Thursday, February 23, 2017

Exclusive: David Saperstein Helped Christian Right Show Jew Michael Horowitz Get His Cousin Jay Lefkowitz Job as North Korea Special Envoy

Evan Gahr

urgent--Saperstein call MH and tell him to publicly release this letter that he DELIBERATELY
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Evan Gahr Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at 8:40 AM


Cc:, Mikey Weinstein ,,,,, Daniel Lathrop ,,, "Wemple, Erik"

with held from his  FedEx ACH pack: I know you told Saperstein and Hentoff off the record you disagreed with me about Weyrich but Hudson was wrong to fire me.  He then LIED to my father and said I was fired for going crazy--sent him like six letters I wrote to Bork and National Review trying to bait them into quotes to CONVINCE him I was danger to myself and others  but OMITTED that one.

At MH request Saperstein later praised Lefkowitz, a notorious apologist for Christian Right anti-Semitism,  as a friend of the Jewish community to help MH get him job as Special Envoy to North  Korea for which, by statute, he was NOT qualified. Required somebody with FOREIGN policy experience. 

Neo-con affirmative action!

Praised him to Eli Lake for New York Sun. Lake then OMITTED and REFUSED to report that Jay Lefkowitz got me fired. 

Jay LIED to Karl Rove and said Weyrich controversy was political liability.  This New York Times article did NOT even mention me or say anybody denounced Weyrich.  Later examined all 30 or so articles on fracas.

Just THREE or so mentioned Weyrich ties to administration--Marc Stern press release denouncing Weyrich and the others, if memory served, were not in high profile publications. Edsall did NOT say Weyrich tied to Karl Rove when he quoted me and Marc Stern in original story April 2001.


In 2006, Saperstein BANNED me from entering RAC when I pressed him on this kind of stuff.

David, hit reply ALL. Is the ban still in effect. LACK of response legally means yes.




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