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EXCLUSIVE David Saperstein Under Court Investigation for Attorney Misconduct

Adapted from Tucker Carlson, Paul Weyrich, Louis E. Chimpsten & Me: the shockingly putrescent but patriotic story of how "everybody" in Washington acts when they think "nobody" is watching







Update: 05/07/2017 

Saperstein has probably retained an eight hundred dollars per hour lawyer to respond to this complaint to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals 


Now, let's see whose career is ultimately destroyed.




1.      David Saperstein, a rabbi and lawyer and longtime Georgetown law school professor who just served as Special Envoy for Religious Freedom Abroad for Secretary of State John Kerry,  is a decidedly creepy amalgam of a Catholic Bishop cover-up artist and the rabbi on “Seinfeld” who blabbed stuff Jerry or somebody told him in confidence to the entire world, on his radio show or something.
2.      Mr. Saperstein entered into a formal attorney-client relationship with me when he agreed to provide legal and religious counsel in connection with my dismissal from the Hudson Institute and the FedEx ACH of my own father by Hudson Institute Michael Horowitz when he was anticipating litigation.
3.      The ensuing discussions about my options, involved specific legal matters, including Title 7. More details below.
4.      Petitioner is well aware that most of this stuff falls outside your purview and has, accordingly, been referred for adjudication and investigation to MPD, the FBI  and the Office of Civil Rights of the United States Department of Justice for adjudication and investigation.
5.      But it provides important and necessary context for the attorney misconduct complaint mailed from NYC on Friday, if memory serves, after I spoke at length about all this stuff with the lawyer on call or whatever the proper term is, explaining that I was frightened and wanted to just make a preliminary complaint on the phone so Saperstein, who doesn’t tell anymore lies about me.  ( I learned from reporting on  Anita Hill shortly after arriving in DC and working for the Washington Times magazine it is important in Washington to keep contemporaneous records about everything and have contemporaneous conversations.)
6.      Namely, the willful and deliberate attorney misconduct  by Mr. Saperstein was not just the typical stuff of an avaricious and mendacious lawyer taking advantage of a vulnerable client (which I most definitely was, unemployed, unmarried, socially isolated, no family in the Washington area where I resided when Saperstein was purporting to provide me legal and religious counsel, fighting unipolar major depressive disorder which I also discussed with him)
7.      It was actually part and parcel of a civil and criminal conspiracy by a) Neo-Con Fifth Columnist David Saperstein, who just served as John Kerry State  Department’s Special Envoy for Religious Freedom Abroad, and b) his secret ally, former Reagan White House OMB  general counsel Michael Horowitz and c) the Bush White House (namely his other secret ally Jay Lefkowitz and MH’s cousin) to deprive me of my civil rights under the law and First Amendment rights and religious freedom and religious rights.
8.      It continues literally to this day with Saperstein and his fellow travelers Barbara Weinstein and Jonah Pesner, nominal director of the Political Action Center, officially known as RAC or Religious Action Center,  per my pending federal lawsuit and my complaint to the District of Columbia Human Rights Commission, for public accommodations discrimination--i.e, barring me  from his conference later this month because he doesn’t want me asking him about this stuff in front of other folks with whom  he enjoys a lustrous relationship, including Senators and congressmen.
9.      Since January and continuing until shortly before petitioner called your office, clearly troubled and traumatized and frightened, speaking with somebody, a man who sounded white, on Friday afternoon,  I have made repeated and private and semi-private entreaties to Cardinal Saperstein to handle this matter privately and amicably.
10.    I want him to stop harming me and my family and stop violating my civil rights to pre-empt me publicly questioning him about all this.
11.  But I am kind of a naive chimp and all my entreaties, clearly emotional and made by somebody in immense pain, were to no avail.  I asked for nothing but honesty and respect--namely that he simply answer my questions about this matter of public concern like he would from any other reporter.
12.   I abhor empathy and purporting to know how somebody feels--that is piss poor journalism--but with that caveat I kind of feel like a an altar boy getting ignored by the Cardinal who he knows, and the Cardinal knows, is part of a big cover-up.  Except I am a Jewish chimp, with a phone and computer and, most troubling to David, thus his banning me from RAC and RAC public events, a video camera. . 
13.  Saperstein, with whom I previously enjoyed a longstanding lustrous relationship, just like altar boys do with the Cardinal,  also has shades of a pedophile priest--i.e, he both covered up the crime and participating in it
14.  I have known David since 1991 and previously quoted him favorably for conservative publications, such as the Wall Street Journal and Insight Magazine of the Washington Times,  which are  considerable hostile to his organization’s goals and political priorities and activism and even, politically speaking, Reform Judaism--i.e, one conservative writer,  National Review honcho Richard “Rick” Brookhiser famously called Reform Judaism the Democratic Party but with holidays.  (And then Mona Charen who along with Herb London and Ken Weinstein fired me from Hudson thanks to Saperstein’s ally Jay Lefkowitz quoted that right-wing claptrap and agitprop favorably.)
15.  In a “hit piece” for the Wall Street Journal on my scoop on Hillary Clinton funding PLO front groups in the late 1980s as chairman of a left-wing philanthropy, the New World Foundation,  I praised Mr. Saperstein for his considerable integrity and honesty.
16.  Again, this may sound extraneous to whoever is handling this investigation but it provides proper context for evaluating the seriousness of his egregious midsconudct and betrayal.
17.   I was not some random client David picked up just months earlier and decided to scam on  a whim.
18.   I had known David for 22 years when he committed wilful attorney misconduct and was able to do so without me catching even the slight whiff of his blood libel stained shit precisely because I  naively and desperately and frantically  put my total trust and faith in him, thereby ditching my usual skepticism and scrutiny that I reply reflexively for any Washington players with whom I have any kind of relationship
19.   I did this despite, by all accounts, a brilliant reporter and investigative reporter. I just sparked an investigation by the Senate Homeland Security Committee and the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General because I busted the ICE press secretary for violating the Privacy Act by trying to secretly smear a whistleblower, who testified before Congress to me.
20.  If the attitude of whoever handling this complaint is, “thanks for sharing, Evan, but what makes you think I  should care one way or the other whether or not you’re a good reporter?” here is the reason why you should care and why it is directly relevant for you evaluating the seriousness of Saperstein's deliberate transgressions.
21.   I was  trained by classic New York Times man Richard Bernstein to always be “skeptical” even with or particularly with as I interpreted his guidance and mentorship folks with whom I am personally or ideologically sympathetic
22.  I should not have even gone to David  for legal and religious help. I pride myself on eschewing regular personal relationships with anybody I write about and establishing clear boundaries, even amidst the camaraderie and paling around and highly sympathetic and ferocious  reporting to expose folks like Saperstein who are harming them.
23.  But I was desperate and scared and could not think right. David,  knew all that, and used it to his advantage and my ex-employer’s advantage and his White House allies advantage.
24.   Saperstein’s  willful attorney misconduct was intended  cover up for  a felony he aided and abetted and greenlighted (ipso post facto negligent intentional infliction of emotional distress, per pending New York State claim)  committed by his crypto-neo-con ally,   Michael Horowitz of the Hudson Institute,  my ex-employer, namely his FedEx ACH of my father to shut me up after Hudson fired me and I linked the dismissal to the Bush White House (i.e, MH’s cousin OMB general counsel Jay “ a little anti-Semitism is good for the Jews” Lefkowitz occurred with his advance knowledge and collusion and, based on information and  belief, his encouragement.
25.  The Lefkowitz quote is real and well known in Washington quarters. even though it might sound like parody to whoever is reading this and is indicative of the cover-up by him and other neo-con Show Jews, particularly MH, to cover-up for Christian Right and Church anti-Semitism.
26.  Saperstein personally knows about the quote, since it created quite a stir when Jay uttered it to the New York Times magazine to defend Pat Robertson against charges of anti-Semitism after Michael Lind revealed in the New York Review of Books that he had used classic anti-Semtiic conspiracy theories in his hitherto obscure books some years earlier.
27.  The following coordination with and collusion between David Saperstein  and my ex-employer Hudson Institute/Michael Horowitz, former Reagan DOJ official,  and the Bush White House, including but not limited to OMB general counsel Jay “a little anti-Semitism is good for the Jews” while Saperstein purported to be acting as my lawyer and rabbi was  determined  on April 10, 2017.  
28.  Saperstein, a Georgetown law school longtime professor and expert on civil rights law and a rabbi, entered into a formal attorney client relationship with me when I sought is religious and legal help in connection with my dismissal from the Hudson Institute and the ACH by FedEx of my father to shut me up by Saperstein’s key associate and ally, Hudson Institute fellow Michael Horowitz, while he was anticipating litigation and after being told to cease and desist all communications.  
29.  It now turns out Saperstein was running interference for Horowitz and by extension, the Bush White House, namely his ally OMB general counsel Jay “a little anti-Semitism is good for the Jews” Lefkowitz the whole time he purported to be providing me religious and legal counsel.
30.  Said interference included talking to MH about me without my permission and lying to me and telling me I had no legal avenues to pursue when the obvious one I had was filing a tortious interference with contract lawsuit against Lefkowitz, Karl Rove, Tim  Goeglein and Gary Bauer who he knew very well conspired to coerce Hudson Institute president
 Herb London into firing me two months before my contract was due to run out. 
31.  He also divulged confidential information about me to his staff, Paul Weyrich and, most likely, other interested third parties with the obvious attempt to shut me up and pacif me so I would not be loud and sue his White House allies who he did NOT disclose to me were in fact his allies.
32.  While  “counseling” me Saperstein did not disclose his obvious conflict of interest that he was working with MH to get Jay Lefkowitz named Special Envoy for North Korea, etc.
33.  Publicly confronted and cced with my statement, under penalty of perjury to the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security, who knows me personally since he launched an investigation based on my scoop of an ICE press secretary smearing whistleblower Taylor Johnson, the voluble Saperstein said nothing in response.  
34.   Everything else,  however horrific and counter-intuitive it might sound at first, like Hudson Institute claiming they summarily and suddenly dismissed a highly-regarded employee they had just months earlier promised indefinite employment because of his improper use of a stuffed chimp in a television debate, is a matter of public record, including the 2005 New York Daily News article by Lloyd Grove, which prompted Saperstein to summarily bar me from ever setting foot in the Religious Action Center again, where he purported to be counseling me, right after I publicly accused him of betraying my confidences to Michael Horowitz and otherwise running interference for him.   Exhibit-LEC
35.  In fact, this week, per my new federal lawsuit, Mr. Saperstein formally re-instituted the ban without articulating a nondiscriminatory reason and proceeded, in the course of wishing me Happy Passover, to illegal deny me press credentials/service at his event later this month essentially open to the public.  Exhibit A
36.   Mr. Saperstein does not dispute these assertions that have repeatedly been made public, indeed directly to him, with other reporters CCed, as well as the DH IG, which makes them basically said under penalty of perjury and are in court documents as well.
37.  Mr. Saperstein knew in advance Hudson Institute fellow Michael Horowitz, anticipating litigation, was going to criminally harass this reporter’s father, with a menacing and deceitful phone call and then a FedEx package full of lies,  to shut him up over the Bush White House--i.e, his own cousin OMB general counsel Jay “a little anti-Semitism is good for the Jews” Lefkowitz getting him fired from Hudson by having Karl Rove get his aide Tim Goeglein, with Gary Bauer coordinating, threaten Herb London with loss of contracts if he did not dismiss the younger Gahr.
38.  Mr.  Saperstein not only failed to exercise his influence and authority over Horowitz to prevent it and, it seems, supported his efforts and coordinated with him and encouraged him.
39.  Oblivious to all this,  around 2003, plaintiff sought confidential legal and pastoral counseling from Mr. Saperstein, who is a lawyer, civil rights law expert, and fervent advocate for civil rights, on the forefront of civil rights activism, just like Jewish CPUSA members were and also a longtime Georgetown law school professor
40.  The FedEx stunt was a frequent discussion topic and the source of considerable pain and anguish for Gahr.   
41.  Despite multiple conversations, Saperstein failed to disclose that he a)had independent knowledge of it from MH and b)failed to prevent and c) it seems, encouraged it
42.   Saperstein, worse yet, acted as Gahr’ rabbi and lawyer the way “Phillip” and “Elizabeth” on “The Americans” act as travel agents.  
43.   His handler was Michael  Horowitz instead of “Claudia” or “Gabriel,” who then reported to OMB general counsel Jay Lefkowitz, the way the aforementioned do to Moscow. 
44.  The goal, just like Phillip and Elizabeth wish to subvert America while purporting to be patriotic,  was to subvert and harm Gahr and advance the interests of Michael Horowitz and Jay Lefkowitz.
9. In fact, while Saperstein was” counseling” Gahr he was, at the request of Michael Horowitz, helping get Lefkowitz, who has no foreign policy experience,  named Special Envoy for North Korea.
10.  Saperstein did not disclose his obvious conflict of interest to Gahr: by “counseling” Gahr not to talk publicly about Lefkowitz he was actually acting in tandem with MH and Lefkowitz and trying to get him confirmed.     Keeping  Gahr quiet about Lefkowitz was crucial to insuring he got confirmed since Lefkowitz, as Saperstein knew, had violated the law by getting Gahr fired from Hudson, both contract law and the First Amendment.

 4.  Saperstein betrayed confidences and repeatedly told Michael Horowitz about his conversations with Gahr and the fact that they were working together.   He also betrayed confidences to staff members.

MH could not have determined this from any other source as nobody else in Washington but Saperstein and Paul Weyrich knew Saperstein was purporting to counsel him and Weyrich had no professional relationship with  MH of any kind.

5. Based on information and believe, Weyrich did not even know MH’s name.

6. Saperstein deliberately ran interference for Lefkowitz and Horowitz by lying to Gahr and repeatedly telling him starting around 2003 to “move forward” because he had no legal options and, trying to pacify him, told the acclaimed investigative reporter not to even talk publicly about his dismissal from Hudson. 

7. Specifically, not to protest and mock Hudson for claiming he was fired for using a stuffed chimp in a television debate, which Gahr had named “Louis E. Chimpstein,” attracting considerable press  coverage for the appellation.

8.  Actually,  Saperstein, a longtime Georgetown Law School professor  knew very well, that Gahr had a prima facie case against Lefkowitz and Karl Rove and Tim Goeglein for tortious interference with contract, which Gahr had exposed through  his reporting and Weyrich had attested to in writing in an email Saperstein knew about

9.  The Statute of Limitations on TIWC is,based on information and belief, three years. 

10. Mr. Saperstein intensified his “counseling” in 2004  when the statute of limitation on the 2001 when SOL on the 2001 TIWC  by Jay Lefkowitz was about to run out.   As the Church Lady of SNL fame would say,  well, isn’t that convenient.

11. Mr. Saperstein told Gahr he had no legal options even though he knew Hudson is a government contractor and could have filed a complaint with the OFCCP

12. How could Saperstein tell Gahr he had no legal options when he surely knew that suing MH
for harassment or filing a police report was an option? Saperstein Banned Evan Gahr From RAC right after the SOL on the TIWC claim ran out

Saperstein “Counseled” Gahr about the Michael Horowitz FedEx Stut But Did Not Tell Him That He Enabled MH and Encouraged Him to Do it
1.      Around 2004 Saperstein trying to convince Evan Gahr from exposing MH told him how his father, a rabbi, got harassing phone calls after David Saperstein publicly criticized the NAACP successor to Ben Hooks for paling around with Louis Farrakhan
2.      Right. Except David’s father got a few random calls he was not subjected to a civil criminal conspiracy which it turns out my “rabbi” and “lawyer” was a central player .
3.      With similar duplicity, Saperstein went on and on about how Title cases are so hard to win, telling him an elaborate story about somebody he knew who had a great case but lost.
4.      They certainly are hard to win. They certainly are hard to win.
5.      But as Saperstein knows TIWC cases are much easier to win, especially against government officials, like OMB general counsel Jay Lefkowitz.   So this was a bait and switch effort on this part.  Convince Gahr that he had no discrimination claims so he would get disheartened and conclude he had no other claims. Even though Saperstein knew full well he did.
6.      He also should have advised me to file a complaint with MPD about the MH Fed Ex stunt. Except, of course, David didn’t do that since, unbeknownst to me until last week, he was involved with the FedEx ACH.
7.      Mr. Saperstein, an expert on civil rights law,  should have advised me to file a complaint with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance since as he knew or should have known Hudson is a government contractor but failed to do so.
8.      Mr. Saperstein knew I could have sued his ally Jay Lefkowitz and Karl Rove and his aide Tim Goeglein under the federal torts act but deliberately failed to advise me of that option.
9.      Mr. Saperstein knew I could have sued Karl Rove for getting me fired the same way Valerie Plame sued Karl Rove for outing her but did not advise me to do so and, again, insisted I had no options and should “move forward.”
10.   Move forward? Really? This from a guy who says seeking justice is central to Judaism?  He is telling me to move forward and not seek justice--i.e, sue people about something that just happened three years ago?
11.    Saperstein, in one intenses bit of “counseling”  even referenced the Andrew Goodman foundation and Carolyn Goodman to make some kind of (in retrospect I realize) specious argument about why I should not sue anybody.  The late Carolyn Goodman started that for her son after he was killed along with another Jewish civil rights worker and a black civil rights worker in Philadelphia, Mississippi in June 1964.

Acting as a proxy for Michael Horowitz, Saperstein expelled Evan Gahr from RAC just weeks after Lloyd Grove quoted him in the New York Daily News saying the Bush White House--i.e, Jay Lefkowitz got him fired from Hudson
1.      Based on information and belief, both Saperstein and Horowitz read the piece and Saperstein as trying to protect Michael Horowitz and harm and incapacitated Gahr by banning him from RAC.
2.      Saperstein abruptly terminated the client relationship in 2005 by some strange coincidence right around the same time that the SOL on the TIWC claims against his White House allies ran out.   To quote the Church Lady character from SNL, well, it’s that convenient

Saperstein did not disclose to Gahr while “counseling” him his multitude of conflicts of interests
1.       He was allied with MH and by extension the Hudson Institute,  which, of course, had just fired Gahr
2.      Saperstein was working with MH on multiple projects,  most notably getting Jay Lefkowitz confirmed as Special Envoy for North Korea
3.      At MH’s request,  Saperstein praised Lefkowitz as a great choice even though he knew that Jay was actually, by statute, unqualified for the position since he had no foreign policy experience and the position required extensive foreign policy experience
4.      Saperstein praised to New York Sun reporter Eli Like  his neo-con ally Jay Lefkowitz  as a great coalition builder. 
5.      The only coalition he is known to have built is the one that got me fired.

Saperstein harassed Evan Gahr on the morning of the first day of Passover, expressly disregarding his instructions, as well as same to underlings/fellow travelers Barbara Weinstein, to cease and desist all private communications and talk publicly on Twitter and/or the phone only
1.      They were told that I consider private communications creepy and intimidating because are legally irrelevant, which his why I told him repeatedly not to do and to call anyway and because such communications are medically and professionally injurious to me

2. Since January, Saperstein has ignored repeated emails/voice mails and entreaties from Evan Gahr to settle these matters privately and amicably. Starting with simply just answering questions.   Ditto for staffers Barbara Weinstein and Jonah Pesner .
1.      All were repeatedly asked to tell MH to stop what law enforcement authorities consider ACH and criminal coercion against him, citing their affirmative duty to do so under the doctrine of negative infliction of emotional distress.
2.      The first request simply asked for a conference call with Saperstein and MH
3.      Saperstein and his fellow travelers were also asked to either lift the RAC ban immediately or provide a legitimate non-discriminatory reason for the exclusion.
4.      They ignored every single communication.
5.      Gahr petitioned Judge Emmett Sullivan to re-open his 2006 lawsuit against Saperstein for the ban.
6.      He also filed a complaint with the DC Human Rights Commission against Jonah Pesner for currently banning him.  
7.      Barbara Weinstein and Jonah Pesner and Saperstein were notified about all of these protected activities, some of them on Sunday April 9, if memory serves or over the weekend.
8.      Acting with obvious and forethought, Saperstein on Monday morning emailed privately as he was expressly instructed not to do and proceeded to lie to Evan about the reason for the ban and Michael Horowitz.
9.      The communication was deemed criminal harassment and reported as such to  MPD and the FBI.
10.  Even more disconcerting, Saperstein and Weinstein and Pesner did not respond to multiple communications explaining yet again the communication was threatening and intimidating and asking them to simply confirm they would talk publicly in the future.
11.  Multiple subsequent communications to settle things amicably were also ignored.
12.  It is well to note, to use a great Eric phrase, that at the time of this willful attorney misconduct Saperstein was talking regularly to Michael Horowitz.  In case he starts lying to you about that and saying they actually conversed infrequently here are the names of some folks who can clear up the confusion.  His former press secretary Alexis Rice,  GWU friend of my ex-girlfriend or kinda girls friend at the time Gretchen Ehle.  She once did an imitation for us of Michael calling, noting how he calls constantly, and demanding that David be located so he can talk to him IMMEDIATELY.   I don’t know the RAC phone system now but when Cardinal Saperstein was “counseling” me they had an office-wide loudspeaker since the Religious Action Center is multi-level former mansion in Dupont Circle. So “everybody” knew when MH was calling and lookign for David.  Alexis is a sweet girl and it is very painful for me to put her in the middle of this.
13.   And I told David I would need to do so if he keeps lying about me to his current staff and violating my civil rights I would need to do so. But he ignored me. So, in order to inculcate myself and my family against further harm, I have no viable choice but to do so.
14.  Ditto for his secretary back then, Daphne sp?
 Respectfully submitted for your consideration, to use the great phrase of Joe Rauh, with faith in the American People and, the good folks of the District of Columbia Courts,

Evan Gahr

-------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Evan Gahr
Cc:, David DeJesus , Daniel Lathrop , Erik Wemple ,,,,,,,,, Michael Queen
Date: Mon, 1 May 2017 23:31:37 -0400
Subject: Teacher Gellman
I am an abuse victim Saperstein is the. Abuser he violated my trust and harmed me with his words and illegal RAC ban edict just as badly as a priest violates an altar boy by shoving his dick u his ass and perforating his rectum leaving him probably wounded for years just like David did to me we should talk on the phone bc I want to hear ur voice but if we miss each other I just need u to pray for me as I asked my real friend not a DC friend and a serious Catholic about my age so serious that she has like nine kids haha that I not per ur teaching and Weyrich succumbbto anger and rage even though he harmed my parents also by covering for mh and as I just determined GREENLighting his fed ex ACH of dr gahr got that he COULD have stopped MH but did NOT did worse than said nothing and looked the other way per my reporting he ENCOURAGEd it
But his effort continuing literally to this day to destroy me and terrorize my parents --cuyrenyltt drigjtening thembecause he banned me fro
 His RAC irk conference just minutes from where I am now is FAILING my new wash post pals are following this closely and will almost surely report this when he responds in court papers David is a bully and a dumb fuck and thinks they won't and r blacklisting me for my hit pieces on them  victory is assured I am a strong Chimp and come from a strong Chimp family I am getting special psychological treatment from a ptsd expert because of David I found the right guy for me and my "animals" I can tell from our conversation a few minutes ago 🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵David could have destroyed me. It he failed my book length esaay is going to be explosive and I'll probably fall in love again and get married to a short Jewish girl or shiksa convert ha ha in two years or less and my mother and father it is a safe bet despite David and Michael Horowitz's best efforts to give them fatal strokes are gonna be there also with gratitude EvanGahr press columnist for Eric pa Phil aGriffin is not blacklisting me either even though I gave his lawyers thanks to my reporting and betsys enough extra billable hours to support aCOKE habit the truth will come out soon enough and then even Putin won't want David for his television station (inside media joke)
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"The director of the religious action center, Rabbi David Saperstein, who has also worked to bring attention to the human rights crisis in North Korea, said Mr. Lefkowitz was qualified for the envoy position. "Jay has proved himself to be very wise politically, a great coalition builder, and he clearly has the trust of the president in the White House, and that is the most important characteristic of the envoy," he said."

Here is one of the coalitions Jay built.


Martyemail (2).png


Tuesday, November 15, 2005, 12:00 AM
C. BLOGGER'S MEDICATION CLAIM Bill Clinton has been out of office for nearly five years, and still the conservatives won't get off the former President's case. Washington blogger Evan Gahr, who runs the chimpstein.
com Web site, yesterday wrote that "a psychiatrist colleague of Clinton's physician" revealed to him that Clinton is "taking antidepressants.
" The 59-year-old Clinton underwent open-heart surgery in September 2004, and Manhattan psychiatrist Peter Shapiro, who does not treat Clinton, told me that 20% to 30% of heart-surgery patients - compared with 5% to 15% of the general population - suffer post-operative depression. Yesterday Clinton's spokesman, Jay Carson, denied that his boss is taking antidepressants. From Tel Aviv, where the former President is on a well-publicized visit to Israel with his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton, Carson E-mailed: "This is totally untrue, but this kind of fabrication is probably to be expected from a guy who has made his living attacking President Clinton and was fired from his last job for, among other things, playing with stuffed animals during a serious TV interview.
" Carson is "lying about me, and he's probably lying about Clinton," Gahr retorted. "When you work for a known liar, you probably shouldn't question others' credibility.
" Gahr, who in 2001 was fired from his job as a senior fellow at the conservative Hudson Institute, conceded that he once brandished a stuffed chimp during a debate on Fox News' "Hannity & Colmes.
But he said he was fired at the behest of the Bush White House for criticizing the Christian right. Gahr told Lowdown his source was Frank T. Miller, a Manhattan psychiatrist who treats Gahr for depression. Gahr said Miller - who confirmed his patient's account to me, but declined further comment - made the claim about Clinton's antidepressant use during Gahr's visit last Friday morning at Miller's Fifth Ave. office.


Friday, May 4, 2001, 12:00 AM

Oddly, little has been reported about the squabble among conservatives over right-wing icon Paul Weyrich's talking the same talk that put Charlie Ward of the Knicks on the hot plate. As you surely must know by now, Ward is a New Testament man who went back into the old charge that the Jews killed Christ.

After that got on the front pages, there were some behind-the-scenes movements to make sure we didn't find ourselves in the middle of another moment of hysteria in which Jews were accused of attacking another black man. The point was to get Ward to back up to at least Vatican II and renounce language that has been a staple of anti-Semitic types for centuries. As for Weyrich, this gentle Christian recently published that very same "Jews killed Christ" charge on his Web site.

This was exposed by conservative columnist and investigative reporter Evan Gahr. Gahr was promptly attacked and painted as "a publicity hound" by conservative gadfly David Horowitz, whose own most recent claim to publicity has been his buying ads in college newspapers to argue against the idea of reparations for American slavery.

 In another twist of the knife, Gahr was informed yesterday that he would soon be relieved of his position at the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank. That this story has not made much of a showing in the ongoing press discussion of identity as determined by public - or private - statements is more than a bit interesting, particularly in light of the coverage Ward got for much the same thing. It surely proves there's no liberal press bias against the conservatives. After all, the so-called liberal press let off Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.) despite plenty of proof showing his connection to the Council of Conservative Citizens, more than a few of whose members consider black people innately inferior to whites.

No black politician connected to a group with the opposite view would have gotten away with it. Imagine, for example, if Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice had ever praised the ideas of the Nation of Islam.

But if the In fact, he is being treated much the same way that Washington Post reporter Milton Coleman was when he reported the Hymietown comment that boiled Jesse Jackson in charges of anti-Semitism for a few years. No one has promised to "deliver death" to Gahr as Louis Farrakhan did to Coleman. But Gahr has definitely been stripped of his conservative stripes.

The irony is that if he had looked the other way and ignored Weyrich's anti-Semitic remarks, Gahr would be quite safe now. But dissension in the ranks is a crime among hard-core ideologues, from the far right to the far left. E-mail: scrouch@edit.


Thursday, May 17, 2001, 12:00 AM
Although it hasn't risen to the level of general public notice, there is a purge going on in conservative circles that should concern every American. It doesn't matter that you've probably never heard of the victim. Everyone ought to care - and raise objections - when people who represent themselves as defenders of free speech and the American way of life behave, in fact, like totalitarians. The person being purged is Evan Gahr, a conservative writer and investigative reporter. It all started when Gahr went after Paul Weyrich, whose status among Republicans is assured by his position as commander of the right-wing Free Congress Foundation. Weyrich wrote an Easter message on his Web site that flailed Jews with the old slur that they killed Christ. Gahr, who happens to be Jewish, was appalled and went public with his disgust. After that, things changed for him very quickly. He was attacked by conservative gadfly David Horowitz, who is also Jewish, and informed that his column would no longer be welcome at Horowitz's FrontPage Magazine on the Internet. The Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank, then informed Gahr that the sudden pain he felt in his backside was the result of its kicking him out. This, despite the fact that Herb London, head of the institute and himself a Jew, had told the Forward, a Jewish weekly, that although he did not think Gahr had always acted professionally, he was in no danger of being dismissed from Hudson because "at the institute, we don't tell people what to say.

Shortly thereafter, Gahr told me, he received an E-mail from the institute's Mona Charen, a conservative columnist (and also a Jew), alerting him to expect a call from the head of the Washington office informing him he had been dismissed. Charen added: "I sincerely hope that you will take this opportunity to seek psychological or psychiatric help.
" It has not stopped there. In his most recent booting, Gahr's name has been taken off the masthead of The American Enterprise magazine. He was listed as a contributing writer in the May issue of this journal of politics, business and culture. He is gone in June. What's more, Karl Zinsmeister, the editor in chief, has told Gahr he no longer may use the magazine's facilities for research. Zinsmeister says the problems with Gahr preceded the Weyrich incident, but that does not justify an apparent purging. We should remember that Gahr's "offense" was blowing the whistle on a person who had indulged in anti-Semitism. His action is something that just about everyone except those who put allegiance to the cause above all else would see as a form of public service. Gahr's punishment reminds me of Milan Kundera's "The Book of Laughter and Forgetting.

The novel is a satire, often heartbreaking, of Eastern Europe under the Communists. It was a time when the regime would celebrate a person - until he was purged. Then his name would disappear from official documents. Then his image would be airbrushed away.



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