Friday, April 09, 2010

RNC Expense at Club Macanudo Not Connected to PA National Committeewoman, Christine J. Toretti

Recently I wrote an article in response to all of the coverage on questionable RNC expenses. Today, I want to acknowledge a mistake made in my article and set the record straight.

I reported that the RNC spent $9,000 on a “shindig” at Club Macanudo in New York hosted by respected business magnate and National Committeewoman, Christine J. Toretti, of Pennsylvania. After further exploration and more detailed investigation I have discovered that in fact the $9000 RNC expense was for a separate major donor event that happens to be held at the same venue Ms. Toretti uses for as she said “a private party.”

The two events are separate and the RNC expense has nothing to do with Ms. Toretti or her annual event. In no way did Ms. Toretti have knowledge of or authority over the RNC expense. I do apologize for the misunderstanding.