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Washington Gadfly Evan Gahr Exposes Race Discrimination Lawsuit Against the Washington Post

Washington Gadfly Evan Gahr reported exclusively in a September 11 Daily Caller opinion piece that  the Washington Post was sued for race and age discrimination by a longtime black advertisement department employee who fired by his white boss, Noelle Wainwright (below), just days after she shrieked at him.

Washington Post opinion writers Jonathan Capehart and Eugene Robinson did not return repeated calls about the lawsuit.

The lawsuit says 18 other older blacks were also fired.


New York Daily News
Thursday, May 17th 2001, 2:21AM
Although it hasn't risen to the level of general public notice, there is a purge going on in conservative circles that should concern every American. It doesn't matter that you've probably never heard of the victim. Everyone ought to care - and raise objections - when people who represent themselves as defenders of free speech and the American way of life behave, in fact, like totalitarians.
The person being purged is Evan Gahr, a conservative writer and investigative reporter. It all started when Gahr went after Paul Weyrich, whose status among Republicans is assured by his position as commander of the right-wing Free Congress Foundation.
Weyrich wrote an Easter message on his Web site that flailed Jews with the old slur that they killed Christ. Gahr, who happens to be Jewish, was appalled and went public with his disgust.
After that, things changed for him very quickly. He was attacked by conservative gadfly David Horowitz, who is also Jewish, and informed that his column would no longer be welcome at Horowitz's FrontPage Magazine on the Internet.
The Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank, then informed Gahr that the sudden pain he felt in his backside was the result of its kicking him out. This, despite the fact that Herb London, head of the institute and himself a Jew, had told the Forward, a Jewish weekly, that although he did not think Gahr had always acted professionally, he was in no danger of being dismissed from Hudson because "at the institute, we don't tell people what to say."
Shortly thereafter, Gahr told me, he received an E-mail from the institute's Mona Charen, a conservative columnist (and also a Jew), alerting him to expect a call from the head of the Washington office informing him he had been dismissed. Charen added: "I sincerely hope that you will take this opportunity to seek psychological or psychiatric help."
It has not stopped there. In his most recent booting, Gahr's name has been taken off the masthead of The American Enterprise magazine. He was listed as a contributing writer in the May issue of this journal of politics, business and culture. He is gone in June.
What's more, Karl Zinsmeister, the editor in chief, has told Gahr he no longer may use the magazine's facilities for research. Zinsmeister says the problems with Gahr preceded the Weyrich incident, but that does not justify an apparent purging.
We should remember that Gahr's "offense" was blowing the whistle on a person who had indulged in anti-Semitism. His action is something that just about everyone except those who put allegiance to the cause above all else would see as a form of public service.
Gahr's punishment reminds me of Milan Kundera's "The Book of Laughter and Forgetting." The novel is a satire, often heartbreaking, of Eastern Europe under the Communists. It was a time when the regime would celebrate a person - until he was purged. Then his name would disappear from official documents. Then his image would be airbrushed away.

Evan Gahr then sued the Hudson Institute, which fired him under pressure from the White House,  for religious Discrimination.  Dubbed a Washington Gadfly by Lloyd Grove, Gahr's investigative reporting has been picked up by the Reliable Source, Page Six, the New York Times, Politico and the Washington Post.  He was a press critic and editorial writer for the late New York Post Editorial Page editor Eric Breindel.

Twitter: @EvanGahr


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