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Tucker Carlson, David Carr, Christian Right co-founder Paul Weyrich, Louis E. Chimpstein & Me

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The ultimate Washington insider's account from somebody whose legal address is in Hymietown but knows This Town's dirty little secrets.  Read on but get a nose plug.  Sunlight might be the best disinfectant but only after the TK.

 Everything recounted exclusively sheds new light on many of the key players in Washington, DC.  All but Weyrich, whose obituary was on the front page of the Washington Post and Robert Bork, who aided and abetted a criminal conspiracy by the Bush White House, the American Enterprise Institute, to do the neo-con moral equivalent of making "this nigger shut up." 

Evan Gahr, press critic for New York Post editorial page editor Eric Breindel, with Paul Weyrich after he grilled the so-called friend of neo-cons, who actually viewed him as their little Black Sambo--dumb and helpless and desperately needing their help.  Gahr was fired by the Hudson Institute, which had just promised him indefinite employment, about ten weeks after the Washington Post quoted him calling Weyrich "a demented anti-Semite" for writing on his Free Congress Foundation website that "Christ was crucified by the Jews."  The classic anti-Semitic lie  was actually mentioned in passing for his Easter column, Indeed, He is Risen, about the mounting evidence that Jesus really was resurrected.

Marshall Witmman, now chief AIPAC spokesman learned about Weyrich's broadside when perusing his website for ammunition Bill Kristol, his co-director of the Hudson conservative reform project, could use because he was squabbling with Weyrich over Bush Administration policy on China.   Wittmann told Kristol,  point man for the neo-con cover-up for their intrinsically anti-Semitic but powerful allies, about the broadside.  Kristol called it to both him and then Hudson VP Ken Weinstein, now Hudson president,  a disgusting anti-Semitic outburst.

"Bill couldn't believe it," both men related to Gahr.  Yet,  Kristol outright lied to WaPo gossip columnist when he caleld for comment about the ensuing fracas.  After the WaPo article mentioned that Gahr has originally submitted his relatively straight news story on Weyrich's remarks but 60s radical turned conservative  David Horowitz spiked it,  the Fifth Columnist for Rome dismissed Gahr as a columnist for his FrontPage Magazine, which ironically enough had just published Gahr's hit piece on Jesse Jackson stiffing the waitress at a Washington jazz club he patronized with a huge entourage.   Lloyd Grove took flack from other Posties because, unbeknownst to him,  it is supposedly a stereotype that blacks are poor tippers. (Aren't Jews supposed to be poor tippers because they are cheap? [witha bigottk]

--a demented anti-Semite for nearly two hours and the Heritage Foundation co-founder expressed sincere remorse for causing Jews unnecessary pain, he explained, by saying they killed Christ.   Gahr met reluctantly, at Weyrich's request, made privately in a letter to Hudson after he was axed by Herb London following coercion by Karl Rove and Gary Bauer aide Tim Goeglein, that violated both the First Amendment,  contract law and non-discrimination guidelines for federal contractors. 

EXCLUSIVE: Tucker Carlson Beat New Hampshire Sex Rap with Bob Bennett's Help

--Did a liberal bleeding heart judge let him off the hook? 

--Suddenly conservatives believe in the presumption of innocence?  

--No mention of little known incident on Google. But Carlson and Robert Bennett made oblique references to it when the Super Lawyer, perhaps the most super in all of DC,  appeared on his show circa 2008.  Tucker had mentioned his side of the story to Gahr on several occasions, including oncve during an editorial meeting.  Shooting down Gahr's request to do a story on the first sexual harassment lawsuit against Armstrong Williams, think Roy Cohn in dark face, because "anybody" so to speak can be wrongly accused of sexual marauding.   He specifically talked about how the New Hampshire DA "indicted me."

--In 40 minutes or so conversation with detective in the New Hampshire Attorney General's office,  detective walks phone enthusiast through arduous steps of finding the complaint and, if Tucker is telling the truth, dismissal. 

--Bennett today first professed total incomprehension and ignorance regarding the incident.  Then, when baited further, suddenly "remembered" that he didn't think Carlson was ever indicted. That wording suggests he worked out some kind of deal.  Kind of like,  with the Michael Kinsley caveat, ironically enough that the charges against WaPo non-affirmative action hire Wesley Lowery for his arrest during the Ferguson protests were dropped in a deal negotiated with WaPo general counsel Jay Kennedy.  More on him later. 

Meanwhile, even as Bennett stonewalled and parsed words in response to the Tucker questions he ignored more serious inquiries about the role his values pimp brother Bill Bennett played in Evan Gahr's ouster and the ACH Fed Ex incident.  The complaint against Michael Horowitz was amended today to include Bill Bennett.  He could be sued as early as Monday in either New York State Supreme Court or federal court for negligent infliction of emotional distress.  Namely, not exercising his influence over Patel to give Evan Gahr his job back. And not calling Columbia about other stuff.

Evan Gahr

Bob Bennett feigns incomprehension about Tucker Carlson indictment and questions re Bill Bennett apparent collusion with Michael Horowitz AEI NR fed ex stunt
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Evan Gahr Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 10:56 AM
To: "Bennett, Robert S."
Cc: EvanGahr , Erik Wemple ,,,,,,,,, Daniel Lathrop
Sorry for the confusion. I must have suddenly become an oblique and convoluted writer. I will call u sometime to discuss. Here maybe this can clear ur confusion since I am such a mumble jumble writer,
1. Tucker had u on his show circa 2007 to promote ur book. He said obliquely u helped him with a problem. U made an oblique confirmation. In 2015 and 2016 and at an editorial meeting he mentioned being indicted for some kind of sex assault by nh da to reject my proposed article on Armstrong sex harass lawsuit number one. I.e. Anybody can be wrongly accused of this stuff wrongly like me. Wrongly??? Of course wrongly I trust Tucker. But per Reagan let's trust but verify. Show me the papers--court doc. Don't conservatives have that ethos for Latinos. Re Bill when did he last talk to Neil Patel? Did he collide or inspire or embolden Michael Horowitz criminal harass of me and mom and.  🙊daf

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> On Mar 24, 2017, at 9:04 AM, Bennett, Robert S. <> wrote:
> Never received your earlier letter.I am not sure what you are asking me.Have a good day
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>> On Mar 24, 2017, at 8:05 AM, Evan Gahr <> wrote:
>> U ignored my letter? So Bill is all layered up and u r his lawyer! When was the last time he talked to Dick Cheney affirmative action hire Neil Patel? So u got Tucker off the hook on some kind of assault charge in NH. He kept mentioning 2 me -- says he is lnnocent? Did u luck out with a liberal out of control soft on criminals judge?? Do u and Bill who to this day has not denounced Weyrich and has known
>> Me quasi personally think u can just minimize as a Paula jones making outlandish claim? Everything in my case matter of public record since 2004 and earlier. Can I see ur defense if Tucker sex assault charge
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