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Tucker Carlson, the alpha male journalist, can't stay on the phone with Evan Gahr more than 13 seconds?

What a sissy. 

I am a very interesting chimp--way more interesting than Tucker Carlson, a sissy who just hung up on me after some 13 seconds of stunned silence.   Wemple, by his own standards, should be writing about me all the time but I am not going to push him to do so since I won't  benefit. 

August 2017

Tucker Carlson: Helloo!!

Evan Gahr: Tucker, do you piss sitting down  because you're such a wimp? 

 Tucker Carlson: [about three seconds of stunned silence]

Evan Gahr: Why are you so scared of me? 

Tucker Carlson: [about three seconds of stunned silence]

Evan Gahr: What makes you think you  can get away with violating multiple civil rights and contract laws by firing me from the Daily Caller for denouncing Christian Right anti-Semitism and for denying me employment on your show? 

 Tucker Carlson:  about three seconds of [stunned silence]

Then this poseur hung up, wordlessly.  




Civil Rights Dinner Blacklists Right-Wing Journo

Despite violating District of Columbia and federal civil rights law,  David Saperstein, Obama's rabbi and his fellow travelers, conclude “no worries” because WaPo is blacklisting “Evan Gahr” … except, duh for them, the paper is not.

These dumb fucks--to use my grandfather Louis Goldstock's great expression--just think WaPo blacklisted me for hit pieces so they don't need to worry about publicity blowback for their CPUSAesque antics. 

Adapted from Tucker Carlson, David Carr, Christian Right/Heritage Foundation co-founder Paul Weyrich, Louis E. Chimpstein & Me; the shockingly putrescent but patriotic story of how "everybody" in Washington acts when they think "nobody" is watching

Above: Evan Gahr with Paul Weyrich and Louis E. Chimpstein, who took the fall for Karl Rove and Jay Lefkowitz, crypto-ally of David Saperstein, getting him fired, after grilling for like two hours the Moral Majority co-founder on saying the Jews killed Christ and also interrogating him about his entire public record. Most bizarre, for a major public Washington public figure, Weyrich answered every question honestly.  

Evan Gahr: the ADL report on the Christian Right said you used a Holocaust denial publishing house to publish one of your anti-abortion books. Is that true? If so, do you regret it?

Paul Weyrich: I didn’t know at the time they were publishing Holocuast denial books and I am not using them ever again.

Notice he did not offer a bogus apology, “I am sorry if I offended anybody.” He took responsibility for his own actions--to use the dopey cliche--except he really did by saying it was his fault and it wouldn’t happen again.

Has Neil Patel not Schlonged his wife in like ten years?

Kind of like Tucker Carlson,   who fired me from Daily Caller for denouncing Christian Right anti-Semitism, is not worried about violating 18 civil rights and contract laws prima facie--although Tucker is kind of ignorant and probably doesn't know what prima facie violation means--because Wemple is not writing about "Evan Gahr."  

Kind of like Ken Weinstein and former Obama State Dept. envoy David Saperstein, whose pinko Jew wife fired Juan Williams from NPR, apparently concluded they have  no problems because Wemple is not writing about the Washington Gadfly. 
So, no worries, that they are facing possible DOJ indictment and MPD harsh questioning, if not arrest,  for that little FedEx stunt and the only reason MPD didn't show up at RAC on May 15, 2017 is that the distraught and frightened caller to 911, after twice giving the operator Saperstein's address, and she confirming it, and asking which quadrant is 2027 Mass Ave, told her the target of their  "upper class" criminal coercion. 

 But Ken Weinstein and Judas, excuse me I meant David,  easy to confuse them are not worried because WaPo is not writing about "Evan Gahr."


Jake Tapper has a mighty big attitude for somebody whose big claim to fame is NOT getting a blow job from Monica Lewinsky shortly before she  became Monica Lewinsky 

And no wonder, it's called a blow JOB and presumably takes work, Monica, who is actually a smart girl, clearly decided that Jake, who is not very smart, was not worth the effort

But, best of all, Jake Tapper,  , told me to piss off and not waste his time when I asked about the partisan putz Brian Stelter lying that Trump voters were responsible for "hundreds" of hate crimes after the election. 

 Leadership Conference on Civil Rights's Wade Henderson   banned Gahr on the eve of  my father's birthday from their annual dinner, on behalf of his fellow traveler David Sapertein.  Plus Wade holds a grudge since I mocked him for not condemning the Washington Post for its alt-right advertising department lawsuit filed by David "Dave" De Jesus, the case, per my exclusive report, was recently settled. 


Washington Post reporter falls for prank (and has no idea) | The Daily ...
Jan 10, 2014 - Erik Wemple really needs to start reading The Daily Caller. ... of time between the moment that Bertram Braunstein (a phony name for phone enthusiast and freelance journalist Evan Gahr) asked for and received an autograph ...

Journo punks Bob Woodward, needles other writers at Washington ...

 By Betsy Rothstein
Nov 14, 2013 - .Lloyd Grove once dubbed Washington investigative journalist Evan Gahr a "D.C. gadfly. ... 

 Note to recently revealed neo-con Fifth Columnist David Saperstein, who helped Christian Right Show Jew Jay Lefkowitz get named Special Envoy for North Korea, even though David knew that Jay got me fired from Hudson, 

Wemple is not blacklisting me and neither is the Washington Post news section or the New York Times, despite Evan Gahr race baiting (deservedly so) the first black executive editor of the paper (who prefers the term Creole) into cursing him out when he violated Times policies and didn't give the provocateur credit for his scoop that DHS fired an ICE whistelblower, Taylor Johnson

Even though I mocked him for like three years for not writing about the WaPo discrimination lawsuit. Except Wemple has arguably  a good reason for avoiding it. He doesn't want to, no Wemple pun intended, shit where he eats.  It's well to note  (that is another perfect phrasing of the late New York Post editorial page editor Eric Breindel, for whom I was a hatchetman and something of a protoge--my New York Observer/ column is called "Agendas," which was the name of Eric's NYP column; Newscorp has two annual awards for Eric) that, per my special investigative report,  which involved reviewing hundreds of pages of court doucments from Wemple and Stephanie's shit lawsuit and the doggie owner's counter-shit lawsuit that the arrest of Stephanie for throwing dog feces really was, as the big oaf contended to Betsy, voided and the charge was a fabriaction.



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