr in 2004 when he told him to “move forward” and assured him there were no legal avenues to pursue.  

Although they had been talking frequently since 2003, Saperstein, for some strange reason, really started fixating on the importance of not taking anymore legal action (his lawyer coerced him into dropping his 2002 lawsuit against Hudson and didn’t tell him he was agreeing to have it dismissed with prejudice) in 2004.

Right around the same time the three year statute of limitations on the prima facie tortious interference with contract by Jay Lefkowitz, Gary Bauer and Tim Goeglein, now Focus on the Family DC representative, would have run out. 

Ditto for presumably (checking) for First Amendment claims since Hudson was a government contractor, as Saperstein surely knows.   

So why is it during all this counseling Saperstein, Mr. Civil Rights, didn’t suggest to Gahr he file an OFCCP complaint?

 When Gahr  busted Cardinal Saperstein for for doing that in late December 2005,  just weeks after the mainstream media (Lloyd Grove) finally reported the White House got him fired, the veteran DC Jewish leader, who just served as Special State Department Envoy for Religious Freedom Abroad, illegally banned him from RAC, sending him into a tailspin of depression that left him utterly professionally incapacitated for the next seven years.

Scoundrel Time for Saperstein Was Passover Morning

On Passover morning, Saperstein, purporting to wish Gahr well, re-instituted the ban, lied about the reason for it and then illegally denied him press credentials for an event later this month. His “friendly greeting” was actually ipso post facto ACH because he was repeatedly and emotionally told to talk publicly only on Twitter or the phone on recorded conversations. 

Gahr was diagnosed with non-military PTSD in 2012  but the psychiatrist, “a fag” to use neo-con behind closed doors language about gays that Gahr is exposing his new book, missed the proximate cause and attributed it to a “job loss and  controversy in Washington.”

Three doctors have confirmed in recent months that the PTSD, complete with quasi flashbacks is directly related to the FedEx stunt and more importantly the refusal by Saperstein to tell Michael Horowitz to stop frightening his parents by admitting he deliberately lied to them.  

MPD considers Michael Horowitz Currently Committing Criminal Coercion and ACH

When Gahr reported Saperstein to the non-emergency MPD number on March 30, 2017--so discombobulated he thought it was April 1, the operator said “what is your location” so I can connect you to 911 and they can end an officer to talk with you. 

April 28, 2017

Update: This week, Saperstein's rude and ignorant little bitch of an assistant refused to make him available when I called to try and settle thing semi-privately and amicably with him. 

Today, Saperstein, along with Union for Reform Judaism president Richard Jacobs, who has similarly ignored private and semi-private inquiries for weeks, were sued in New York City small claims court in connection with Saperstein's illegal neo-con shilling. 


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