Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Abigal, twenty-something girl from Arlington bar? I am the taller older writer guy you were talking with but don't misinterpret me for "not interested"

I was "interested." Hope to see you again.  

 It is just that I am kind of distracted at the moment.  When you walked up to me and said, "Hi, I like your glasses" I normally would have responded by saying something like, "I usually take them off when I kiss girls."  Or something cute and flirtatious but not lecherous.

I probably came off as a little stand-offish given how strong you came on.   I actually REALLY liked you when you said that.  I like forward girls. Coy girls annoy me. I hang up on them. Seriously. 

But I am kind of cognitively impaired at the  moment.  Conservatives stared a discussion about my supposed mental health in 2001. Well, now they are going to finish it in front of a judge. 
Dealing with somebody basically conspiring with other conservatives to harm and frighten and terrorize your own parents to shut you up can be kind of distracting. Say hi if you see me again.  And then Tucker Carlson, with whom I had the kind of relationship I had with Eric and thought I would never have  again with another man, gets dragged into it. Blindsided. Just like my mother and father. An innocent victim of conservatives who are the moral equivalent of white Southern racists determined to shut me up because I fundamentally threaten their power and prestige.  And they all think "nobody" is ever going to notice and they can do this with complete professional impunity.  Just like the Klansman who in the middle of Freedom Summer threw the bodies of Goodman, Cheney and Schwerner sp?==who threatened their power and prestige--into a ditch and thought nobody would ever notice.   And they would never get caught.

But they did get caught--by the "racist" FBI.  In this case,  the Courts are the FBI.   The "press" is basically irrelevant here to bringing people to justice. It's not the media's job to do that--contrary to what pompous and ignorant journalists of all political persuasions might think. 

Compendium of emails from Weyrich circle 2004.

Evan, I was up night worrying about you.  Please talk and write about something else. Go break stories. Use the immense writing and reporting talent God gave you for good.  Make yourself an expert in something, anything. I like trains.  Gods' grace is always available for those who seek to avail themselves of it.  Yes, injustices were done. But you will only harm yourself if you go after these people. Don't even write satire, like you showed me. No good will come of it.  You will be sucked into Satan and death. 

Or, to use the secular and rude yet truly compassionate way "Trump" might put it, "Stop talking about all this shit already and just get some 'pussy.'"

Clinton Administration end of first term

Running up to Eric  at his desk with a mix of puppy dog love and reverence for an older brother: Eric, I met Richard Ravitch on the subway and told him I work for you!
Eric, looking up from his copy of the New York Times (what an archaic term) while smoking unfilted Camel, you should be meeting girls on the subway, not Richard Ravitch. 

Chapter TK: Real Judaeo-Christian values, Eric Breindel and Paul Weyrich as wing men.

The Saturday night I decided to ditch sending my lawsuit against MH for ACH to Wesley Lowery and just go to a bar and hang out and maybe meet girls.  Hopefully, members of the immoral minority. Hahaha. [Paul Weyrich, who I yet again got fired for calling a demented anti-Semite when he said the Jews killed Christ, coined the term "Moral Majority" for Jerry Falwell]

This probably seems really charming and amusing to everybody reading and it is but it is also TRUE and more serious than you can probably realize.  Even sending that stuff to WL, who as NOT supposed to know--I didn't want him to know or any of my new WaPo or DC pals or people I re-united with--about all this truly horrific stuff--was really debilitating. 

So, around 9PM, instead of trying to find a mailbox I decided to try and find a bar. Couldn't even find one in Gtwon I was so discombobulated.  Finally, went back to Arlington and met lots of girls and even guys.  

Hey, there, random guy in long tan coat last in style in 1996.  I think I saw somebody wearing one in a movie I watched on Netflix the other night.

"I like your glasses."

Thanks.  "They are outdated but I  like them also."

"I know they are outdated."

"I am stuck in the 1970s."

"I like the 1970s."

"What is your name?"


Really? I was expecting a 24-year-old girl name, like Taylor.

What is your name, random guy who is not acting like a typical lecherous guy in a bar and trying to ask if we want to leave and go to his place?

In fact, what's up? You're not even really flirting with me?

Maybe you are gay? Just like Mona Charen in her infinite wisdom thought? And wouldn't hire you for Hudson until AEI Karl Zinsmeister assured her, in his words, that you are not a "fag."

(Google it: Mona thought you were a great fit but wanted to know why you are in your 30s and not married. "She's worried that you're a fag." Yeah, well, that shows how dumb and oblivious most supposedly sophisticated Washington conservatives are--many of them highly-regarded.

First of all, anybody who inhabits the real world and has not like Mona (childhood friend of Ruth Marcus, the Eagle Patriot hearthrob) spent her entire career in the conservative ghetto (NR intern, Nancy Regan speechwriter, Buchanan White House aide (defended him against charges of anti-Semitism in early 1990s. Hello, does anybody see a pattern here) understands that many journalists get married late. Like Michael Kinsley. Etc. Endless examples.  My New York Times pal Richard Bernstein. And just one look at my clips would have indicated I was clearly in love with Washington and journalism and being part of the discussion.)

Then after a little more talking, Abigail said, "I gotta go meet my friends." She probably thought--per girl language--"this guy is blowing me off." 

No, I wasn't.  Normally, I would have replied to your initial entreaty by saying, "I usually take them off when I kiss. . . " 

And, hey, you should let me take you out to dinner sometime. No need to play tongue hockey with my ear lobe--like Betsy's former boss--unless you so desire.  Laurel is a sweet girl, by the way.  She was not "Laurel Touby" then.  Just a talented and ambitious but little known writer for Glamor Magazine.  Not the best career move in those circumstances to come off looking the boy toy of a columnist for the "ultra-conservative"  New York Post editorial page.  One picture is NOT always worth 1000 words.  She was actually kind of scared to get involved with me. 

Anyway, Abigail, let's go out to dinner at the Georgtown Harbor. Tony and Joes.

But if things get hot and heavy later in the evening and "Mr. Happy" is coming out I might need to ask if you are on what the Family Research Council, Americans United for Life and Gary Bauer call "whore pills." 

 Family Research Council Sued For Sexual Harassment ...
Dec 18, 2012 - According to court documents first obtained and reported by journalist Evan Gahr, former FRC employee Moira Gaul, 42, filed a complaint in ...
You've visited this page many times. Last visit: 1/17/17

They banned me from their September conference because of this. Then, when I objected and got loud about "Weyrich" lots of folks around town took "a great interest" in the "matter" of my "employment again." 

But, anyway.   The Courts are going to fix up all this stuff for me.  Very soon, please God, with MH Court hearing on March 23, 2017.

I am just gong to focus on meeting girls on the Metro.  And availing myself of God's Grace.


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