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Schoolyard Bullies/Neo-Cons/CPUSAesqueCabal Go Take Your Lillian Hellmanesque Lies to DHS

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Subject:Never mind Wemple or WL writing about this or Marty Baron assigning a reporter--that should be the least of your concerns
Date:Sun, Feb 5, 2017 9:00 pm

I just emailed my pal DHS IG John Roth and asked him to forward my complaint about all of you to OCR DOJ.  

Ben, although not part of the CPUSAsque neo-con cabal, is prima facie guilty of employment discrimination based on my race (honkey) and arguably age (over 40) 

But, hey, if you really believe I am so crazy and unhinged, etc go tell all that stuff to Mr. Roth.    

Go take your lies to the Department of Homeland Security about me--instead of Stanley Crouch and Nat Hentoff and my parents. 

You pathetic bunch of CPUSA school yard bullies and perfidious Jews (John Podhoretz and Michael Horowit) and crypto-fascist anti-Semite Gary Bauer,  go lie about me when you realize full well it is legally actionable. You LIED to my parents? Even the KKK did not go after the parents of Northern white civil rights workers, as far as I know.   Only MH and Jay Lefkowitz and Gary Bauer tried that approach to shut up somebody who threatened their power and prestige. Michael Horowitz and John Podhoretz are the moral equivalent of pedophile priests.  They just can't control themselves, never mind the prima facie violations.  

John Podhoretz and Patel thought they could pull this stunt without anybody noticing; kind of like the moral equivalent Klansman who dumped the bodies of Cheney, Goodman and Schwerner in a river or whatever  thought nobody would notice .

Surely, if all of you believe all the stuff about me that you've been saying publicly and for public consumption since 2001 than John Roth needs to know it, right?   He just launched an entire investigation based on my reporting about the ICE press secretary illegally smearing whistleblower Taylor Johnson.  But if I am unhinged like MH and  KZ and Jonah Goldberg and Charlotte Hayes sp? have been insisting and that is the reason I got fired not over Weyrich then he needs to know this, right? 

Because that means I am not a reliable reporter and he should not have launched an investigation based on my account of a conversation that was not even recorded. Right?   Patel said in his vaguely written email that he abruptly terminated me because of "traffic" only.  So, hey, that means my stuff is not good, right? It's not like John Podhoretz and AEI and other people complained to him about me, right. That was the only reason.  

Go ahead, Patel, tell that to Mr. Roth. Tell him it was only about page views. 

And, Byers can tell him I am not even a reporter at all. I am jus--like he says for public consumption-- a two bit publicist pushing non-stories when I call him. 

Is that correct, you little bitch? 

And Tucker, you have legitimate non-discriminatory reasons for not hiring me, right?  You just realized I am a bad reporter and I got facts wrong? This has nothing to do with John Podhoretz and Patel doing their own  version of Pearl Harbor and Lillian Hellman? 

So go tell that to Mr. Roth also. 

Gary Bauer, in emails to me designed for public consumption, you tried to paint me as a crazed conspiracy theorist for saying Karl Rove and Tim Goeglein got me fired. But if you believe that tell Mr. Roth. 

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DHS Inspector General Interviews Journo Who Exposed ICE Whistleblower Smear Campaign
Posted By Evan Gahr On 9:41 PM 03/04/2016 In | No Comments
The Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General last week interviewed this columnist about his recent conversation with the ICE flack who tried to discredit a whistleblower with confidential material.
No Washington journalist has provided information to government investigators since 1999 — also about a smear campaign, say several DC observers. Back then Christopher Hitchens claimed in an affidavit for Congressional Republicans that Clinton White House aide Sidney Blumenthal  had privately told him Monica Lewinsky was a “stalker.”
Worrying too much about the ethical implications of talking to the IG would have been typical Washington faux moralizing. DC journalists try to act like they are above everybody and everything. The reality is most are often knee deep in the stuff Washington Post blogger Erik Wemple’s wife once got arrested for throwing.
I am a United States citizen and tax payer. I was talking to my government about encountering illegal behavior by a mid-level federal employee. Should a reporter who witnesses a Metro mugging not talk to reporters to maintain his objectivity?
Plus, in the roughly 15 minute conversation with an IG investigator and lawyer I pretty much just recounted my published account of the conversation with ICE press secretary Gillian Christensen.
Responding to a routine inquiry about Taylor Johnson, Christensen repeatedly demanded we talk off the record so she could explain the veteran agent was dishonest and a bad employee.
Christensen readily admitted she was relying on confidential information that could not be discussed on the record. But the federal Privacy Act bars such disclosures, whether public or private.
Inspector General Mark Bell, the IG press office and Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Todd Breasseale all ignored questions about the conversation.
Johnson was fired last month after she refused $100,000 in hush money. She had a stellar record with ICE until running afoul of then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in 2013. His office complained to her Special Agent in charge about Johnson’s refusal to approve special foreign investor visas for Chinese businessmen represented by Reid’s son.
Following the complaints Johnson was stripped of her gun and badge without explanation. In June 2015, she testified about the retaliation before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs.
The February 9 story here on her dismissal and slimming  prompted the Senate Homeland Security Committee to quickly ask the Office of Inspector General why previous inquiries about Christensen’s apparent violation of the federal Privacy Act were ignored.
The IG first claimed to have no record of the email. But later conceded it was received.
Meanwhile, Johnson is expected to file a complaint against DHS with the Merit System Protection Board this month and has set up a gofundme page for legal fees.

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