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Tucker Carlson, David Carr, Christian Right co-founder Paul Weyrich, Louis E. Chimpstein & Me

Pre-Book Party 
Ape House, National Zoo 
August 13 (Grandmother Ruth's birthday)

The ultimate Washington insider's account from somebody whose legal address is in Hymietown but knows This Town's dirty little secrets.  Read on but get a nose plug.  Sunlight might be the best disinfectant but only after the TK.

 Everything recounted exclusively sheds new light on many of the key players in Washington, DC.  All but Weyrich, whose obituary was on the front page of the Washington Post and Robert Bork, who aided and abetted a criminal conspiracy by the Bush White House, the American Enterprise Institute, to do the neo-con moral equivalent of making "this nigger shut up." 

Evan Gahr, press critic for New York Post editorial page editor Eric Breindel, with Paul Weyrich after he grilled the so-called friend of neo-cons, who actually viewed him as their little Black Sambo--dumb and helpless and desperately needing their help.  Gahr was fired by the Hudson Institute, which had just promised him indefinite employment, about ten weeks after the Washington Post quoted him calling Weyrich "a demented anti-Semite" for writing on his Free Congress Foundation website that "Christ was crucified by the Jews."  The classic anti-Semitic lie  was actually mentioned in passing for his Easter column, Indeed, He is Risen, about the mounting evidence that Jesus really was resurrected.

Marshall Witmman, now chief AIPAC spokesman learned about Weyrich's broadside when perusing his website for ammunition Bill Kristol, his co-director of the Hudson conservative reform project, could use because he was squabbling with Weyrich over Bush Administration policy on China.   Wittmann told Kristol,  point man for the neo-con cover-up for their intrinsically anti-Semitic but powerful allies, about the broadside.  Kristol called it to both him and then Hudson VP Ken Weinstein, now Hudson president,  a disgusting anti-Semitic outburst.

"Bill couldn't believe it," both men related to Gahr.  Yet,  Kristol outright lied to WaPo gossip columnist when he caleld for comment about the ensuing fracas.  After the WaPo article mentioned that Gahr has originally submitted his relatively straight news story on Weyrich's remarks but 60s radical turned conservative  David Horowitz spiked it,  the Fifth Columnist for Rome dismissed Gahr as a columnist for his FrontPage Magazine, which ironically enough had just published Gahr's hit piece on Jesse Jackson stiffing the waitress at a Washington jazz club he patronized with a huge entourage.   Lloyd Grove took flack from other Posties because, unbeknownst to him,  it is supposedly a stereotype that blacks are poor tippers. (Aren't Jews supposed to be poor tippers because they are cheap? [witha bigottk]

--a demented anti-Semite for nearly two hours and the Heritage Foundation co-founder expressed sincere remorse for causing Jews unnecessary pain, he explained, by saying they killed Christ.   Gahr met reluctantly, at Weyrich's request, made privately in a letter to Hudson after he was axed by Herb London following coercion by Karl Rove and Gary Bauer aide Tim Goeglein, that violated both the First Amendment,  contract law and non-discrimination guidelines for federal contractors. 

EXCLUSIVE: Tucker Carlson Beat New Hampshire Sex Rap with Bob Bennett's Help

--Did a liberal bleeding heart judge let him off the hook? 

--Suddenly conservatives believe in the presumption of innocence?  

--No mention of little known incident on Google. But Carlson and Robert Bennett made oblique references to it when the Super Lawyer, perhaps the most super in all of DC,  appeared on his show circa 2008.  Tucker had mentioned his side of the story to Gahr on several occasions, including oncve during an editorial meeting.  Shooting down Gahr's request to do a story on the first sexual harassment lawsuit against Armstrong Williams, think Roy Cohn in dark face, because "anybody" so to speak can be wrongly accused of sexual marauding.   He specifically talked about how the New Hampshire DA "indicted me."

--In 40 minutes or so conversation with detective in the New Hampshire Attorney General's office,  detective walks phone enthusiast through arduous steps of finding the complaint and, if Tucker is telling the truth, dismissal. 

--Bennett today first professed total incomprehension and ignorance regarding the incident.  Then, when baited further, suddenly "remembered" that he didn't think Carlson was ever indicted. That wording suggests he worked out some kind of deal.  Kind of like,  with the Michael Kinsley caveat, ironically enough that the charges against WaPo non-affirmative action hire Wesley Lowery for his arrest during the Ferguson protests were dropped in a deal negotiated with WaPo general counsel Jay Kennedy.  More on him later. 

Meanwhile, even as Bennett stonewalled and parsed words in response to the Tucker questions he ignored more serious inquiries about the role his values pimp brother Bill Bennett played in Evan Gahr's ouster and the ACH Fed Ex incident.  The complaint against Michael Horowitz was amended today to include Bill Bennett.  He could be sued as early as Monday in either New York State Supreme Court or federal court for negligent infliction of emotional distress.  Namely, not exercising his influence over Patel to give Evan Gahr his job back. And not calling Columbia about other stuff.

Evan Gahr

Bob Bennett feigns incomprehension about Tucker Carlson indictment and questions re Bill Bennett apparent collusion with Michael Horowitz AEI NR fed ex stunt
6 messages

Evan Gahr Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 10:56 AM
To: "Bennett, Robert S."
Cc: EvanGahr , Erik Wemple ,,,,,,,,, Daniel Lathrop
Sorry for the confusion. I must have suddenly become an oblique and convoluted writer. I will call u sometime to discuss. Here maybe this can clear ur confusion since I am such a mumble jumble writer,
1. Tucker had u on his show circa 2007 to promote ur book. He said obliquely u helped him with a problem. U made an oblique confirmation. In 2015 and 2016 and at an editorial meeting he mentioned being indicted for some kind of sex assault by nh da to reject my proposed article on Armstrong sex harass lawsuit number one. I.e. Anybody can be wrongly accused of this stuff wrongly like me. Wrongly??? Of course wrongly I trust Tucker. But per Reagan let's trust but verify. Show me the papers--court doc. Don't conservatives have that ethos for Latinos. Re Bill when did he last talk to Neil Patel? Did he collide or inspire or embolden Michael Horowitz criminal harass of me and mom and.  šŸ™Šdaf

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> On Mar 24, 2017, at 9:04 AM, Bennett, Robert S. <> wrote:
> Never received your earlier letter.I am not sure what you are asking me.Have a good day
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>> On Mar 24, 2017, at 8:05 AM, Evan Gahr <> wrote:
>> U ignored my letter? So Bill is all layered up and u r his lawyer! When was the last time he talked to Dick Cheney affirmative action hire Neil Patel? So u got Tucker off the hook on some kind of assault charge in NH. He kept mentioning 2 me -- says he is lnnocent? Did u luck out with a liberal out of control soft on criminals judge?? Do u and Bill who to this day has not denounced Weyrich and has known
>> Me quasi personally think u can just minimize as a Paula jones making outlandish claim? Everything in my case matter of public record since 2004 and earlier. Can I see ur defense if Tucker sex assault charge
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Monday, March 13, 2017

AIPAC Spokesman Marshall Wittman Bars Christian Right Anti-Semitism Opponent From Conference

--At the Hudson Institute, Witmman told Evan Gahr that Weyrich was a demented anti-Semite for saying the Jews killed Christ but declined to comment to the press about the Moral Majority and Heritage Foundation's blood libel.
--Wittmann also kept quiet when Gahr was fired following illegal phone calls from the same Gary Bauer/Karl Rove aide who later got him ousted. His website for Hudson, on which he criticized the Administration, prompting the Goeglein complaint was deleted, according to one online report.  Hudson VP Curt Smith, who took the phone call, was himself later abruptly fired.
--Goeglein is now Focus on the Family DC rep.  Gary Bauer got him the job after he got fired from the Bush White House for plagairism.
How Bill Kristol ditched conservatism.
Great Escape
By Franklin Foer
Issue Date: 05.28.01
Post Date: 05.17.01

Nor did the recriminations end when the campaign did. Since the election, Kristol has been publicly badmouthed by everyone from Paul Weyrich to Dick Cheney. Tim Goeglein, one of Bush adviser Karl Rove's hirelings, has complained to Wittmann's new patrons at the Hudson Institute about his criticism of the administration. Ultra-activist Grover Norquist has been even blunter, telling one of his fellow conservatives that Wittmann was no longer welcome in the movement. And as far as Kristol is concerned, the feeling is mutual. "Why are conservatives so upset? It isn't that we supported McCain; it's that we haven't apologized for supporting him," he told me. "There's something sick about a movement like that."

Who Did Kill Christ?

Lenny Bruce used to tell, in his act, about a Jew who was weary not only of being called a Christ killer but of occasionally being punched in the mouth by disciples of the Prince of Peace. Finally, this beleaguered Jew put a note in his cellar, where it could easily be found. He wanted to absolve all other Jews. It said: "I did it. Morty."
This question of the Jews' responsibility for the crucifixion has considerable resonance for me because I grew up in Boston, then the most anti-Semitic city in the country, and lost some teeth after being punched in the mouth by young hooligans whose after-dark sport was invading our ghetto and bashing Jews to avenge that deicide.
My mother told me that in the Old Country, when she was a girl and word spread that the cossacks were coming, her mother popped her into the oven, which fortunately was not lit.
Therefore, I have become much interested in a story out of Washington about a Jewish conservative journalist, Evan Gahr, who has been dismissed from three leading conservative institutions after charging Paul Weyrich with anti-Semitism. Weyrich, a founder of the contemporary conservative movement, was at one point its most successful fundraiser.
Thomas Edsall broke the story in the April 21 Washington Post. He cited an April 13 Paul Weyrich commentary, "Indeed He Is Risen!" on Weyrich's Free Congress Foundation's Web site.
The Weyrich statement, e-mailed to supporters, said, "Christ was crucified by the Jews who had wanted a temporal ruler to rescue them from the oppressive Roman authorities. Instead God sent them a spiritual leader to rescue them from their sins and despite the fact that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, performed incredible miracles, even raised people from the dead, He was not what the Jews had expected so they considered him a threat. Thus He was put to death."
In his article, Edsall quoted Evan Gahr, who had criticized Weyrich on the American Spectator Web site. Gahr called Weyrich "a demented anti-Semite" for that resurrection of Jews as Christ killers.
In Edsall's Washington Post article, there was further reaction from Marc Stern, a constitutional lawyer at the American Jewish Congress, whom I consult on establishment-clause cases, and Eugene Fisher, director of Catholic-Jewish relations for the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.
Stern noted that, through the centuries, the "blood libel" that we Jews were the ones who killed Christ had ignited pogroms.
And Fisher declared that Weyrich's accusation "is exactly the type of collective guilt on the Jewish people that the Second Vatican Council specifically condemned in the declaration Nostra Aetate,October 28, 1965." He added that last year, while in Israel, Pope John Paul II made clear that the Catholic Church is "deeply saddened by the hatred, acts of persecution, and displays of anti-Semitism directed against the Jews."
In the May 15 Wall Street Journal, David Novak, who teaches Jewish studies at the University of Toronto, noted that Weyrich is a deacon in the Catholic Church, which "has officially repudiated the old charge that the Jews, even the Jews of today, are responsible for Christ's death."
Novak added that "the greatest modern Christian theologian, Karl Barth," emphasized that "Jesus' death on the cross is atonement for the sins of all humans, even the sins of his followers. Thus, for Christians to deny their complicity in the death of Jesus, by shifting sole blame to the Jews, is to deny their own need for atonement."
And the head of the Anti-Defamation League, my friend Abe Foxman, with whom I often debateā€”but not this timeā€”said of Paul Weyrich's assertion that "such destructive myths stated as fact may well reinforce the bigotry of the ignorant and uninformed, potentially leading to hateful anti-Semitic acts."
Like the removal of my teeth. But I do not call that a hate crime. Thirty days for assault would have been fine. No extra prison time.
On his Free Congress Web site, Paul Weyrich wrote on April 24 that Evan Gahr's charge "is absolutely amazing to me and shows how far down the road to political correctness we have come in our society." (And this response shows that one conservative can accuse another of political correctness.)
About his indictment of the Jews, Weyrich said, "This is historical fact. Are we now to be forbidden to mention historical fact? . . . I was merely quoting Scripture. Scripture is truth. And the truth shall set you free."
Evan Gahr's accurate description of what Weyrich wrote in "Indeed He Is Risen!" has set him free of all his writing and research assignments at three conservative organizations. Gahr has been removed from the list of contributing writers at the American Enterprise Institute's magazine and barred from using its office facilities. The Hudson Institute, where Gahr had been a senior fellow, fired him.
Gahr, who had been writing for David Horowitz's FrontPage Web site, has also been fired by that very paladin of free speech, who so vigorously attacked those college newspaper editors who refused to run the Horowitz ad denouncing reparations for slavery.
I have read the explanations these conservative warriors have given for letting Gahr go, and I have talked with the Hudson Institute. They all claim that Gahr was fired for other reasons. He does not believe this, nor do I. My congratulations to Linda Chavez, head of the Center for Equal Opportunity, who is not afraid of free speech and has brought in Gahr as an adjunct scholar.
If any of the conservative magazines or high-profile conservative intellectuals have spoken up for him, I haven't seen it. Stanley Crouch wrote about Gahr and Weyrich in the May 4 Daily News. But Stanley is not a conservative. He's part of the world of jazz, where free expression is the lodestar.
As Stanley writes: "Dissension in the ranks is a crime among hard-core ideologues, from far right to the far left."

--Karl Rove/TimGoeglein/Gary Bauer in the loop got Witmann purged from Hudson Institute, a conservative think and government contractor (who knew conservatives like government contracts??)
Hudson VP Curt Smith, who took Goeglein's coercive and bullying call about Marshall Wittmann exercising his First Amendment rights to criticize Hudson on website they set up for him was also abruptly fired.

--According to unconfirmed online report, Hudson then deleted the website
--Goeglein was fired a little bit later for plagiarizing columns for his hometown newspaper; Plagairism unlike tortious intference with contract and violating the First Amendement rights of an employee of a government contractor, is not illegal.
 Despite his remarkable work efficiency and multi-tasking, maybe five calls or so and voila three ex-highly regarded Hudson employees;
a) Smith longtime; me promised indefinite employment;
b) Wittmannn incredibly lazy, never saw him work later than 5PM.  And spent most of the day watching television and talking to Ken Weinstein, who got his job because his wife worked at Hudson (neo-con affirmative action;or neo-con neo-racism; dictatorships and double stanards, indeed

Goeglein made threatening phone call to Hudson Institute president Herb London the day this WaPo item appeared, Tuesday.  Ken Weinstein's secretary kind of banged on Gahr's closed office door and said call Ken Weinstein at the Hudson headquarters (then in Indiana) right away.  London answered t he phone when operator was asked for Ken. "Oh, Evan Gahr. People are calling me about you." 

The following Tuesday night London expressly told the Forward he would not fired Gahr as rumored despite cursing to WaPo because at the Institute we don't tell people what to say.  Yeah, well at leat not until Tim Goeglein with Gary Bauer in the loop and with reason to encourage. 

Exclusive: AIPAC Spokesman Carried Water for White House Right-Wing Anti-Semitic Purge
--When the phone enthusiast got Wittmann on the phone in 2004 when he worked for John McCain, Wittmann REFUSED
--to condemn Weyrich
--or the Hudson purge of this reporter, who had spent the last ten years as a neo-con golden boy--basically the heterosexual David Brock-- heaping (well-deserved) ridicule and abuse on civil rights leaders,feminists and liberal gays

Wittmann,  known for his Encyclopedic (wow, what an archaic term) of Washington minutia feigned total memory loss about the events below.  Really?  Right before the Hudson purge he had quoted me verbatim a conversation he had with the late Rabbi Meir Kahane around 1972, laughing as he recounted what he said and what Kahane said, which was witty. Something along we have the muscle now we need your brains.  So he could
 --Preliminary complaint filed tonight with District of Columbia Human Rights Commission for religious discrimination (for being an uppity Jew) political views (Ultra-Republican/Trump supporter) and illegal retaliation for protected activities (suing Hudson for religious discrimination)
--John Podhoretz helped Hudson's gay bashing lawyer Bob Brame aka J. Robert Brame, who belonged to Christian Reconstructionist Facscistic (God and Man at Columbia Prep) group that favors capital punishment for "fags" as Midge Decter and Karl Zinsmeister calls them--when not explaining publicly opposition to gay marriage is not bigotry--caught en flagrante.
--But only with two witnesses. So they are right-leaning libertarians just like Tucker Carlson?
John Podhorertz, Fifth Columnist for Rome,  called Eric his friend after he passed but clearly cares about him as much as yesterday's piss.   He even said a little later that what Eric did for you--recommending for jobs to Heritage Foundation and with Steve Brill-is "of no moment"
--libeled the guy who called Eric "Er" playfully because he called me "Van" to Herb London, who ENRAGED Eric around 1994 by calling H. Carl McCall anti-Semite because of some sixth degree of separation to an obscure black low grade anti-Semite.   But London basically defended the WHITE co-founder of the Moral Majority when he said the Jews killed Christ.
--Weyrich later implicated his own White House allies in the Gahr purge and by extension Wittmann purge.
--Gary Bauer refused in a lengthy email exchange last Fall to even say "Weyrich" let alone ackowledge that the jews kileld Christ.

With apologies to Clarence Thomas, you are all witnessing a low tech attempted lying for an uppity Jew.  But the liberal out of control courts and wicked EEOC don't let anybody get lynched in this country anymore

Meet Closet Gay Bashesr John Podhoretz, Midge Decter, Karl Zinsmeister and Jonah Goldberg

From: EvanGahr
To: jpodhoretz
Cc: tuckerscarlson ; erik.wemple ; wesley.lowery ; guttman ; jfowler
Subject: John Podhoretz: truth or dare--Want to get me barred from AIPAC conference illegally? JP, Johna Goldberg and Midge gay bashing exclusively revealed here
Date: Mon, Mar 13, 2017 4:19 pm

Hey, there closet gay bashing neo-racist CPUSAesque Jew!  Crypto-gay basher.

Commentary affirmative action hire^^^

Do you need any changes here because I'm a fucking ...
protoge of Eric Breindel and still kind of press critic for him.  And you are the guy he considered a pompous repulsive creature.

Pre-Vatican 2 Catholic Jack Fowler and illegally barred me from NR events and denied writing contracts and employment ? Same with you. 

Wesley Lowery insisted in our three hour phone call (Patel won't publish but approved piece ditto for others) that you are a "closet racist." 

I said, no he is a closet gay basher. And should have mentioned longstanding rumors about him being closeted homosexual.

Anyway, I already have you prima face in NY State Supreme Court for the following in an  Evan Gahr v Jay Lefkowitz (negligent intentional infliction of emotional distress for not telling MH to turn over letter he withheld (libel) in ACH Fed Ex stunt (felony) to frighten the animals) and me (intentional infliction of emotional distress)

But go ahead bar me from AIPAC.

MPD and NYPD informed in great detail about this dispute.  If you lie to them about me you will probably get arrested but it won't get you on MTP like WL

New info for folks outside the neo-con ghetto: 1990s rumors in DC conservative media world and beyond that John Podhoretz, was such a miserable wretch abusive to employees  because he was a repressed and closed homosexual.  Marty Peretz to Evan Gahr when we were discussing the Podwhore acting obnoxious. "Does he have a secret."

New info: Marty thought Podwhore was a jackass (used more sophisticated language need to check my files **** for what he wrote about Eric and his difficulties in his intro to Eric column collection

And you are the guy Eric said in August 1995 at an edtiorial board meeting with McManus and Scott and somebody else everytime I read about John Podhoretz having a girlfriend I can't believe it, referencing Observer piece by David Corn (before he got so pompous) about Podwhore starting Weekly Standard. David Corn later told me when he was writing the piece he got unsolicited calls from conservatives offering him dirt on what a pompous ass JPod is.

a) illegal protected activities (DCHRA lawsuit against Hudson)

b)tortious interference with contract (non-legal vernacular sodomizing Tucker journalistically
and making Dick Cheney affirmative action hire Neil Patel your little bitch, with fellow members
of your cabal, John Bolton and Arthur Brooks, producing the little neo-con Pearl Harbor
of December 7, 2016, with a little Lillian Hellman thrown in.

"Hey, Evan. This arrangement is not working. Not good traffic."

Midge Decter closeted gay bashing.

1. Scott Walter of AEI, deputy for KZ, who helped Michael Horowitz ACH (felony

after Tim Goeglein, with Gary Bauer  colluding and apparently encouraging (TIWC by Gary) got me purged tortuous interference with contract from Hudson and  AEI by threatening KZ 
**When Norman's successor Neil Kozody retired, per New York Times article, Podwhore got the job with out other applicants considered. 
Hudson Institute would only hire this reporter after AEI honcho, later Bush WH aide, assured talentless Mona Charen that he does not swing from the other side of the tree. 
She is "worried that you are a fag." 

AIPAC Spokesman Ousted by Focus on the Family DC Rep to Hudson but kept quite about it

Jewish Leader Blasts AIPAC For Disavowing Trump's Obama Criticism ...
Mar 24, 2016 - Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump waves after addressing the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) afternoon general session in Washington March 21, 2016. ... Photo of Evan Gahr.

Is the AIPAC conference barring this reporter also? 

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

One Picture Not Always Worth One Thousand Words

Explaining this properly requires a book-length essay.

Pre-Book Party
August 13 (my grandmother's birthday)
Ape House, National Zoo


Oddly, little has been reported about the squabble among conservatives over right-wing icon Paul Weyrich's talking the same talk that put Charlie Ward of the Knicks on the hot plate. As you surely must know by now, Ward is a New Testament man who went back into the old charge that the Jews killed Christ. After that got on the front pages, there were some behind-the-scenes movements to make sure we didn't find ourselves in the middle of another moment of hysteria in which Jews were accused of attacking another black man. The point was to get Ward to back up to at least Vatican II and renounce language that has been a staple of anti-Semitic types for centuries. As for Weyrich, this gentle Christian recently published that very same "Jews killed Christ" charge on his Web site. This was exposed by conservative columnist and investigative reporter Evan Gahr. Gahr was promptly attacked and painted as "a publicity hound" by conservative gadfly David Horowitz, whose own most recent claim to publicity has been his buying ads in college newspapers to argue against the idea of reparations for American slavery. In another twist of the knife, Gahr was informed yesterday that he would soon be relieved of his position at the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank. That this story has not made much of a showing in the ongoing press discussion of identity as determined by public - or private - statements is more than a bit interesting, particularly in light of the coverage Ward got for much the same thing. It surely proves there's no liberal press bias against the conservatives. After all, the so-called liberal press let off Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.) despite plenty of proof showing his connection to the Council of Conservative Citizens, more than a few of whose members consider black people innately inferior to whites. No black politician connected to a group with the opposite view would have gotten away with it. Imagine, for example, if Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice had ever praised the ideas of the Nation of Islam. But if the mainstream press isn't paying attention to Gahr, the right wing certainly is. In fact, he is being treated much the same way that Washington Post reporter Milton Coleman was when he reported the Hymietown comment that boiled Jesse Jackson in charges of anti-Semitism for a few years. No one has promised to "deliver death" to Gahr as Louis Farrakhan did to Coleman. But Gahr has definitely been stripped of his conservative stripes. The irony is that if he had looked the other way and ignored Weyrich's anti-Semitic remarks, Gahr would be quite safe now. But dissension in the ranks is a crime among hard-core ideologues, from the far right to the far left. E-mail: scrouch@edit.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Abigal, twenty-something girl from Arlington bar? I am the taller older writer guy you were talking with but don't misinterpret me for "not interested"

I was "interested." Hope to see you again.  

 It is just that I am kind of distracted at the moment.  When you walked up to me and said, "Hi, I like your glasses" I normally would have responded by saying something like, "I usually take them off when I kiss girls."  Or something cute and flirtatious but not lecherous.

I probably came off as a little stand-offish given how strong you came on.   I actually REALLY liked you when you said that.  I like forward girls. Coy girls annoy me. I hang up on them. Seriously. 

But I am kind of cognitively impaired at the  moment.  Conservatives stared a discussion about my supposed mental health in 2001. Well, now they are going to finish it in front of a judge. 
Dealing with somebody basically conspiring with other conservatives to harm and frighten and terrorize your own parents to shut you up can be kind of distracting. Say hi if you see me again.  And then Tucker Carlson, with whom I had the kind of relationship I had with Eric and thought I would never have  again with another man, gets dragged into it. Blindsided. Just like my mother and father. An innocent victim of conservatives who are the moral equivalent of white Southern racists determined to shut me up because I fundamentally threaten their power and prestige.  And they all think "nobody" is ever going to notice and they can do this with complete professional impunity.  Just like the Klansman who in the middle of Freedom Summer threw the bodies of Goodman, Cheney and Schwerner sp?==who threatened their power and prestige--into a ditch and thought nobody would ever notice.   And they would never get caught.

But they did get caught--by the "racist" FBI.  In this case,  the Courts are the FBI.   The "press" is basically irrelevant here to bringing people to justice. It's not the media's job to do that--contrary to what pompous and ignorant journalists of all political persuasions might think. 

Compendium of emails from Weyrich circle 2004.

Evan, I was up night worrying about you.  Please talk and write about something else. Go break stories. Use the immense writing and reporting talent God gave you for good.  Make yourself an expert in something, anything. I like trains.  Gods' grace is always available for those who seek to avail themselves of it.  Yes, injustices were done. But you will only harm yourself if you go after these people. Don't even write satire, like you showed me. No good will come of it.  You will be sucked into Satan and death. 

Or, to use the secular and rude yet truly compassionate way "Trump" might put it, "Stop talking about all this shit already and just get some 'pussy.'"

Clinton Administration end of first term

Running up to Eric  at his desk with a mix of puppy dog love and reverence for an older brother: Eric, I met Richard Ravitch on the subway and told him I work for you!
Eric, looking up from his copy of the New York Times (what an archaic term) while smoking unfilted Camel, you should be meeting girls on the subway, not Richard Ravitch. 

Chapter TK: Real Judaeo-Christian values, Eric Breindel and Paul Weyrich as wing men.

The Saturday night I decided to ditch sending my lawsuit against MH for ACH to Wesley Lowery and just go to a bar and hang out and maybe meet girls.  Hopefully, members of the immoral minority. Hahaha. [Paul Weyrich, who I yet again got fired for calling a demented anti-Semite when he said the Jews killed Christ, coined the term "Moral Majority" for Jerry Falwell]

This probably seems really charming and amusing to everybody reading and it is but it is also TRUE and more serious than you can probably realize.  Even sending that stuff to WL, who as NOT supposed to know--I didn't want him to know or any of my new WaPo or DC pals or people I re-united with--about all this truly horrific stuff--was really debilitating. 

So, around 9PM, instead of trying to find a mailbox I decided to try and find a bar. Couldn't even find one in Gtwon I was so discombobulated.  Finally, went back to Arlington and met lots of girls and even guys.  

Hey, there, random guy in long tan coat last in style in 1996.  I think I saw somebody wearing one in a movie I watched on Netflix the other night.

"I like your glasses."

Thanks.  "They are outdated but I  like them also."

"I know they are outdated."

"I am stuck in the 1970s."

"I like the 1970s."

"What is your name?"


Really? I was expecting a 24-year-old girl name, like Taylor.

What is your name, random guy who is not acting like a typical lecherous guy in a bar and trying to ask if we want to leave and go to his place?

In fact, what's up? You're not even really flirting with me?

Maybe you are gay? Just like Mona Charen in her infinite wisdom thought? And wouldn't hire you for Hudson until AEI Karl Zinsmeister assured her, in his words, that you are not a "fag."

(Google it: Mona thought you were a great fit but wanted to know why you are in your 30s and not married. "She's worried that you're a fag." Yeah, well, that shows how dumb and oblivious most supposedly sophisticated Washington conservatives are--many of them highly-regarded.

First of all, anybody who inhabits the real world and has not like Mona (childhood friend of Ruth Marcus, the Eagle Patriot hearthrob) spent her entire career in the conservative ghetto (NR intern, Nancy Regan speechwriter, Buchanan White House aide (defended him against charges of anti-Semitism in early 1990s. Hello, does anybody see a pattern here) understands that many journalists get married late. Like Michael Kinsley. Etc. Endless examples.  My New York Times pal Richard Bernstein. And just one look at my clips would have indicated I was clearly in love with Washington and journalism and being part of the discussion.)

Then after a little more talking, Abigail said, "I gotta go meet my friends." She probably thought--per girl language--"this guy is blowing me off." 

No, I wasn't.  Normally, I would have replied to your initial entreaty by saying, "I usually take them off when I kiss. . . " 

And, hey, you should let me take you out to dinner sometime. No need to play tongue hockey with my ear lobe--like Betsy's former boss--unless you so desire.  Laurel is a sweet girl, by the way.  She was not "Laurel Touby" then.  Just a talented and ambitious but little known writer for Glamor Magazine.  Not the best career move in those circumstances to come off looking the boy toy of a columnist for the "ultra-conservative"  New York Post editorial page.  One picture is NOT always worth 1000 words.  She was actually kind of scared to get involved with me. 

Anyway, Abigail, let's go out to dinner at the Georgtown Harbor. Tony and Joes.

But if things get hot and heavy later in the evening and "Mr. Happy" is coming out I might need to ask if you are on what the Family Research Council, Americans United for Life and Gary Bauer call "whore pills." 

 Family Research Council Sued For Sexual Harassment ...
Dec 18, 2012 - According to court documents first obtained and reported by journalist Evan Gahr, former FRC employee Moira Gaul, 42, filed a complaint in ...
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They banned me from their September conference because of this. Then, when I objected and got loud about "Weyrich" lots of folks around town took "a great interest" in the "matter" of my "employment again." 

But, anyway.   The Courts are going to fix up all this stuff for me.  Very soon, please God, with MH Court hearing on March 23, 2017.

I am just gong to focus on meeting girls on the Metro.  And availing myself of God's Grace.