Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tucker Carlson with Sammy Davis, Jr., circa 1973

Backing Daily Caller co-owner and Dick Cheney affirmative action hire Neil Patel's right-wing purge of the Eric Breindel protoge who blew the whistle on the neo-con cover-up for Christian anti-Semitism, Tucker Carlson is now the Archie Bunker of Fox News.

Carlson is refusing to pay Gahr for articles the Daily Caller PUBLISHED in November, plus reporting trips to DC that he expressly promised to reimburse.

The dismissal was ipso post facto prma facie breach of contract since the agreement required 30 days notice for termination.  Patel barred Gahr from writing for the Daily Caller ever again, expressly violated the 1866 Civil Rights Act, as amended by Congress, which prohibits discrimination in contracts due to race and ethnicity.

The neo-con Pearl Habor took place on December 7, 2016.    Carlson, who previously treated Gahr to a steak lunch and showered him with praise for his amalgam of investigative reporting and Hitchensesque prose has literally not said one word to him since the Hirohito incident.

He ignored a private letter from Gahr in December, simply asking if he could be on his show  when he brook stories, particularly about media putrescence.


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