Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MSNBC's Very Late Breaking News

MSNBC fancies itself  the "Place for Politics."

But the dismally rated cable network, which leans so far left it often falls down on the job, could more accurately be called "The Place for the Other Week's News Tomorrow."

MSNBC yesterday morning did  a brief item about Hollywood talent agent, Ari Emanuel, brother of White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel,  emerging as a major Tinseltown power broker.

Anchor Carlos Watson interviewed Sharon Waxman, editor of TheWrap.com, a lackluster Hollywood website, about Emanuel.

Fascinating  stuff. Except for the trifling detail that the New York Times did  the same story about Emanuel 12 days earlier.

On its front page.

Does anyone at MSNBC read the Times?

Or at least  glance  at the front page?

Ironically, the Daily News this February gushed that Watson is "ready to lead the Obama generation into a new era of information."

Some leader.

In the days  ahead look for other scoops from MSNBC.

New York Times fires reporter Jayson Blair for fabricating and plagiarizing news stories.

Obama longtime member of Chicago church headed by reverend known  for his fiery anti-American  sermons.

Democratic  National Committee's headquarters at the Watergate office and apartment  complex in Washington, DC burglarized.

--EVAN GAHR has written about the media for the New  York  Post, Wall Street Journal, American Spectator and National Review.