Wednesday, January 18, 2017

If Thrush is Married Wifey Surely Got Huge Dowery Because Most Women Surely Would Not Fuck Him Even for One Million Dollars

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Chapter TK: Thrush, John Podhoretz, Eric, Laurel Touby and Me

Evan Gahr [with a mixture of puppy dog love and reverence]: I met Richard Ravitch on the subway. And I told him I worked for you!
Eric Breindel: Evan, you should be meeting girls on the subway, not Richard Ravitch

Daily Caller Washington Gadfly columnist Evan Gahr with the very demure MediaBistro/FishbowlDC Founder Laurel Touby, November 2016


Uh, no. Kind of got the date off. But, hey, I tell everybody I feel like I am working for Eric Breindel again. So, per the trans ethos identity fanaticism,  doesn’t that mean the picture is current? Right, Bruce?

WTF? It is two days before the Reichstag Fire yet NY Times  reporter Glenn Thrush, good reminder that the talent bar for FishbowlDC-NY elite journalists is kind of low these days, thought that everybody on his Twitter feed really wanted to know he deleted an old contact name from years ago--local assemblyman or somebody--shows that he is a haughty little bitch who doesn’t understand that good journalism requires to talking with lots and lots people, not just elite politicians.

Little steps, for little feet, Thrush. It is a safe bet that nobody in the entire USA really cares about your contact list, particularly on this Wednesday.  Not even your wife--if you have one. How much dowry did she get?  Thrush is reminiscent of what a reporter girl, who worked for the Washington Jewish Week under Eric Rozenman, classic old school journalist,  although current editor gives the Washington DC office free reign to blacklist right-leaning journalists, used to say to her sister when they saw somebody on television that was on par with John Podhoretz in the looks department. “I wouldn’t fuck him for a million dollars.”    

Lesson to pompous journalists: If you really feel compelled to suddenly started Tweeting your random minutia--because like any other incontinent person you can’t really control yourself--at least find stuff that relates (per above) to public figure and provides interesting information.    Next: Ken Vogel managed to stay on the phone with this reporter for about one minute and 30 seconds. Safe bet Thrush hangs up in 12.  Probably with a real clever rejoinder just like Dean Baquet when verbally emasculated.  "Fuck you."


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