Friday, November 10, 2017

David Saperstein and the Union for Reform Judaism Miss Court Deadline to Quash Subpeona

Exclusive: Saperstein Falls to Quash Subpeona


Rabbi David Saperstein's 16 years plus neo-con house of cards is crashing down--all without one inquiry from the Washington Post.

The famed Jewish leader and the Union for Reform Judaism today missed the deadline to file a motion to quash the subpoena for likely very incriminating emails and phone logs related to his aiding and abetting the 2001 criminal harassment of Evan Gahr’s father by his secret neo-con ally,  Michael Horowitz, point man for the alliance between Jewish neo-conservatives and intrinsically anti-Semitic Christian Right leaders.  The younger Gahr, then a neo-con golden boy, had just upended the alliance by calling Heritage Foundation and Christian Right co-founder Paul Weyrich “a demented anti-Semite” for saying the Jews killed Christ.  

His quote to the Washington Post went viral but all other conservatives either kept quiet or defended the Christian Right leader.     


Hudson Institute president Herbert London, for example, wrote to Weyrich and told him despite what Gahr, a senior fellow said to the Washington Post he was held in “high regard” at the Institute.   (London and Weyrich had never even met. And Weyrich didn’t even know his name until London sucked up to him.  London had made a career of attacking black anti-Semitism for political expediency.  When the longtime New York University professor and dean ran for New York State Comptroller on the Conservative Party line  he lied that his opponent H. Carl McCall was soft on black anti-Semitism. Stay tuned for the chapter on conservative racial dictatorships and double standards.)

The subpoena, served on Saperstein at his Georgetown home late Tuesday afternoon, was issued for the Superior Court of the District of Columbia harassment lawsuit against him and the URJ that is scheduled for mandatory mediation on November 27.  After being served Saperstein schmoozed it up with the subpoena server.  

Ponder that for a moment.  Most people served presumably slam the door in the guys’ face or maybe hit him.   But Saperstein was friendly and charming.   He is an obvious sociopath. The popular perception is that sociopaths are serial killers.  But they are really the outliers. Most sociopaths are well integrated into society, and, like David, highly intelligent and charming.  The classic book on this is called The Sociopath Next Door.

Rabbi Jonah Pesner, who succeeded Saperstein as executive director of the Dupont Circle-based Religious Action Center, Washington office of the Union for Reform Judaism, is also named personally in the lawsuit.  

The Washington Metropolitan Police Department considers the statute of limitations on Horowitz’s menacing phone call and Fed Ex package to the journo's doctor father inapplicable because of continuing harm, which means Saperstein and the URJ have considerable civil liability for the tort of intentional infliction of emotional distress.     

Especially because Saperstein engaged in what MPD agrees is “upper class” criminal harassment this April.   The lawsuit, based on public records Saperstein does not dispute says, that  “purposely flouting repeated and frantic communications [to him and Jonah Pesner] to communicate publicly only about matters of PUBLIC concern, Saperstein, in a mendacious email on Passover morning 2017, wished me and my parents (“the animals”) a good Pesach then proceeded to re-ban me from RAC and [ban me from the upcoming] URJ convention, frightening my mother and father (who he helped Michael Horowitz terrorize in 2001).  Due to psychiatric problems from the email I left the Passover Seder early.”

In the email Saperstein purported to be breaking his silence and finally responding to Gahr after ignoring him for months in the spirit of the holiday.  

That was a lie.   

He was clearly under pressure from his staff to shut him up because Gahr had just filed a complaint with the District of Columbia Human Rights Commission, which personally named Jonah Pesner, for banning him from RAC.     

Wow. That’s the kind of stuff for which juries issue big awards and gives him considerable civil and criminal liability.   

But Saperstein has apparently concluded “no worries” because the Washington Post is not writing about “Evan Gahr.”  That formulation might sound facetious but it is not. Saperstein,  who just served as Special State Department Envoy for John Kerry,  is making no attempt to de-escalate the situation and just tried lying about Gahr off the record to a New York Times reporter he thought inquired about these matters.   

Motions to quash can only be filed, since this is a small claims case, in person at the clerk's office. With the Court closed Friday Saperstein can either abide by the order to make the documents available to Evan Gahr Friday at the office of Union for Reform Judaism president Rick Jacobs--or blithely ignore it and risk being held in contempt of court.

Meanwhile, current RAC executive director  Jonah Pesner and his staff are obstructing service on a separate subpoena for him issued for the same harassment lawsuit, for which the young Jewish leader and the URJ are also defendants.

Today, they  freaked out when Gahr's server returned to the Dupont-Circle based-RAC,  the URJ Washington office,  after being turned away yesterday. Did they actually think he wasn’t returning?  RAC staffers, acting belligerent, condescending and obnoxious to the white  male server insisted, like they did previously, that Pesner was not there. That is probably a lie but this journalist does not have specific info one way or the other.  If Pesner’s staffers are lying to the server they are doing so at his behest or encouragement, possibly under duress.  That is an ABUSE of power by his part.

People reading this should forget that you know the author really well.  Never mind me. Concentrate instead, please on what it tells you about Pesner and Saperstein.

This is how they act when they think nobody is watching.

They BULLY young staffers into doing their dirty work.  Pesner was just lionized in a front page New York Times story for cancelling the traditional Pre-High Holidays conference call between liberal Jewish leaders and the President.  Because Donald Trump is such a threat to the American Way.  Yeah, well, Trump has his faults--but bullying young staffers to evade service on lawsuits is not one of them.

Anyway, Gahr’s next server is going to be either a black man or a woman of color.

Possibly Micro-Aggression by RAC  

Do these white Jewish liberals really want to act so haughty and obnoxious towards “a person of color” while his or her camera is rolling? That would be quite a bit of what liberals call micro-aggression, right?   Micro-aggression, per the contemporary parlance of college campuses, is very subtle racism directed at “persons of color” by whites.

The phone logs from June 2001 that Saperstein is required to turn over are likely to show a flurry of calls to and from Horowitz shortly before he called and FedExed the 66-year-old doctor father of the neo-con golden boy who had just broken ranks by calling Paul Weyrich "a demented anti-Semite" for saying the Jews killed Christ.   During the phone call, MH repeatedly yelled at and berated Dr. Gahr and tried to frighten him so he would silence his son.   The doctor hung up on him, essentially putting MH on legal notice to cease and desist from all communications.  But Horowitz followed-up with a next day Federal Express package.  

Saperstein and MH apparently believe that legally they are in the clear because it has been so many years since they pulled this stunt.  But MPD considers that a distinction without a difference because of continued harm--namely Evan's parents still believe the lies MH peddled with Saperstein's help.   They agree with his characterization that Sapertstein and MH are engaged in “upper class” and “Ivy League” style criminal coercion and criminal harassment dating to their 2001 stunt.

To convince Dr. Gahr that his son was fired for being deranged and was now a danger to himself and other MH collected the journos’  letters to other conservatives, all covering for Weyrich, and trying to bait them and taunt them into good quotes.  MH knew that the elder Gahr would not understand the context and used the letters to argue his son was clearly unhinged. But Horowitz, a top official of the Ronald Reagan White House and Justice Department purposely the letter that Evan Gahr wrote him about Saperstein. Gahr told MH I know you're lying when you told me that I was not fired for criticizing Hudson because you told David Saperstein that is exactly why I  was fired.

Earlier this year, Saperstein refused repeated and frantic requests--many of them private or quasi-private from the younger Gahr to release the letter so his parents would understand that Horowitz purposely misled them.   Fighting PTSD and dealing with recovered memories, he finally retrieved the letter from paper files that he  forgot he had in his closet.  Saperstein’s refusal to exercise his power and influence over MH to urge him to release the letter amounts to prima facie negligent intentional infliction of emotional distress, a tort rarely used in lawsuits because it has such a high bar.  


Omitting the letter makes the FedEx package ipso post facto libel and intentional infliction of emotional distress because it establishes pronounced malice on MH's part.  The fact that he made these calls while anticipating litigation and right after the younger Gahr vowed to investigate Hudson donors means Saperstein and Horowitz engaged in a criminal conspiracy under federal law. Specifically, Section 1983, most often used these days in police brutality lawsuits but it also applies to private actors. The law prohibits two or more persons from conspiring to interfere with the rights of somebody else.   As a direct result of these ongoing antics, as well as his December 2016 dismissal from the Daily Caller for loudly objecting to Christian Right anti-Semitism and its neo-con apologists, Gahr is currently being treated for Major Depressive Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder  and memory blackouts.  The dismissal re-awakened the traumas from that FedEx stunt.  

All the assertions in this article are a matter of public record; the normally voluble Horowitz disputes nothing.   Saperstein is keeping his big trap shut as well.

In 2001, in addition to withholding that letter, MH also withheld the letter from the doctor’s precious and adored son vowing to investigate Hudson donors. And another to National Review mocking two of its writers for defending Paul Weyrich.  Instead, he only included the specious response to Gahr from NR star writer Jonah Goldberg.

Horowitz, colluding with Saperstein,  acted just days after the younger Gahr implicated the Bush White House, namely then-OMB general counsel Jay Lefkowitz, in his dismissal and vowed to investigate Hudson donors.  In other words he had both an economic motive and was trying to impede very specific exercises of First Amendment protected activities.

This is hardly the only way Saperstein did and continues to do Michael Horowitz’s bidding.

Longtime American Jewish Congress honcho Marc Stern and ADL head Abe Foxman quickly condemned Paul Weyrich for re-hashing the Deicide charge.  But Saperstein, to avoid offending his powerful and secret neo-con ally, with whom he worked on a number of issues, uttered nary a word of criticism of Weyrich.

In 2002 to help Evan Gahr with his lawsuit, the co-founder of the Moral Majority and Heritage Foundation, in a written statement, implicated the Bush White House and OMB general counsel Jay  Lefkowitz, in the right-wing journalist's dismissal from Hudson.  

Lefkowitz, who also worked in the George H.W. Bush White House, is a notorious apologist for Christian Right anti-Semitism, who famously told the New York Times in defense of Reverend Pat Robertson that “a little anti-Semitism is good for the Jews.”
Despite knowing Lefkowitz is an apologist for Christian Right anti-Semitism and having seen the Weyrich email many times, Saperstein in 2004 helped Michael Horowitz get the neo-con luminary named Special Envoy for North Korea.  

Saperstein, who, based on information and belief, had never even met Lefkowitz, a longtime law partner of Ken Starr, praised him to the New York Sun as an ideal choice because he is a great coalition builder.

Yeah, well, David, here is the key coalition Jay Lefkowitz built.


Get the Jew

Lefkowitz lied to White House political czar Karl Rove that the Weyrich controversy was a political liability because the Christian Right leader was tied to the Administration.   And Rove  needed to shut up the guy who started created it and was continuing to stir the pot.   In fact,  almost none of the articles about the fracas even mentioned the connection between Weyrich and the Bush White House.  Gahr’s continued presence at Hudson was really just a threat to neo-conservative Jews like Lefkowitz who had long endeavored to whitewash Christian Right anti-Semitism because the Christian Right leaders were powerful allies, pro-Israel and anti-gay.  

The subpoena also requires Saperstein to turn over emails and phone logs for the time period when he banned Evan Gahr from the Religious Action Center just weeks after, for all intents and purposes, New York Daily News columnist Lloyd Grove quoted him saying that Jay Lefkowitz got him fired from Hudson.   Any communications between Michael Horowitz and Saperstein connected to the ban would mean Saperstein was acting as a proxy for the Bush White House when he issued it.  

As a direct result of the ban, just as Saperstein could have reasonably anticipated,  indeed intended since he know Gahr was already fighting depression,  the journo was soon walloped with Major Depressive Disorder and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder that left him utterly professionally and personally incapacitated for years.  And fighting both maladies to this very day.  Before the RAC ban and the Saperstein/Horowitz FedEx stunt his only mental problem was low grade depression known as dysthymia.  It was treated perfectly with antidepressants.   After the RAC ban and FedEx stunt he tried and failed multiple medication regimens.  

The traumas Saperstein and Horowitz purposely inflicted to shut up Evan Gahr so he would stop reporting on them and discrediting them rendered the anti-depressants suddenly ineffective.   If somebody reading his medical reports didn’t know the contest they would likely think he is either a grown-up altar boy who was violated by a priest or an Iraq War veteran who did multiple tours of duty and escaped physical injury but witnessed untold horrors. He is still battling  both ailments, even though folks reading his stuff might find that hard to grasp because of the linguistic fluidity.

Confronted publicly and unexpectedly early this year, Saperstein is now trying to his staff members from 2005 take the fall for his unilaterally banning Evan Gahr from RAC, a place of public accommodations.  The ban violated Jewish teaching (which forbids rabbis from banning Jews from synagogues)  as well as the District of Columbia Human Rights Act and 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibitions against discrimination in public accommodations.

Saperstein actually issued it shortly after Gahr publicly upbraided him for running interference for Michael Horowitz and the Hudson Institute--including betraying confidential conversations--the whole time he was purporting to act as his rabbi and lawyer.    He also met Gahr’s parents and took a donation to them.   They had trusted Saperstein to protect their son from further harm but he ended up hurting him more than any other conservative did.   And violated him, albeit non-physically and betrayed trust after cultivating him just the way pedophile priests violated altar boys.   Gahr had the same kind of lustrous relationship with Saperstein, dating back some 15 years when he was barely out of college, that altar boys have with priests before they suddenly get molested.    Gahr has even praised Saperstein in the pages of the right-wing Wall Street Journal editorial page, in the course of attacking Jewish organizations for rank liberal bias, as a man of considerable integrity and honesty.

That whole plot is the subject of a separate lawsuit against Saperstein for fraudulent representation, essentially attorney misconduct.    


This “counseling” also included Saperstein telling the younger Gahr not to make a public issue of Michael Horowitz harassing his father.  But it was only this April that the journalist determined and Saperstein for all intents and purposes admitted that he helped MH do it.

Saperstein re-issued the ban and banned Gahr from the upcoming URJ convention on the morning of Passover, in an email for public consumption titled “a good Pesach.”  The email is part of the harassment lawsuit against Saperstein because it was sent privately after he and  Jonah Pesner were repeatedly put on notice to cease and desist all private communications--because they are medically injurious and leave Gahr feeling threatened--and communicate publicly only about matters of public concern.

Gahr is arriving with a video camera at the midtown Manhattan office of the Union for Reform Judaism Friday at 5PM to pick up the documents.   

Whether Saperstein is going to abide by the subpoena or flout it remains an open question.

But it is readily apparent that when there are no cameras around David Saperstein cares about civil rights “as much as yesterday’s  piss”--to use a great expression of my grandfather
Louis Goldstock.

Stay tuned.