Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brokaw on Olbermann


Professional Angry Person Keith Olbermann already silenced Donny Deutsch.

Now, its Tom Brokaw.

Brokaw was at the 66th and Broadway Barnes and Noble last night to moderate a discussion with musician Peter Buffet, son of Warren Buffet, about his new book, Life is What You Make It.  (If you write a book that’s one big cliche does that mean your life is also?)

Anyway, after Brokaw left the event room I corned him and said how do you feel about Olberman getting Donny Deutsch kicked off MSNBC.

Brokaw said, “I don’t go there,” patted me on the arm like a frisky dog and walked away.

Where’s Olberman going to go with that? Who does he silence next now that Brokaw has declined to take issue with his Stalinist purge?

And there you have it: the very embodiment of NBC News and ostensibly objective journalism has no problem with censorship by his own network.  

Contrast that with how liberals would have shrieked if the Bush Administration tried to get a NBC journalist who criticized them kicked off the air.

Brokaw told me he is writing a book of advice for his grandchildren and the next generation.

What lesson is Brokaw giving his grandchildren by keeping quiet about Keith Olbermann?

Let a bully at your organization run wild if he makes it lots of money?        

Evan Gahr has written about the press for the American Spectator, Wall Street Journal and the New York Post.              


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