Thursday, February 16, 2017

Nicole D'Andera Bans Conservtive Journo From NYU Library

Evan Gahr

John Beckman, Andrew Hamilton and Nicole D'Andrea--request for OCR emergency injunction
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Evan Gahr Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 10:57 AM

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 against illegal library ban.  Medically harmful and literally dangerous.

As a direct result of that little stunt the NYU neo-racists pulled yesterday (hiding behind but authorizing and emboldening [neo-racist] Nicole D'Andrea to illegal ban me and then lie about me publicly) such severe memory and concentration problems that today I kind of almost got hit by a car crossing the street against the light without realizing I was doing so.
She cited "extensive discussions" with the President's office to justify the ban and lied and said it was for code of conduct violation but did not cite specific violation. When I pressed her further she kicked me out of the library.  

Sending medical documentation separately but due to medical exigencies dating to when I was fighting major depressive disorder (unipolar) as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, it is medically necessary for me to use the Bobst Library--ie, it is salutary for me in the same way a dog is for a clinically depressed person.   The NYU library is like my service animal. Although the animal is really a chimp.  

The office of NYU president Andrew Hamilton illegally retaliated against journalist Evan Gahr for embarassing them over the illegal library ban by blocking his iPhone number from the NYU phone exchange.

That means if the "animals" go to doctors at NYU he can not get them on the phone.  Nor does he have access to NYU hospital.

This is malicious and prima facie intentional infliction of emotional distress and arguably criminal coercion.  Criminal coercion is threatening to harm somebody or people he knows in order to intimidate him from engaging in otherwise legal activities, which in this case of course are investigative reporting and writing. 

Hamilton has usurped his authority by blocking access by a nationally known investigative reporter to literally everybody at NYU.

What gives him the power to declare the Washington Gadfly a non-person at NYU.  At least Stalin, for whatever else his faults,  gave his thought criminals trials.  And the dissidents had offended other people besides just him.

Longtime board chairman Martin Lipton was notified via email last night and today about these little school yard bully stunts but has not yet responded.

The FBI was also notified.


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