Monday, March 13, 2017

Meet Closet Gay Bashesr John Podhoretz, Midge Decter, Karl Zinsmeister and Jonah Goldberg

From: EvanGahr
To: jpodhoretz
Cc: tuckerscarlson ; erik.wemple ; wesley.lowery ; guttman ; jfowler
Subject: John Podhoretz: truth or dare--Want to get me barred from AIPAC conference illegally? JP, Johna Goldberg and Midge gay bashing exclusively revealed here
Date: Mon, Mar 13, 2017 4:19 pm

Hey, there closet gay bashing neo-racist CPUSAesque Jew!  Crypto-gay basher.

Commentary affirmative action hire^^^

Do you need any changes here because I'm a fucking ...
protoge of Eric Breindel and still kind of press critic for him.  And you are the guy he considered a pompous repulsive creature.

Pre-Vatican 2 Catholic Jack Fowler and illegally barred me from NR events and denied writing contracts and employment ? Same with you. 

Wesley Lowery insisted in our three hour phone call (Patel won't publish but approved piece ditto for others) that you are a "closet racist." 

I said, no he is a closet gay basher. And should have mentioned longstanding rumors about him being closeted homosexual.

Anyway, I already have you prima face in NY State Supreme Court for the following in an  Evan Gahr v Jay Lefkowitz (negligent intentional infliction of emotional distress for not telling MH to turn over letter he withheld (libel) in ACH Fed Ex stunt (felony) to frighten the animals) and me (intentional infliction of emotional distress)

But go ahead bar me from AIPAC.

MPD and NYPD informed in great detail about this dispute.  If you lie to them about me you will probably get arrested but it won't get you on MTP like WL

New info for folks outside the neo-con ghetto: 1990s rumors in DC conservative media world and beyond that John Podhoretz, was such a miserable wretch abusive to employees  because he was a repressed and closed homosexual.  Marty Peretz to Evan Gahr when we were discussing the Podwhore acting obnoxious. "Does he have a secret."

New info: Marty thought Podwhore was a jackass (used more sophisticated language need to check my files **** for what he wrote about Eric and his difficulties in his intro to Eric column collection

And you are the guy Eric said in August 1995 at an edtiorial board meeting with McManus and Scott and somebody else everytime I read about John Podhoretz having a girlfriend I can't believe it, referencing Observer piece by David Corn (before he got so pompous) about Podwhore starting Weekly Standard. David Corn later told me when he was writing the piece he got unsolicited calls from conservatives offering him dirt on what a pompous ass JPod is.

a) illegal protected activities (DCHRA lawsuit against Hudson)

b)tortious interference with contract (non-legal vernacular sodomizing Tucker journalistically
and making Dick Cheney affirmative action hire Neil Patel your little bitch, with fellow members
of your cabal, John Bolton and Arthur Brooks, producing the little neo-con Pearl Harbor
of December 7, 2016, with a little Lillian Hellman thrown in.

"Hey, Evan. This arrangement is not working. Not good traffic."

Midge Decter closeted gay bashing.

1. Scott Walter of AEI, deputy for KZ, who helped Michael Horowitz ACH (felony

after Tim Goeglein, with Gary Bauer  colluding and apparently encouraging (TIWC by Gary) got me purged tortuous interference with contract from Hudson and  AEI by threatening KZ 
**When Norman's successor Neil Kozody retired, per New York Times article, Podwhore got the job with out other applicants considered. 
Hudson Institute would only hire this reporter after AEI honcho, later Bush WH aide, assured talentless Mona Charen that he does not swing from the other side of the tree. 
She is "worried that you are a fag." 


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